Level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

Mar; Level 9/10 State Championships. All Day Event Ical event icon; Various Sites; Tag(s): Home Events. Mar; Level 9/10 State Championships. All Day. SACC's must mandate the use of base score videos/DVDs at. Level 8, 9 & 10 State If a gymnast's Regional Meet entry is NOT turned in by deadline date, in Region 8 will pay half the cost of awards at Level 9/ Regional. REGIONAL QUALIFYING SCORES. Level 9 & 10 – AA scored at the Florida state meet Rules and Policies are available at victoryawards.us

level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

Olympic Code of Points for a complete explanation of Level rules. Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levelswith the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr.

A non-competitive educational Jr. Olympic Dance Workout Program Workouts is also available to provide proper dance training for gymnastics.

Each state has the jurisdiction to determine its state calendar, according to the needs of its members.

level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

Age Requirements and Mobility Scores In the spirit of good sportsmanship, fairness to all athletes and competitive balance, the mobility system within the Jr. Olympic Program should be followed in the manner that it was intended: Before moving up a level, every athlete should show proficiency at her current level.

Once a high level of proficiency is achieved at the athlete's current level, she should strive to move up to the next level, as long as it is done safely. For athletes to repeat a level with the intent to gain an advantage over other competitors or teams IS NOT in the spirit of the Jr.

Olympic Program or youth sports in general.

Region One Gymnastics

No mandate scores are permitted at any level. Age Determination and Regulations All gymnasts must reach the minimum age for the level before competing in any USA Gymnastics sanctioned competition see chart below.

Level 3 State meet date is Dec. She is ineligible to compete in the qualifying meet, and therefore does not have the opportunity to qualify to the Level 3 State Championships that season. For invitationals and qualifying meets below the State Championships, the Meet Director may determine the age divisions and must publish such information in the pre-meet information.

For all meets under the jurisdiction of the State or Regional Administrative Committees, the respective committee may determine the method of determining age divisions. There are basically two options: Age groups for the season: At Level 9 or 10 State meet and below, age divisions may be combined if the number of athletes is small.

level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

The gymnast's age for the competitive season is determined by the date of the final day of competition at the culminating championship meet for that level. The gymnast must have reached the minimum age for her level prior to entering any qualifying competition.

USA Gymnastics | Junior Olympic Program Overview

For Levels 1, 2 — age is determined by the date of the culminating competition as directed by the State Administrative Committee. For Level 8 — age is determined by the date of the last day of the Regional Meet.

level 9 regional meet gymnastics score

The gymnast must compete with the age division as designated for the entire season. The individual qualifier with the lowest qualifying score from any of the other three regions will be considered first to fill the vacant spot in the Regional Team squad, provided her club has no other athletes in the individual competition.

This additional athlete will compete as an individual only. The four squads of Regional Teams will compete in the second flight, using a random draw for starting event. If a region fills at least 4 of the six Regional Team spots, that region will compete as a Regional Team in that age division.

The added athletes from other regions in that squad will compete as individuals. If a region has less than 4 qualifiers in any one age division, the squad of six is to be filled according to the procedures stated above in B2, but the squad will not be considered for team score; all of the gymnasts in that squad will compete as individuals only. All additional athletes who qualify per region per age division, based on the percentage described above in A, will compete as individual competitors, provided they scored a minimum of Any gymnasts who tie for the last qualifying place at Level 9 Regionals will qualify to compete as individuals at the respective Eastern or Western Championships.

If a region does not have enough athletes who scored a The individual competitors compete in the first flight and will be divided into four squads by random draw, first by region, then by club, so that all athletes from the same club will be in the same squad.

All gymnasts from the same region will be drawn into the same squad or two squads if the region is allotted more than 6 additional athletes.

The maximum number of squads that a club could have gymnasts assigned to would be two 2 ; one or more Regional Team member s in Flight 2 and one or more individual athlete s in Flight 1.

This information will also be posted on the USAG web site www.


If the 7th place athlete is already qualified as an individual competitor, she will replace the injured Regional Team member and her original spot in the individual squad will be filled by the alternate from her region and age division. If the 7th place athlete from that region did not score a If an individual competitor is unable to compete due to illness or injury, the alternate gymnast from her region and age division will replace her.

Replacement will be allowed up to the start of competition on the first event for each flight; however, the alternate must take the position and squad of the injured athlete. If she is not present at the meet and is unable to participate, the second alternate, if in attendance at the meet, may be called upon to fill the empty spot for her region.