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Cross Country Express: Rylee Bowen wins UWHS Invite mile in

Show All Results. AthleticTV Latest Videos · Dr. Ralph Mann - Start Forces - Trials Super Clinic 7m 8s · Dr. Ralph Mann - The Sprint Start - Trials. California Track & Running News is a magazine for members of the California or compete at a Los Gatos All Comers meet, you'd have seen Rick and Willie .. victoryawards.us June 5, SUN, San Diego: Dodge Rock 'n' Roll marathon standard of for entry into the Olympic Marathon Trials. Los Gatos All Comer Meet Club. Thursday, July 27, Field Events: PM Track Events: PM Los Gatos HS Meet Website.

July 21, 8: Running has to be the only sport that laments young talent and hard work in MS. I, for one, celebrate these young athletes and hope for more so we can finally put a dent in the SS domination. As far as the club vs HS coaching thing, everyone just has to get over it. We need to develop these kids and coaching is one of the key components. July 22, 7: While it's probably true these coaches form only a tiny, tiny minority, the system has deemed them problem enough to legislate against them.

Generally when you're dealing with rules governing schoolchildren, if on first glance it doesn't seem to be protecting the kids, there's probably a case even if a very, very edge case you haven't considered yet. July 23, 8: Coach Tim, I think coaches answering questions from rising freshmen is the only way to see if a school would be a good fit. How many miles will I run per week, how many meets will we do, can I go to footlocker or other outside meets, etc?

James Lick Track at Los Gatos All Comers 2017

How else would a kid know what is expected and what they would be allowed to do? I agree that coaches should not be allowed to call or otherwise bother a kid, but allowing contact for philosophy and expectation setting should be allowed. I entered and won the Santa Monica Triathlon. Somers Smith is a seven-time qualifier for the Trials, having previously qualified for the Trials at the Honda LA Marathon with a 2: Keflezighi was accompanied through 10K by his Mammoth Track Club teammate Patrick Smyth who served as pacerbut ran the remainder of the race alone.

The sold-out half marathon celebrated its fifth anniversary with 13, participants. Full results are available at http: It was the first national championship title for Reyes, 28, who works as a civilian flight test engineer at Edwards Air Force Base near his home in Palmdale. He knocked about a minute and a half off of his previous PR of 2: LDR continued from page 14 David Kloz ing to keep the pace honest, and bridging up to the leaders.

But it really starts to hit you in the last couple of miles. The body starts to lock up and become really sluggish. I figured that someone was going to roll back up on me, but luckily I was able to hold on. Reyes hung tough through the hills over the final 10K to the finish in St. Paul, dropping his final rival Eggleston at 23 miles, and hanging on to a narrow 7-second gap at the finish. Drew Shackleton 24, Los Angeles was fifth in 2: I was also pleased to see six PRs in the top 10 men, an indication of the continued growth in depth of U.

It has been a good year for Reyes, who also set PRs on the track at m SAC Relays and 10,m So, tell us a little about your race in Minneapolis.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day for racing. The last 10K is all hills. I tried to stay as patient as I could while doing my fair share of the work. From 12 to 17 miles, I led the chase pack, try- Did the win surprise you? My splits were slowly starting to fade over the last few miles. I was feeling absolutely terrible.

Cross Country Express: "World Record" attempt this Thursday at the Los Gatos All-Comer meet

Being able to hold on all the way to the finish was a surprise. Have you run Twin Cities before? It was my marathon debut back in It was a disaster. I had to stop and walk to drink and rehydrate, and hit the wall over the last 7 miles.

I finished in something like 59th place. After that one, I was repelled by the thought of running another marathon. I had a lot to learn. How many marathons have you run now? This one was my eighth. I improved a lot last year—from a tough day in Boston 17th, 2: Did you train any differently for Twin Cities, or did you use your tried-and-true method?

My coach, Joe Rubio, had me doing the same workouts we did last year leading up to Chicago. It was actually a lot more relaxed— not a drawn-out schedule like he had me do in the past. Each week, we did mile reps one day and then a tempo run on the weekend for my two hard workouts. Plus a long run. My weekly mileage got up to just over at the peak, definitely a fair amount of miles. But I definitely felt I was getting stronger and able to handle a lot more than before.

And the races that we were using to gauge my fitness showed positive signs. The last few weeks leading up to Twin Cities, I absolutely felt like I was in the best shape of my life. In fact, after I started to taper for the race in my last few workouts, I was wondering if I was losing fitness. You expect to be super fresh. But you need to just stay grounded in the game plan and your training schedule, and it will come together. Whether you realize it or not, you are getting rested up.

Becoming more mature and understanding that kind of stuff really helped. Who do you train with? His consistency has been an enormous help.

We were both training for a fall marathon. How did you get started in running? I started as a little boy growing up. My dad ran for San Jose City College and was very serious about his training and staying fit. I started running with him around the track very early and he saw my potential.

I trained with my four sisters, who all ran. Racing in the PA provides something that not a lot of U. I have a blast doing PA cross country and road Grand Prix races. Sergio, you obviously have a great relationship with coach Rubio.

How has he assisted you with your development? I think we work well together because he has a huge amount of patience to work with someone like me.

Cross Country Express: Unofficial mile world record set at Los Gatos All Comer meet

Having him be patient with me—although I had some bad races and it looked like I was peaking out and might never make it big—was a huge boost. More than just a one-mile road race, this heat competition was conceived as a focal point to bring together—on the same day—athletes from the three disciplines of sport governed by USATF: The unique venue was the former El Toro Airfield in Irvine.

To ensure as flat and accurate a mile race as possible, runners and race walkers queued up on the military grade, 10, footlong runway L, racing on a point-to-point USATF-certified course marked with timing clocks every quarter-mile. Youth, masters, and senior race walk competitors kicked off the day with a 7 a. Ryan Thong M10 not only won his division with his 8: A nice location with a 3. Good for teams to compete on.

Thanks to XCStats, there are now over 50 courses listed where you can convert one course time to another course. Play with it and see what you think. Main item is no more fees for rules infractions, but now you need to talk with your principal if you get a ticket.

Mercy High School in San Francisco is looking for an assistant cross country coach for the Fall season. Coaches are expected to have a dedication and passion for running.

The season is late August to early November and the coach is expected to be available weekday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

This is a stipend position. For questions or to apply please contact head coach Craig Benson at coachbenson mercytrackandfield. Gunn High School in Palo Alto is looking for an assistant cross country coach for the season.

If interested, please contact Sarah Stapp at sstapp pausd. Harker School XC Coach needed: The successful candidate must possess a strong coaching background, and be a highly qualified motivator and communicator. Prior to beginning work for The Harker School, and as a condition of employment, all employees must go through Live Scan Fingerprinting as well as provide a copy of a negative TB test. Interested parties should contact me: Dan Hodgin; Dan danhodgin.

The position is a paid position. All interested applicants please contact Head Coach Tammie Marshall via email at tmarshall vcs. Nice to know that even with the Olympics going on in London that a few folks are still checking in with what's happening on LynbrookSports.

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