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meet journey girls

Journey Girls Dolls. likes · 64 talking about this. The unofficial Facebook page for everything Journey Girls. Journey Girls Dolls are 18" dolls. Journey Girls is an American line of 18" fashion dolls sold by Toys "R" Us. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's general notability guideline. Please . Jordana the newest Journey Girl makes her debut for the Holiday Season! Jordana from Journey Girls at Toys R Us. Jordana arrives in a.

Another shot of Kelsey's pretty eyes and her cute freckles. She even has freckles on her arms and shoulders.

My Journey Girls Dolls Adventures

The marks that were on Kelsey I changed into freckles and then added freckles to her face and shoulders. I did this by using "Bic Mark it, Permanent Markers".

I used the "woodsy brown" and then colored over it with "tiki hut tan". This lightened the brown and made the color a little uneven.

I think it gave it a more natural look. I then took some baking soda and water and washed all of the freckles. This lightened them a little more, making them blend into Kelsey's skin.

Journey Girls

I have to tell you…I was really nervous to do this. I love the way Kelsey looks with her freckles! I added a little nail polish to her toes. I wasn't brave enough to do her fingers. The Journey Girl tag is kind of large.

meet journey girls

I am a bit annoyed by the Journey Girl tag. It can be in the way when you are dressing Kelsey. And it's super huge! I'm tempted to cut it off…but it's important to have on the doll.

meet journey girls

As I mentioned before I am not super excited about Kelsey's outfit, but it is very useful. It has a lot of great components that can be used with other outfits. The jeans are very nice. I wish they had real pockets rather than sewn in ones, but they are still cute. The shoes and headband are great universal pieces that can go with a multitude of other outfits.

The bag is great for shopping or carrying books. I'm sure I will use it in some of Kelsey's adventures. I don't love the jacket…but I don't hate it either. I would like to see a bit more color in Kelsey's outfit. However this does somewhat fit her profile.

I can see her walking around Paris in this outfit, taking in all of the sights. Notice the fabric around the neck line. This is also at the end of the sleeves. I am not sure if it serves a purpose or is just decorative. Kelsey's shirt has the dreaded Velcro up the back. Kelsey is a pale redhead that is adventurous and loves to be outdoors. Dana is the only doll with short hair and glasses; she loves animals and is always trying to help at her local shelter.

Callie is biracial, of Japanese and Mexican descent, she loves to dance, and is the fashion guru of the group. Their clothes differentiate from doll to doll and come with a wide range of accessories. The Journey Girls dolls are released about once a year with a new outfit.

Each year they are realized with a different local in mind. Each line also includes outfits that correspond to the area that the girls are visiting. There are also general accessories that are always available, such as a bike, a sleepover set, a travel set, bunk beds, and a wheelchair set. There are many great things about the Journey Girls, but one of the things that I like is that they are more modern than the American Girl dolls.

Now I know that is part of the charm to the American Girls, but I like that the Journey Girls are a bit more relateable. A description of the girls from the Toys R Us website describes them as: No matter how far apart they are. Journey Girls keep in touch by talking on the phone, emailing, texting and writing postcards. They are a bit skinnier than an American Girl doll. Journey girls measure about 10" at the waist. Their legs are about 8" long and their torso is about 6".

They have beautiful fixed glass eyes and "real" eyelashes. Their hair is rooted.

meet journey girls