Meet 420 singles dating

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meet 420 singles dating

Mar 17, This does not mean that you will find only stoners on their websites and in their apps; there singles app royal queen seeds dating stoners. And Singles is not even the only weed-friendly dating site around. the U.S., these dating sites can provide safe places for weed lovers to meet and maybe. Apr 24, High There isn't the only option for stoners seeking love online, but it is the best. There are sites like Singles and My Mate, but they're.

meet 420 singles dating

So what's a first date for High There users like? The two filmed a video for Labbate's YouTube channel, and in the process, discovered they had more in common.

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He said the increasing popularity of these apps makes sense given the wider-spread use of marijuana, as legalization for both medicinal and recreational use expands. The platforms create a safe place for those who are new or apprehensive about the plant. Most dating apps have you check a box -- whether you drink or smoke cigarettesthose are the two categories.

The Best Friendly Dating and Friend-Finder Apps | Leafly

At some point, they'll gravitate towards cannabis use. Connor agrees, but bails the day of. I have a fancy vape because I got it for free, and an eighth will easily last me more than a month.

meet 420 singles dating

Most often I smoke in bed, right before I go to sleep. The next day he tells me he doesn't identify as a stoner either—at least not anymore—and that he downloaded the app as a joke and "can't really see it past that. I check in a week later and ask if he ended up going. I take it as a sign and build a whole new profile with the bio "Hallo!

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Looking for new friends" well under the cheeky character limit. I only browse female profiles and swipe right on almost everyone. It's slow-going, but people start to chat with me. I realize that thinking of High There as an addition to the over-saturated hook-up app market might be misguided.

You can also use such filters to search for potential mates.

5 Sites Where The Single Marijuana Lover Can Find Love

If everyone who reads this joined Singles, perhaps enough users would be available so that I could all bone down and fall in love with my ideal partner who not only also loves edibles but totally is in agreement with Tom DeLonge that aliens exist. Technology can get the best of me other than saying yes to dates with vampires and werewolves I meet online.

So sadly, my review of My Mate is based on limited experience when I briefly successfully gained access upon initial sign in.

meet 420 singles dating

Like Singles, filling out a profile on My Mate is much more fun than your mainstream dating app. When it comes to personality rather than appearance, Singles uses a test akin to Myers Briggs.

The design of the site, while well-intentioned, reminds me more of an insurance company than a dating app meant to induce cannabis-fueled romance and sexual urges.

The Best 420-Friendly Dating and Friend-Finder Apps

In my limited time I was able to spend signed in, very few users were online. While I support their mission, I cannot recommend this dating app at this time if you can even find a way to sign on. Just like with Tinder, the face of a potential match pops up on your phone. You can one hundred percent find a date on High There! It works well, consistently, and there are plenty of people on there.

Not to brag, but within a week of using it, I have too many matches to even respond to. Is that you have an automatic icebreaker.