Msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

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Photos from the Auto Owners MSU Spartan XC Invitational sponsored by Playmakers on September 16, in East Lansing, Michigan. Photography of Michigan races, track & field, cross country. Prints and __/ Michigan Runner - March / April Issue - Online Now .. playmakers/ .. MSU Auto Owners Spartan Invitational, East Lansing, MI. Last Friday the girls and boys HMS Cross Country team had great weather and CC team on their performances at the MSU Playmakers Invitational on Friday. Livingston Daily RELAY FOR LIFE SCHEDULE HARTLAND-Hartland.

Where did they all go? Team Qualifiers plus Michigan athletes 1. What is the oldest continuously-held road race in the United States? A couple studies on running crossed my eyes recently. Hundreds of others regarding running have seen print over the Scott Hubbard years. You can do a minimum and derive health benefits, while increasing amounts will yield faster racing times over longer distances. Photo courtesy of Scott Hubbard.

Fifteen months ago in NovemberMt. The NCAA allowed the game to be played earlier than the normal season starting date for special circumstances: Lauren Hill, shown in the picture, was dealing with a brain tumor and the outlook was grim. Despite this, her spirit and determination to get on with life was infectious. Hiram drew deserving cheers and tears, including mine. She went on to score 10 points that season.

Her life and passing have stayed with me. I think about her spirit and will regularly. Her memory always lifts me.

Lauren Hill, this was a woman! Headed out on my traditional mile Dec. Two miles along, I sensed something and pulled off the road. Pressed a finger into the back tire; dang! With the tire pumped up, I saw movement to my left. It was a young woman in a long-sleeve shirt and shorts with an earplug in one hand, mouthing something.

I rode into Holly and eased up for folks strolling through Battle Alley in the historic downtown. Another mile north, I passed a horse-drawn carriage full of passengers headed south. Traffic is always lighter on this day and I felt calm, in no hurry. Finished with the sun sitting on the horizon. It was a good day.

2016 MSU Spartan XC Invitational

I got drawn out of my own little world the next day, and again Holly was involved. In the city limits a van passed me with its passenger window down.

A young fellow said something vile. A minute later at the main intersection, I turned to my right and saw a young man rolling along in a wheelchair with his friend walking behind. In those minutes, feelings of vulnerability and anger contrasted with thoughts of perspective and relative import.

msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

This, while riding a bike. That put a smile on my face. Sea to Shining Sea. My partner for the day was Doug Weir from the Grand Rapids area. It became a long day, yet went by quickly since the track meet was happening all around us all day. I picked up a lot of 35 pound weights and shot puts along with kneeling down to read the tape for measurements. There was lots of cheering going on as the runners ran by in different events. Reminded me of my track and field days competing all those years with teams of various sorts.

The meets are where we experienced lots of comaraderie and fun; it was always like family. We were the last event to get done. Trine University was the conference champs and they were celebrating in the fieldhouse as we left. It was great day to be officiating at a first-ever indoor championship.

I drove around the acre campus and checked out that football stadium without a track. Interesting-- football is king even though it loses money hand over fist and other sports are left in the dust. Got to my hotel and called it a night. Drove over to Portage about 15 miles from my hotel.

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I was a pacer for the walkers the first year when the temperature was around the zero mark when we started. The race started and ended at Portage High School. The race also included a 5K and a 10K. A big crowd was in the school waiting for the start. I signed up and got ready to run.

msu playmakers cross country meet 2015

It was a fantastic day for running since it was 45 degrees at 8 am. We all go out the start and the announcer says that if they added up all the temperatures from the first three years it wouldn't add up to today's temperature.

This winter has been a true abnormality. The gun goes off and we run the first three miles through a neighborhood.

Then we go through a park onto a bike path along the road up to 5. Next the course take us through a small park and bike path, then on the road at 6. Finally, we are on a bike path and park the rest of the way, which was nicest part of the race. The last three quarters of a mile were uphill and across the Portage High School parking lot.