Lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

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lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

Oct 13, Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna for a one-day job in a remote mountain town, he finds his client is not at all what he initially seems. . Creepy Contacts · Top 10 Sixpenceee Stories · Top 10 Reddit Lets Not Meet Stories .. click on certain parts and you'll see flickering shadows and long dark hair. Oct 17, sixpenceee: “CREEPY THINGS TO WATCH A compilation of all the horror Top 10 Sixpenceee Stories · Top 10 Reddit Lets Not Meet Stories . I don't mind when this post goes around again because sometimes I get stories like this in the car to drink them, and suddenly, the dash lights blink back on. Nov 7, sixpenceee: “Don't Blink By Sixpenceee Stories user sigwada; October Police established she had been due to meet up with Kutcher for a drink . ask questions, ask for advice, rant, vent, let something off your chest, or just.

I jumped and looked around before realizing that it came from the bathroom. I got up, stumbling slightly in the dark and from the sudden movements. I made my way to the bathroom and knocked on it.

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I heard nothing on the other side of the door, and I got worried. I was about to knock on the door again, but the door opened and Aiden stepped out, his hand pressed against his temple. He just nodded and walked out, heading towards the kitchen. I turned off the bathroom light for him as he turned on the one for the living room and kitchen. He grabbed an ice pack out of the freezer and sat down at the table. He continued to press the ice pack to his head while he closed his eyes.

I could see he was in pain, but at the same time I could tell something else was bothering him. I stared at him before pouring myself a glass of water. He sat up straighter and opened his eyes.

lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

I was looking through some of the books and sat down at the Starbucks there. Of course I was going to look at it, and when I did, I was hooked.

lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

I read it and seemed to be a story, and it was pretty interesting. I read the whole thing once, then another time, then another. I became fascinated with it. I did research on it, but nothing came up. I found out the story was told everywhere, in different languages, in different cultures.

Not really, but sort of. Of course I thought it was fake, but it freaked me out nonetheless. But then it started to happen.

Plus, I wanted to hear what the rest of the story. At first I thought it was my overactive imagination, or that the story was just freaking me out, but after two weeks I finally came to terms with it. The story was freaking true! What are you seeing? Does it have to do with you hitting your head?

lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

He took several deep breathes before he spoke again. Neither did I spoke to him again that night. I left him to his thoughts and returned to the couch, wrapping myself in the blanket and went to sleep. But it bugged me that he was acting so strangely, and the story that he told me. Sure it was vague, but he seemed genuinely bothered by it. The Monday following that, I went to school. I walked into the main building and went straight to my locker, where I saw Aiden leaning against it.

I smiled at him and he moved out of the way so I could open my locker. Saying more would just… worsen the situation.

lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

He shut his eyes and took a deep breathe before opening them again. We made our way to our usual spot in the back corner of the room. I got out my supplies and pulled out my phone, waiting for our teacher to come in.

I looked at Aiden. He was staring straight down on his desk, the way he did on Friday.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He just continued to stare until he had to blink, and when he did, kept them close for a while. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes in a hurry, then continued to stare. I passed it off as sleepiness, but he did it all the time. During the duration of the day, whenever I saw him, he would be staring straight ahead, his eyes red. This happened for another two days.

When he had his eyes open, he would do as much work as possible, as if he knew what he was doing was going to hinder him. Why are you drying your eyes out? Seriously, you look miserable. I see the silhouette of a women, or a man, or sometimes multiple figures. It was text from my mom. She said she wanted me home now.

I really want to hear what you have to say, but I need to go home. You know my mom. I drove home, thinking about the rest of the homework I needed to finish, and the conversation I had with Aiden.

The following morning, I got a call from his mom. When I heard the news I broke down, wailing in pain over the loss of my best friend. Aiden scratched his eyes out. There was nothing left but empty sockets. When I heard this, I wanted to vomit. It was all so sudden and such a blur. I locked myself in my room, wanting to be alone. My parents had to bring me up food, but I barely ate. Mostly I wept and slept, remembering the last few days. I put all the blame on myself. Maybe if I stayed, he would still be here.

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lets not meet sixpenceee dont blink

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