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meet go tomago wallpaper

Disney's Big Hero 6 Go Go Tomago Disney Store Exclusive Doll Unboxing Review . Big. Go Go Tomago in Big Hero 6 - This HD Go Go Tomago in Big Hero 6 http:// #6, #Big, #Hero, HD Wallpapers Meet the characters in Big Hero Disney's upcoming action-packed . Disney has released new Big Hero 6 character images featuring crime-fighters Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Fred, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon.

Wasabi voiced by Damon Wayans Jr.

meet go tomago wallpaper

Finally, Damon Wayans Jr. Despite being a fairly huge and bulky man, his expertise is precision and rules, and thus he is the most cautious and reluctant about being a superhero.

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He does eventually adjust to it, though, as Williams points out: This is, all in all, quite literally our biggest chunk of info on Big Hero 6 yet. The cast looks pretty good, and the official, final renders of the characters are all pretty neat. Some still think that Honey still looks a bit like Rapunzel, but overall her design looks good.

We can expect to see Hiro and company in action when the first full trailer debuts tomorro w. Other Characters Oh My Disney also released the cast information but snuck in a few other characters beyond the main Big Hero 6 crime-fighting team.

Other Characters

He is the most illustrious alum of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology and the owner of one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Krei Tech. Yokai No voice actor was given for Yokai, the silent masked man who ultimately becomes the biggest villain in San Fransokyo.

What do you think of the voice cast and info revealed about each of the main characters?

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Before she knows it, however, she finds herself barreling towards the edge of a broken road and drives the team right off the ledge and into the San Fransokyo Bay. Thanks to Baymax, the team survives as he sheds his armor and floats them to the top.

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Cold and wet, Fred leads them to a mansion that he reveals to be his house. Hearing this, Go Go bluntly admits that she figured he lived under a bridge.

After using Baymax to warm up, Go Go and the team listens to Fred as he dramatically reveals that he believes Alistair Krei is the masked man who was chasing them.

Baymax then chimes in, revealing that he scanned the man while they were escaping earlier. Sardonically, Go Go states that even with Baymax's scanner, he'd have to scan everyone in the city until they found a match.

meet go tomago wallpaper

Hiro disagrees, opting instead for the simpler solution of upgrading Baymax's scanner. He then doubles back, saying that if they were really going to try and catch Yokai, all of them would need to be "upgraded. One by one her friends come around and the Big Hero 6 team is born.

meet go tomago wallpaper

Hiro builds each member a specialized suit with unique abilities based off of their latest projects from school. As such, Go Go's battle-suit is accompanied by electromagnetic discs, capable of causing great damage when thrown to a specific target. Being magnetic, the suit also summons the discs back to the armor immediately after coming to contact with the specific target.

Not only that, Go Go can also use the wheels located on her heels to move about with tremendous speed and velocity. Though it takes her a while, Go Go, like the rest of the members, eventually masters her suit's abilities. The group sets off to an abandoned islandwhere Baymax has tracked Yokai's whereabouts via body temperatures and other health-related attributes. Once they arrive, they stumble across an abandoned, sealed off facility, which was once used by tech-guru, Alistair Krei, to build and showcase his latest invention; a teleportation portal.

After a disastrous incident resulting in the supposed death of the test pilot, Abigailthe facility was shut down. This leads the team to believe Krei is the one responsible for the theft of Hiro's Microbots, and that he's trying to rebuild his portal. Just then, Yokai arrives and makes another attempt to exterminate the team.

They successfully escape his attacks and the battle ensues. Whilst Fred and Wasabi are taken down easily, Go Go proves to be a challenge for the masked villain, and the two engage in personal combat.

Throughout the fight, Go Go tries to use her discs to unmask Yokai, but he successfully manages to keep his identity in check, until Hiro intervenes.

Once unmasked, Yokai is revealed to be Professor Callaghan. Callaghan revealed he used Hiro's Microbots to survive the fire, and when Hiro explains that Tadashi had died as a result of his actions, Callaghan coldly retorts by blaming Tadashi for his own demise.

This leads Hiro to order Baymax to murder Callaghan, blinded by fury.

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Go Go is the first to jump into action, ending off a mindless Baymax to save Callaghan's life. Wasabi and Fred assist as well, and in the mix of the chaos, Callaghan escapes. Fortunately, Honey is able to restore Baymax's original programming, to bring the kind bot back to his senses.

Immediately after the incident, Hiro scolds the team for letting Callaghan escape, but Go Go scolds Hiro in return. Calling him out for his murderous actions, the team agreed they never intended to kill Callaghan, rather, bring him to justice.

Go Go Tomago

Hiro fails to listen, completely blinded by the memories of Tadashi's death, and leaves the scene with Baymax, abandoning Go Go and the others on the island. Fortunately, Fred's butler is able to return them to San Fransokyo on the family's helicopter, and the team heads to Hiro's home.

meet go tomago wallpaper

Understanding his actions were only out of despair and he apologizes for his anger taking control of him, Go Go comforts the boy with a hug, promising to take down Callaghan no matter what. Honey then shows Hiro a recording they found back on the island, which reveals Abigail was actually Callaghan's daughter, and his motives are driven by revenge on Alistair Krei. With this new knowledge, the team sets out to Krei's showcase where Callaghan attacks and reveals his plot to destroy both Krei and everything he holds dear to his heart.

The team arrives in the nick of time, and a battle ensues. Annoyed by their interference, Callaghan makes another attempt of disposing of the young heroes, imprisoning Go Go in a metallic bubble made of Microbots, slowly enclosing the space in hopes of crushing her to death. With the rest of the team set to suffer similar fates, they call out to Hiro for help.