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movie when sally meet

When Harry Met Sally is a American romantic comedy film written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner. It stars Billy Crystal as Harry and Meg. "When Harry Met Sally" is a lighthearted and very very funny film that never gets tiresome no matter how many times it is viewed. Undeniably it's a real classic. Wit- and charm-filled romantic-comedy classic. Read Common Sense Media's When Harry Met Sally review, age rating, and parents guide.

From that point on, the two form a friendship. Eventually their closeness results in their respective best friends played by Carrie Fisher and Bruno Kirby meeting and falling in love with each other.

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At a New Year's Eve party Harry and Sally confront the complex tangle of emotions they feel for each other. Spoilers The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

En route, they discuss whether a man and a woman can be friends, without sex getting in the way. Concluding that they cannot be friends, they part ways upon their arrival.

movie when sally meet

Sally and Harry share a plane flight. Once again, Harry explains why men and women can't be friends, even if they're in relationships with other people. They part ways again once the flight is over.

movie when sally meet

Harry and Sally meet again in a bookstore, and over dinner discuss their lives. Harry is surprised to realize he has a "woman friend", and they go on to have late-night phone conversations about Casablanca, for example, and whether Ingrid Bergman should have stayed with Humphry Bogart at the end of the movievisit museums, and so on.

Sally feels uncomfortable telling Harry she is dating again, but he encourages her to do so, and tells her about his dates.

movie when sally meet

They discuss his relationships with women, and Sally fakes an orgasm at a diner, to prove to him that it can be done, after which another customer director Rob Reiner's mom, Estelle Reiner orders "what she's having". Marie and Jesse end up together.

movie when sally meet

Four months later, Harry and Sally are shopping for Jesse and Marie's upcoming wedding when they bump into Harry's ex-wife. Later, we learn that Sally is now dating Julian Franc Luzwhile Harry is dating Emily Tracy Reinerbut when Sally learns that her ex-boyfriend, Joe, is getting married, she calls Harry in the middle of the night.

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Perhaps it is merely the fact that I don't believe there is much chemistry between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Both of them can be great actors on their own, but when you try and have them kiss romantically it feels so off. I feel as awkward as Harry does after they've slept together. I'm not sure why, but I just don't feel that connection.

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The slow development of their relationship from enemies to friends is totally believable and I am always loving the film through the first two acts. Then in the final act I start to get agitated and want to stop watching. Perhaps where I continually find myself getting frustrated with this movie is the fact that Harry posits that a guy and a girl cannot be just friends.

movie when sally meet

It's a difficult argument to swallow, but he makes it quite compelling. Then over the course of the film we start to see that perhaps Harry is wrong and it can be done. They have an amazing relationship as friends, and it is so much fun to watch them connecting on that level.