Kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

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kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

Track - Middle School. - Track - Middle School - Houston Christian High School Meet. League. vs. TBA. Houston Kinkaid School. Directions and. Students who play three sports while balancing the demands of high school are are records for Cross Country, Swimming & Diving, Wrestling, Golf and Track. Thu, Mar 7 Kinkaid Falcon Relays. Thu, Mar 21 Sat, Apr 20 Nick Finnegan Spring Invitational Need a coach account with Kinkaid? Kinkaid School Dr.

He takes great pride in teaching his students how to think and write articulately about difficult, varied texts, in Latin, Greek and English. An author of several books and articles, James is a noted poet and translator who takes a scholarly approach to his craft.

He also started the first mindfulness program at Kinkaid. A respected colleague, she also provided valuable assistance in course scheduling.

This summer she begins a new position teaching mathematics at St. Jen Pardee has been a valuable member of the Advancement Office for 11 years. Among her many duties, she has been the lead staff member on the Annual Fund and assisted in the areas of planned giving, major gifts and capital campaign.

Jen moves to Atlanta this summer with her husband Mike as he begins a new position at The Lovett School. Debbie created the Kinkaid Community Service Council to provide opportunities for students to lead in the creation of service projects for students: Scott was a respected and admired coach and teacher.

One of his Kinkaid legacies is helping to launch the Peer Mentor Program, which has grown into a valuable leadership opportunity for our students. The Pappas Cafeteria, the luncheon location for Kinkaid students and faculty sincehas been razed to make way to build the new two-story Dining and Learning Center.

kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

Site work for the parking garage continues just to the west of Barnhart Stadium. The temporary parking lot is completed, and the foundation work for the garage will be underway shortly.

Haley Outen and Larry Wilkins Jr. She will also teach MS physical education classes. He will also teach two physical education classes. On the promotional front we have three changes to announce: Angie Nickens has been promoted to Assistant Athletics Director. In this capacity, Ms. Nickens will continue to focus on the budget, scheduling and will coach in the field hockey, soccer and lacrosse programs.

MA Middle School Track and Field Meet Records

Coach Eggleston will oversee both programs and continue to coach with Coach Mac in the boys program. In this capacity Coach Jaffarian will train student athletes throughout the course of the year in the weight room and prior to practices as needed.

Apprise the athletics director of issues, concerns, or suggestions relating to the athletic and physical education programs that are circulating within the parent community.

At the end of year one it was unanimously determined that the committee had provided positive impact and will continue meeting for a second year.

Committee members welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions relating to the athletic and physical education programs at Kinkaid. They encourage you to share your thoughts with them at any time! Most importantly it is the desire of the Athletics Department to give the student athletes a voice in the development of Kinkaid athletics, as well as a leadership opportunity aimed at personal growth.

John works hard and enjoys it. He is a night charge nurse in the emergency room and really loves medicine and his job.

If anybody ever wants to get together in Houston I am always up for it. I would love to see any and everybody!

kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

Best wishes to all of you for a happy holiday season and New Year. Stay safe and please do check in from time to time!

kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

Where have the winds of change dispersed our classmates? We enjoyed Philly cheesesteaks and the brain exhibit at the Franklin Institute and generally had a nice visit.

kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

Our big event this year was the birth of our fourth grandchild Ruby Grace, the first to be local here in Philadelphia. We travel to Binghamton, New York, to see our first three, who are now playing organized sports as opposed to the mud fighting, of which I sent a photo a couple of years ago.

Otherwise, not much new since April — still working finally got the city of Harrisburg out of receivership and playing very bad golf. Gary and I will spend January in Naples, Florida, so if any classmates will be down that way, send me an email. Details to follow hopefully. My main squeeze and I head in that direction as well, hopefully landing in Vietnam and Cambodia for a culinary and historical jaunt through the Mekong Delta.

Do you suppose Malaysia Air is still the ticket for the more frugal traveler? Jones has his own exciting news.

kinkaid middle school track meet 2015

After 46 years at whatever, I sold Jones Oil August Retired and ready to party. My plans for now are simple.

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Why do I think there will be many takers for that turn of the tide? Thank goodness we are all still absorbed with issues relating to retirement, travel and sundry adventures. Still to come is the unending recanting of ailments and bodily functions. Yippee — what a delight that will be! On a more sober note, the question still lingers following the foiled coup attempt to overthrow the class rep. If there be any incandescent souls striving for a more celestial mission of reaching out, cajoling and, darest I say, enticing unsuspecting classmates to divulge intimate details of their journey through life, then by all means bring it on.

We can do battle in the Heavens and see whom the Gods favor. All comers welcome as usual Great plans are underway! Stay tuned and watch your inbox.

I heard from Milton Howe fs who said that Hal Martin has been showing up on his radar Most recently in a United Airlines magazine when he was coming back to Houston from Seoul. He will decide which medical school to attend later in the year.

Tommy and his wife Vivian hope he chooses Stanford which is located in Palo Alto, only three miles from home. Craig Rutten reports nothing new yet but soon! His youngest daughter is about to have her second boy. Great news comes from Judi Yelvington Suttles. Her grandson, David P.

Suttles, III, started Kinkaid kindergarten this year. Rick Horsey and his wife Marleen have been busy traveling. He sent a wonderful travelogue of their experiences. During this trip, we went to Concord and Lexington, and toured Harvard University. The green at Lexington was hardly bigger than a football field, and we learned that no one actually wanted to fight anyone that day. A rifle fired accidentally, perhaps, and in the next few seconds, two rebels i.

We saw beautiful fields and lakes with very few human beings along the entire route. Marleen and I spent the weekend in Banff and Lake Louise and returned to Edmonton for a business meeting, then flew back to Denver, Colorado, and stayed with friends at their place in Beaver Creek.

We visited with more friends in Vail, and finally made our way back to our house near Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was such a pleasure seeing them and sharing our home with them for the short time they had in Santa Fe. It had been rented out since we moved to San Diego. We traded it for a house in Tucson, which is now being rented for two years. Then, that will be our retirement home. Our plans are to spend our winters in Tucson and our summers in San Diego on our boat. She was in a diving accident right before leaving for her freshman year at the University of Denver, rendering her a quadriplegic.

She subsequently graduated from the University of St.

We are extremely proud of her and so happy that she has carved out such a great life for herself. Her younger brother Will is also an outstanding young man and, of course, will be celebrating with us that weekend.

I will miss celebrating such a milestone with all of you. He invites Kinkaidians to visit Jackson, Wyoming. I am still a part of the high tech community in Austin, Texas. The little city I moved to over two decades ago is expanding at an unbelievable rate. The coffee pot is still hot, and the wine rack is always full. However, anyone coming is required to bring rain with them! We attended the Austin Kinkaid Alumni gathering at the end of November.

This was the first time our schedule permitted our attending, and we enjoyed meeting the alums who are up here. Looking forward to the 50th in