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Upstairs in the meeting room you'll find Fedel. Talking to him gives you the quest THE CONSPIRATORS. He simply asks you to come meet him at night near the. At the same time, Fedel (or whatever) wants me to find some papers turn it in before heading to the other side of the map to grab Fedel's shit for him. Dragon's Dogma tries to be very realistic and completing every . ^^There was a point where I had a quest to meet some guy in the castle garden at night. For Dragon's Dogma on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message to take one more look by the map marker and low and behold, when I got If you stay in the Inn till night, and then "Run" to the courtyard to meet Fedel you will.

Not to worry, this'll be the last time we go there so it might be worth dropping by the Encampment quickly to dump wares at the storage and acquire new skills for your vocation. Head back to the part of Witchwood where you found the little witch Selene, a bit of a mob has gathered around her hut and the big ol' party is interrupted almost right away by a new kind of enemy you probably haven't run into yet.

It's completely immune to any form of damage, aside from it's little bright spots when targeted directly A. After you dish out enough damage to the light discs, it should freeze up entirely B to "defend" itself and to allow the enrage mode to happen. You should give it all during this freeze, he'll be completely defenseless and you can unleash everything you got on the discs.

When he drops, grab the Magick Medals he drops from shattering the glowing discs and the rest of the loot and give chase to Selene who runs deeper into the forest. She'll run down a winding path without any enemies around so just follow it all the way down to a small graveyard where you'll see Selene with a woman called Sofiah, speak with the both of them.

And while you're here, grab all the flowers around the grave called King's Bay Leaf, you probably already picked up a notice board quest that asks you for five of them.

Now head out of Witchwood through any of the exits, if you don't and portal out instead the area won't properly reset so just head for one of the exits. You wanna quickly tour to Gran Soren to change your vocation to a Strider or Ranger, you really want a bow vocation for what's coming so drop by Caxton and buy a level appropriate bow for yourself along with some reasonable attire if you can't equip your old gear anymore.

Don't worry about losing progress in your current vocation, it'll remain to be the exact same, you just won't be gaining discipline points in that vocation for now. Good news is you'll be able to use your Augments across any vocation so it has its benefits! If you have a ranger main pawn, you could just switch vocations I do this often with my Fighter pawn, we just swap armor and weapons in the inventory after changing vocations, only a matter of seconds and you're good to go and swap out gear, won't have to buy anything!

I won't list the achievements here cause well, it's situational. Heck you could ignore this entire segment if you're a Strider or a Ranger already, so! Look for them on the fifth page called Additional Achievements. Rowland who happens to be nearby suggests you take it to a man of the cloth, either in Cassardis or good ol' Geffrey in Gran Soren, but for now keep it in your bags and lets carry on with the meat of this place, golem infestation.

Make your way to the lake at the end of the path, beware you don't stumble into the sleeping golems, trust me you don't want to fight anymore than you have to. In the lake there'll be a dormant Golem, just kind of lying there. Guess what, a quest that totally changes the rules of how-to fight a Golem!

The Conspirators

You want to avoid this guy after striking him, he's totally immune and of course, the big fellow has no visible discs for you to exploit. It's out of the actual explorable world, it's high on a wall that can be only reached with the help of an arrow. If you still have trouble locating them despite their brightness, they have a small little trail that shows every three seconds that you can trace back to their they originate. Once you get the last one, the golem falls and the quest will pop up as completed.

Return to the big guy and pick up the loot he may have dropped. You're now entirely done with Witchwood, you won't have to come back here anymore. Perhaps for notice board quests but at least you have a choice on those. If you had to change your vocation, head for Gran Soren quickly and change it back to what you were before. Cassardis for the Last Time We go to Cassardis for one last time to grab and complete the last few quests that originate there.

Happen to got some Ferrystones left? Use one and teleport to Cassardis and head inside. Find a kid called Tomlin, he usually wanders the beach at day or sleeping at the Chief's home at night.

So it's a good old fashioned jailbreak and it just so happens that very soon from now, you'll be imprisoned right alongside Tomlin's father! What a happy coincidence huh Right while we're at it, we're going to need some Skeleton Keys. And yet another inside the Gran Soren jail but it's tucked away behind a patrolling guard, so how about not getting that one as of yet. The most ideal way would be making them yourself, which this far into the game shouldn't be a big problem.

You can buy a bunch of Hammers from Montebank as well and Hunks of Ore are very common Goblin drops as well as Scrap Iron so you should be able to make a few no problem. Once you got at least three Skeleton Keys, keep them in your inventory so you won't forget them.

For now we're just gonna finish the last quest in Cassardis from Valmiro. Remember the suicidal travel happy fool? Yeah with whats coming, we're setting him on sail for absolute fail.

He says he's sick of the idle life and wants to adventure around, like you. Only this time without someone having to follow him and save him three times. He'll just ask you for some stuff to make his journey less painful. He first requests a Potent Greenwarish. You may already have a few since you've been through areas like Witchwood and the outer regions of Gran Soren where they grow freely and quite commonly. You may also combine a Greenwarish with Sweet Pollen to create one.

And if somehow all else fails, they're sold at the Gran Soren apothecary for a mere G. Next on his list would be a Lantern, you can buy these from just about every common salesman including the general store in Cassardis. The third item is where it becomes tricky He'll ask for a Sour Ambrosial Meat. There's only one found at a fixed location in the world and the worst part is, food naturally degrades so you might either want to prepare a Ferrystone or an Air-Tight Flask to put it into.

It's located within the Ancient Quarry, use the map to locate it. The place's empty of enemies so don't worry about anything. It's inside the boxes in the corner of the open room so smash 'em.

When you grab it, head back to Valmiro right away, don't even risk doing anything else on the off chance it might go rotten. Returning to him, the last thing he wants is a Pilgrim's Charm. Now this can be either difficult, pricey or neither, depending on how you played out A Parting Gift from earlier. If you went down the Catacombs with Quina in that quest, you can still go to Soulflayer Canyon and go through the west entrance the one past Heavenspeak Fort, south of the Greatwall Encampment on the map into the Canyon.

Once inside follow the path and take a right at the fork and then take the right wooden walkway all the way to the end, it should be lying to the right in the corner.

If you already snagged it there, you'll have to go to Gran Soren and buy one from Fournival for Go back to Valmiro for the last time and give him his last item. He'll have one last request, haul the boxes of goods to his boat on the beach.

Your pawns will also take a box each so it shouldn't take more than one trip, unless you have less than 3 pawns of course. Talk to Valmiro and quest's complete along with a nice farewell cutscene. The reward of this quest along with the experience, money and RC are a bunch of very rare and high quality crafting materials.

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Every one of them can normally only be obtained from the end game so it's really worthwhile to drop these off in the item storage.

Duke's Demesne II, Catacombs II and yet another trip to Soulflayer Canyon Now that most the quests that are found and completed in the surrounding world are done, it's time to do the last handful of quests that are from Gran Soren. First, we're going to jail! So make double sure you have the two or three three's still the best choice though two will suffice Skeleton Keys in your possession.

Head to the Inn and sleep 'til nightfall and proceed to make for the Duke's Demesne. Find Mirabelle on the left side from the Demesne and talk to her, she'll tell you to sneak into Aelinore's chambers upstairs and make sure she's alright. Beware though, from now on if you're spotted by guards, you'll be thrown in jail and potentially failing the quest all together.

Make through the front doors of the castle, don't bother using the side entrances cause they're well guarded and also be sure your lantern is off. Enter the main hall and keep right and use the walls for cover, there's two guards that patrol this area. One's on the ground floor, patrol starting from the right and heads to the throne and walks past it to walk down the left side of the room.

The other guard patrols a clockwise fashion route on the second floor walkways. You can easily sneak past the guard downstairs when he walks past the throne, using pillars for cover and waiting for the upstairs guard to walk up the right side of the stairs and turn the corner. You can use that exact moment to run upstairs and go into the open room with the massive stairs, follow these up and exit the door to the walkway that leads to Aelinore's tower. Entering this tower triggers a cutscene, which has some rather romantic conclusions Until the freaking Duke comes to interrupt your moment together.

Edmun Dragonsbane obviously isn't himself, worse so he seems to be completely nuts and begins to strangle his betrothed.

You now are presented with two choices, which isn't directly clear whatsoever. You can do nothing and let the Duke do his Or you can move towards the bed, triggering yet another cutscene. You have to pick the option where you interrupt the Duke.

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It simply removes her from the game, and with that not allowing you access to another quest with her and locks a entire area of the map from being entered.

So, it's quite important that you take action by moving to the bed and interrupting the mad Duke. For her own safety and perhaps even yours, Aelinore puts up the innocent maiden act when the Duke becomes himself again and you're chucked into the lovely depths of the Gran Soren Jail.

Wait for the guard to walk back to his post on the far side of the room and use a Skeleton Key on the prison cell gate. When you're out of your own cell, you'll have access to your equipment again instantly. You're not the only fellow in prison, a jail cell across from yours on the right is occupied by Tomlin's father, Ansell. Talk to him and you'll find out the true reason for his capture and use another Skeleton Key on the cell, then talk to him another time so he's following you.

Before you leave, break the boxes and jars in his cell, one of them contains a spare Skeleton Key. There's a hole in the wall on the right side inside the prison cell, so use yet another Skeleton Key and head down the secret passage out of the jail.

You should take lead on your escape, the path is littered with critter enemies such as snakes, rats and bats. Walkthrough This quest becomes available after meeting the Duke in the quest Come to Court. Fedel seeks a meeting after nightfall to explain the sensitivity concerning the loss of the letter.

Avoid the night guards and wait for Fedel by the gazebo in the eastern garden area. At the marked location, the Arisen will find the remains of Fedel's cart and a Gargoyle will be seen flying away to the northwest towards Soulflayer Canyon. Reaching the correct ledge in the canyon can be a little tricky, but a pawn with full knowledge of this quest and Soulflayer Canyon will lead the Arisen directly to it.

From the west entrance, take a left at the passage fork. Slide down two more times toward the left to another area that may contain a snake and two spiders. Slide down the right side of this downward grade to a landing with more gold pouches, the fleeing Gargoylequest items scattered on the ground, and a chest containing a Steel Beak.

Slay the Gargoyle and collect the Confidential Letter as well as the Parcels lying scattered on the ground and return to Gran Soren. Be very cautious, because Harpies have a tendency to drowse the characters and push them down the precipice. On your way you should pass by a bridge with Spiders, a fragment with Saurians and Panthoms, and a cave with Goblins. Eventually, you'll stumble upon a Gargoyle.

Afterwards, climb up the ladders. In the cave with Goblins, turn right at the fork north. You'll reach a stone bridge guarded by a Cyclops. With any luck, you'll be able to throw him down.

In case of trouble, retreat to the cave. A while later, after defeating Harpies, there is a place where you have to slide down. It's a particularly difficult fragment - you can easily take the wrong way.