Level 9 gymnastics meet ross county ohio

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was the Gymnastics Coordinator for the Ross County YMCA where she managed the She was also a competition dancer for 10 years and was able to travel and learn Nate Shaffer learned gymnastics at Olympic Academy in Newark, Ohio and he Ariane was a gymnast for 11 years and was a level 9 State Champion. In , Zito was coaching Copley High School's gymnastics team. The Indians advanced to the state meet. He revamped Olympian Kyla Ross' floor routine, which helped Ross garner the Longines Prize as being too much for Level 9 and 10 routines, particularly in gymnastics circles in Northeast Ohio. USA Gymnastics has selected the sites for the three Junior Olympic Cincinnati, Ohio; Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern Championships, Rochester these three events feature the country's top female gymnasts for Levels 9 and Olympic team champions Jordyn Wieber and Kyla Ross,

She has also been a popular and accomplished teacher in her own right and she brings her talent, energy, and experience to Buckeye. Julia is now at Ohio State.

Level 9 Gymnastics Meet 2018 #1

She took classes at buckeye from age 7 until she was about She was on her high school gymnastics team and never lost her love for the sport. She also holds a position at Riverside Methodist hospital which makes her certified in first aide and CPR. Her love for the sport is what keeps her so involved with coaching kids to become the best they can be! Nate Shaffer Buckeye Teacher Nate Shaffer learned gymnastics at Olympic Academy in Newark, Ohio and he learned to teach and coach over the past 13 years at gyms throughout central Ohio.

Along the way John developed experience and skill in teaching preschool gymnastics, girls and boys gymnastics, competitive girls gymnastics, special needs, and Trampoline and Tumbling. John has a great way with kids and he provides his students with a fun, effectiveand positive approach to learning. Jolene Marcum Buckeye Teacher Jolene, or Coach Jo, as she is known, has been teaching and coaching gymnastics for 18 years.

Coach Jo has always had a passion for working with kids thru sports teams and church. Bri has coached at a few gyms in Columbus and San Francisco for a total of four years. She has been with Buckeye since Autumn ofwhere she is a Director in Training, teaches rec classes, and coaches the Scarlet and Grey team.

level 9 gymnastics meet ross county ohio

Ray is going to head up the Buckeye Warriors program and that tumbling and wrestling experience will be put to good use. Bars was her favorite event in gymnastics while stunting was her favorite in cheer. Hannah likes to challenge herself to go outside her comfort zone and to be the best she can be and she hopes to instill those values in her students.

Vicki Keller Buckeye Teacher Vicki Keller was a gymnast at Buckeye for many years before returning to us to teach and coach. Vicki brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the gym where she is a popular teacher in the Gym Stars programs.

Vicki was the lead tumbling coach for the Buckeye Flyers TNT team for many years where she developed many state, regional and national champions. She then went on to cheer at Slippery Rock University. He was their choreographer. The way the girls executed their routines caught the attention of one of the judges, Kittia Carpenter.

State Meet - Compulsary, Optional and Xcel - Ohio Women's USA Gymnastics

Zito kept busy choreographing and mixing music for club gymnasts and later some collegiate gymnasts. A major break came when he received a call to put together a floor routine for Jordyn Weaver. Being associated with Weaver drew even more choreography work for Zito. It also secured the job title of the national team choreographer. The Solon High graduate was a competitive gymnast from age 7, but as a middle-schooler he started assisting female gymnasts in adding flair to their routines.


Eventually, Zito decided to stop competing and spent more time choreographing for high school and club athletes. His trademark style — the same vivacious energy he incorporated into the routines for the gymnasts at Copley — sometimes was criticized as being too much for Level 9 and 10 routines, particularly in gymnastics circles in Northeast Ohio. Zito said that earlier in his career, he took offense to such criticism. Now, he recognizes that his talent actually was cutting edge.

  • 8 Aug, 2017
  • Junior Olympic Level 9 Eastern/Western Championships begin April 28
  • Compulsory Levels 2-5

Zito, who recently built a home in Naples, Fla. Possibly the greatest reception came this summer at the Olympic Games. Zito spent 10 days in Rio. Then, with Biles and Raisman finishing one-two in the individual portion of the floor competition, their feats added two more feathers to his cap. He said he had worked with all 14 girls invited to compete at the qualifying meet and knew how much work each gymnast put into their training to contend for one of the five coveted team spots.

level 9 gymnastics meet ross county ohio