Level 5 gymnastics meet january 2016 printable calendar

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level 5 gymnastics meet january 2016 printable calendar

New EGC Calendar Feature · Upcoming Events Printable​ Jan. 18th to 21st ~. * PA's largest Coed Invitational. * Main Event featuring top athletes attending the meet! . Reed Yost - Level 5 - PA State Silver Medalist on High Bar​​ ​. Regional and National Meet Calendar Procedure to Enter State Meets C Template Team Travel Policy D Template Electronic Communication Policy . Level 8 Vault regulations Only specific vaults from Groups 1, 3, 4, and 5 are permitted. . DECEMBER 5/6 12/13 19/20 26/27 JANUARY 2/3 9/10 16/ Artistic gymnastics is widely regarded as an underrated and growing sport in the United States, It estimated that a competitive gymnast's chances of making this level are %. Individually, Anton Heida was the best gymnast of all countries, winning five In the men's competition, the team placed fifth in the team final.

Many incidents never make the news, but are no less important in reminding us that gymnastics clubs must be diligent and vigilant in their efforts to provide a safe environment for all gymnastics participants. Inappropriate behavior and sexual misconduct have no place in gymnastics, and it takes a team effort involving club owners, gymnastics professionals, parents and chaperones to maintain these important safety goals and to implement safe sport best practices.

Talk about Alcohol and Drugs at a sanctioned meet and in the gym. There is zero tolerance for any kind of sexual misconduct directed at athletes in our sport! In addition, there is zero tolerance for the use of inappropriate drugs or alcohol either in the gym or at sanctioned events. What to do if you suspect drug or alcohol use in the gym…. Using the Safe Environment Checklist for Clubs and the Risk Exposure Matrix as tools for assessing what policies and strategies your club has in place.

Also, walk through your facility, examining every space to determine any steps that you could take to lessen the risk for misconduct to occur. Learning more about the five common standards of behavior for staff and volunteers of youth-serving organizations and thinking about additional standards that are appropriate and necessary for your gymnastics club. Reviewing the Quick Reference Guide for an overview of common safe-environment policies.

Templates for your club to customize are included in the appendix. Communicated your club's prevention strategies and reporting procedures to parents?

level 5 gymnastics meet january 2016 printable calendar

Also, training suggestions are included in the Quick Reference Guide. Providing parents with your safe-environment policies and encouraging them to monitor their children's participation and report any suspicious conduct. Also, educate parents about how to screen youth-serving organizations, including gymnastics clubs.

Virginia USA Gymnastics State Meeting

The Regional Technical Committee Chairman will provide permission in writing to the coach who then can present the documentation to the Meet Referee at each competition. If a non-citizen athlete places in the top four 4 All-Around at Jr.

Olympic Nationals, she will receive the award for her AA placement; however, she is not eligible to become a member of the Jr. In this instance, the next US citizen in rank order will be placed on the Jr. Foreign athletes who have competitive experience outside the US and now reside in the US are eligible to petition by submitting a formal written request to the Regional Jr. Olympic Committee Chairman for entry into the Jr. The petition must be accompanied by a video that demonstrates the skill level for which she is submitting the petition and proof of residency outside the US.

Olympic Program are valid for any qualifying purposes. Olympic Program and represent her club up to, and including Regional Championships for the current competitive season. For the athlete to remain eligible to compete in the Jr.

Olympic Program, this process must be completed annually. Foreign Elite athletes who have represented a foreign country and Foreign Elite National Team Members current or former: Olympic Program who is currently named to, has previously competed for, or has represented a foreign national team, must petition to enter to the Jr.

level 5 gymnastics meet january 2016 printable calendar

Olympic Program for the US Club. If the athlete has retained a green card demonstrating intent to become a US Citizenand wishes to participate in the Jr. Olympic Program, she must petition to enter the Jr.

A judge who critiques or coaches at a specific gymnastics club on a regular more than once a month basis is considered affiliated with that club. Also send a copy to the State Administrative Committee Chairman. Level 8 Vault regulations Only specific vaults from Groups 1, 3, 4, and 5 are permitted. The Level 8 vault values are different than the Vault values at Level 9 or The team picked up an individual gold medal from Frank Kriz on vault.

The following Games, the Olympicsthe U.

Level 5 gymnastics meet 2016!

They also took five individual gold medals. At the OlympicsPeter Kormann won a bronze in the floor final. Due to the Summer Olympics boycottthere were no participants at those Games. In the men's individual events, Peter Vidmar was the Pommel horse champion and also took a silver in the individual all-around.

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Bart Conner was the Parallel bars champion, and Mitchell Gaylord won a silver medal on Vault and two bronze medals on Rings and Parallel bars. Tim Daggett also won a bronze medal on Pommel horse.

Four years later, at the OlympicsPhoebe Mills took a bronze in the beam final. Individually, Shannon Miller won two silver and two bronze medals. In the men's competition, the team placed sixth but Trent Dimas was the High Bar champion. At the Olympicsin Atlanta, Georgiathe U. Four years later, at the Olympicsthe U. Hamm later won a silver on the Horizontal bar. On the women's side, the U. Carly Patterson won the individual all-around final, the second American to win the title since Retton in Annia Hatch won a silver in the vault final, as did Terin Humphrey in the bars final.

Courtney Kupets won a bronze medal on bars and Patterson won a silver on balance beam. Nastia Liukin on the balance beam during the individual all-around final At the Olympicsthe U. Shawn Johnson finished second in that event also. Nastia Liukin won silver medals on uneven bars and balance beam finals, Shawn Johnson was crowned Balance beam champion and Johnson and Liukin won silver and bronze in the floor final.

At the Olympicsthe most recent, the U. In the individual all-around final, Gabby Douglas was crowned the individual all-around champion, the fourth American to win the event and the first African-American to win. In the men's competition, the team placed fifth in the team final.

level 5 gymnastics meet january 2016 printable calendar

Danell Leyva was the only individual medalist for the U. Currently, the United States is ranked second in the medal table for artistic gymnastics, behind the Soviet Union.

The national team represents the U. USA Gymnastics typically funds around National team spots for seniors and for juniors but places can be awarded based on need. National Team has a Senior team and its Junior team is divided into two age groups; and This is largely due to the fact that schools run out of money to fund the program and therefore it is cut from the school's program. An excellent example of this would be the Temple Owls team, who cut the program following the season, due to reasons such as "title IX, student welfare and facility needs".

Notably, Lindenwood University added their gymnastics program for the season and were the first school in 10 years to add a gymnastics program, since University of Arkansas added their program in Gymnastics scholarships are fiercely competitive with many high school gymnasts wanting full-ride scholarships to top schools. Typically, women's gymnasts will need to be at least Level 10 to make a DI team but it is common to find Elite-level gymnasts, the top level of gymnastics, too.

For top schools, such as the University of Floridathe University of Alabama and the University of Oklahomatheir rosters are likely to be filled with former elites, possibly even Olympians and National Team members, and strong Level 10 gymnasts. These teams have the luxury to be selective with recruiting because many talented gymnasts approach them, instead of vice versa. Init was estimated that there were 19, female high school gymnasts and 1, college gymnasts in the country; making the chances of a high school gymnast earning a college scholarship around 9.

Artistic gymnastics in the United States

Unlike women's gymnastics, there are less male high school gymnasts wanting scholarships increasing the chances of earning a college scholarship to The Oklahoma Sooners men's gymnastics team at the White House in Another factor added to the contest to earn a college scholarship in gymnastics is the, which has only recently started to occur, interest in college gymnastics from international gymnasts.

Generally, not as many international gymnasts compete in men's gymnastics, but there is still a handful of international collegiate gymnasts. During the regular season, teams will compete in dual meets against other schools. Most school's gymnastics programs compete in indoor arenas with a capacity of around 5,; often shared with the school's basketball team. The Utah Red Rocks have the highest average home attendance and have done for several years, averaging 14,