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meet new zealand

Discover New Zealand is your one stop shop for all New Zealand tour package needs. See self-drive & independent coach tour experiences to satisfy any. While meeting people can be interesting and fun for its own sake, in New Zealand it can be the key to much more - like finding somewhere to live, a job, a great. Part one of two from this full length short film. This post-war film was made to showcase New Zealand to UK audiences. Directed by Michael Forlong, the NFU film is a booster’s catalogue of contemporary NZ life.

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Meet New Zealand

Since the midterms, he has held calls and met privately with longtime supporters about what a presidential campaign could look like, according to aides. He declared himself "the most qualified person in the country to be president" during an appearance last week in Montana. At a later event in Vermont, he recalled concerns from his dying son, Beau, that "I'd turn inward, that I'd withdraw from public life.

Doug Jones, a devout Biden supporter, said Wednesday that Biden would bring unmatched qualifications to the race. He said Biden has the ability to connect with a range of voters Democrats need to win back the White House inincluding those in less-typically Democratic territory, where President Donald Trump won in He's been doing it for a long, long time, and I'm hoping to see that," Jones said during an interview for The Associated Press' Newsmakers series.

As many as two dozen potential candidates could announce intentions to run for president by early next year. Many of those potential contenders are fresh faces in a party eager to move on from its disastrous performance in Established inDiscover New Zealand was run from a home office in the original owner's garage.

Now part of the New Zealand Fine Touring Group, we are your best choice when it comes to self-drive and independent coach touring around New Zealand. Our extensive range of customisable tours reflect 30 years of experience of tour development and trip planning experience and cater to every traveller's needs. We offer extensive quality travel and tourism information and booking functions. You deserve to deal with people who really know NZ and we are truly the New Zealand travel specialists!

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Trying to find the most exciting and unique activities in New Zealand? We can help you combine your desired travel experiences together into a holiday that you'll be talking about for a long while. We're all about making visiting New Zealand easy.

You'll enjoy access to quality New Zealand travel and tourism information. And you can plan and book your trip to New Zealand on-line or discuss your travel needs directly over the phone with us. Please enjoy your visit to our site and planning your discovery of New Zealand.

meet new zealand

Our experienced Auckland and Wanaka teams are ready and waiting to help you plan and book the New Zealand trip of your dreams. Get in touch today. A band of true New Zealand enthusiasts ready to prepare the best New Zealand experience you could possibly imagine Jane Zwerrenz Born and raised in Germany, the minute I stepped foot onto the shores of Aotearoa I fell in love with the remoteness and diversity.

I have travelled extensively around the world and Wanaka stayed vividly in my memory.

Things to see and do in Cape Reinga, New Zealand

Eventually, I made this lovable southern town my home. John Muir once said: I love to share this passion with visitors and locals alike. I want everyone to see New Zealand through my eyes, to get the same excitement out of what it has to offer; a truly remarkable experience!

With a passion for photography and hiking what better place to come than New Zealand.

8 Ways to Meet People When Travelling Alone in New Zealand - Backpacker Guide New Zealand

I travelled from Auckland to Queenstown and saw everything in between. After spending 2 years in Queenstown I decided to head over the hill and have now bought a house in Wanaka. I look forward to working with you and sharing my experiences to create your perfect holiday. I live for the outdoors whether it be hiking mountains, running and biking trails, swimming lakes…anything that gets my blood pumping and there is always the guarantee of fabulous views whilst doing all this here in the South Island.

meet new zealand

I travelled myself for a number of years and adored every minute of it so I love having the privilege to help you create your perfect travelling experience. I love exploring the outdoors and enjoy skiing, camping and 4wd so our base here in Wanaka is the ideal location for that.

I look forward to working with you and creating your perfect holiday. My favourite spot in New Zealand, after Wanaka of course would have to be Akaroa.

I grew up in Christchurch and just one hour away was Akaroa. My family still has a good old kiwi bach here and spending time with them, bare feet, BBQ dinners, wading in the sea is what it's all about. There are so many spots still like this in New Zealand; untouched pieces of paradise, and getting the chance to share some of these secrets with visitors and hearing about it afterwards still gives me a buzz.