Meet ghost adventures crew 2013 calendar

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meet ghost adventures crew 2013 calendar

Eventbrite - Strange Escapes, LLC presents Strange Escapes Presents, Spirits and Specters - A Weekend at the OddFellows Asylum and. Huge huge fan of yours Aaron, I've followed you and ghost adventures from the I would like to mention my fiance and I were there in the spring of Hey Aaron, my name is Anne and I Love watching you and the rest of The Ghost Adventures Crew I received the calendar that I ordered fro you the other day. Parade staff and technical crew to put on the “biggest show on the parkway” during parade week. Image Copyright © ABC Inc., WPVI-TV Philadelphia.

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Maura Dear Aaron, I decided to write to you to tell you something that has changed the vision I had of life.

My sister had lived in the Netherlands for 14 years before of coming back to Italy after her divorce in Me and my parents used to visit her every summer and spend there a couple of months, staying by her. She had lived in many houses before of buying one in ,and we helped her moving. The house she bought was on sale for a long time and it looked like nobody wanted to buy it.

We could not understand why, since the house was very pretty and in a nice area of the city Alkmaar. However, she and her husband bought it and took us to see it for the first time.

At first my sister was kinda offended by her words, but soon we discovered there was really something strange into that house.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 calendar

After a couple of days we moved in we started hearing noises, especially at the first and second floor. At night, me and my mother were sleeping in the same bedroom at the second floor, we clearly heard some footsteps coming from the stairs, like someone was coming up. Every night, when everybody was sleeping, we kept hearing those footsteps.

But those noises were not the only thing that occurred. All around the house, especially at the second floor, I remember feeling like someone was constantly watching me.

Being upstairs, even by the day, really scared me. I was even scared of taking a shower cause I kept feeling that presence around me… I remember that something inside myself told me that someone was watching me by the mirror, which reflected a glass at the top of the door. The attic was a tiny and dark space, with heavy air inside of it.

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The far end of the back yard adjoins some infantry trenches dug by re-enactors. This area adjoins the property of a house where there are several rusting abandoned cars in the backyard, and residents like to yell at each other and slam doors in the middle of the afternoon.

The CW siege lines are just a short distance down the track, to the east. Rumor says that there may be some soldiers buried on the property, and CW artillery and mortar shells are still sometimes found in the yard.

Then there is the prewar backstory.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 calendar

The oldest part of the house was built by a guy whose profession was highway robbery. He was one of those people who gave the Natchez Trace a reputation of being the most dangerous road in America by waiting in the woods and killing travelers for whatever money and valuables they might be carrying. He lived in constant fear of revenge attacks by relatives of the dead.

He ate dinner facing a curved mirror so that he could see anyone who might be trying to sneak up behind him. At night, he climbed up a simple rope ladder through a window into a second floor bedroom that had no stairway or permanent ladder access, then pulled up the rope ladder behind him. If he was that worried about a revenge killing, maybe he should have considered trying to earn an honest living. The story doesn't get much better in modern times.

The last two residents of the house let it deteriorate so much that some in the neighborhood thought the place was abandoned.

meet ghost adventures crew 2013 calendar

For at least 20 years, hardly ever was anyone seen venturing outside. Rare visitors discovered that there appeared to be significant mental illness going on there, but nobody did anything about it for a long time. They simply continued to live there in poverty, isolation, and filth.

So, this property could literally be the focus of a supernatural turf war between spirits from the Natchez Trace era, CW era, and middle 20th century.

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If none of them try to kill you, then the neighbors who are still alive may do it, or the snakes. And you're probably correct about the marketing gimmick. There's always money to be made with any so called ghost tour.

Although I'm normally a skeptic about such "tales", McRaven has always been different.

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As I said, over the years I've personally known people connected to this house.