Littlest pet shop meet russell ferguson

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littlest pet shop meet russell ferguson

Hub Network | Cartoons | Littlest Pet Shop | Russell Ferguson. Sunil Nevla by Great9Star on DeviantArt To Meet You, Cute Characters, Little Pet Shop. Littlest Pet Shop is a Canadian–American children's animated television series developed by Please help to clean it up to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. . She is also little closer to Russell, her best friend. .. That is until all the dogs are out of the compitition for Russell Ferguson to win the Terriers and Tiaras award. Littlest Pet Shop crossover fanfiction archive with over 72 stories. How Russell Ferguson And Max Are The Same And Different by Smart Kira Wild Kratts vacation in Downtown city, and Aviva and Blythe bone like sisters after they meet.

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He is the organizer of the group with a love of food. Though uptight, he maintains everyone in the shop, making sure everything's orderly.

littlest pet shop meet russell ferguson

Though Russell heavily wishes to fit in more with his friends, unfortunately, his love for safety and maintenance and friendship of six friends often spoils the other pets' enjoyment, which causes them to poke fun at him. A running gag is that he is often mistaken for a porcupine. In the Season 1 episode "Penny for Your Laughs" it is revealed that he has an abnormal fear of marshmallows.

He also has a fear of ghosts. He is considered Blythe's best friend. Peter New Sunil is a male blue banded mongoose with golden eyes and an Indian accent. He is very timid and fearful, but when faced with adventure, he will though reluctantly gather courage and bravery for his friends.

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He is a magician, who enjoys performing various magic tricks to his friends at the shop. Most of them fail or rarely work when he needs it to. Despite his timid appearance and personality, Sunil becomes aggressive at the thought of cobras an allusion to mongooses ' natural prey. He is Vinnie's best friend.

littlest pet shop meet russell ferguson

Sunil is known to become scared of insects every time he sees an one. Though slow at times, he is a talented dancer. Unfortunately, he is prone to wreaking havoc for others in the pet shop because of his natural clumsiness. In " Frenemies " he finds out he is a better dancer without his tail. His favorite series is Shake a Leg, a dance competition show.

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T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Blythe and the pets get blasted into Equestria where they meet the Mane 6. But they can't get back to Downtown City. Can they get out before a certain someone escapes from Tartarus? My Littlest Pokepets Story by Harriet by Harriet reviews Blythe and her friends, the pets who turned into Pokemon continue their journey through the Unova Region to continue finding each other, collect more Gym Badges for the Pokemon League, stop Team Plasma and find their way back home.

Have you Heard about Littlest Pet Shop? Now Mango, Coconut, and the littlest pet shop pets are on their way to stop them and return the tickets to their rightful owners. But when the evil Grammorr threatens to destroy the princesses of Lolirock and tries to conquer Ephedia, the Battle Brawlers along with a few others will help stop Grammorr and save Iris's kingdom.

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Littlest Vampires by Sunnyflight Twins Ivy and Olivia take there pets, Igor and Tauri to littlest pet shop while they go to screening of Olivia's movie, eternal sunset. Since Blythe can understand pets, Igor and Tauri have to be careful not to let out the secret of vampires. He also tends to overly-complicate things when they should be really easy to do or manage.

Russell's apartment It's not that he means to make things harder or seem twice as challenging, he just wants to try to make everything as flawless as possible in order to succeed. He has a somewhat cynical view of "love" as seen in " Secret Cupet ".


However, after briefly falling in love with Penny Ling due to a love song spell by Sugar Sprinkles he seems to have a more positive outlook on it. He also had a brown face and belly, and wore a pink tie.

littlest pet shop meet russell ferguson

According to Julie McNally Cahill, he was named after Russell Johnsonwho acted as the Professor on Gilligan's Island[4] and his original last name was "Fergus, in honor of an awesome cat [she] used to have".

His muzzle is the same color as his fur, while the markings on his face and tummy are peachy-orange. His quills are a mixture of bright brown and dark brown.