Photos nato tiger meet 2011 chevrolet

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photos nato tiger meet 2011 chevrolet

Image detail for -WWII World War 2 Aircraft Nose Art Pictures, Noseart Photos and at the Anniversary NATO Tiger Meet - Photo by Katsu Tokunaga. Find this. Nato Tiger Meet Words and photography by Vincent Loedeman, Video by Jan Loedeman. From May 9th - 20th, only 7 months after the NTM, the. Julian Saether by amcarleksvik. Ford Fairlane 2dht Plymouth Scamp 2dht Chevrolet Standard Chevrolet Impala 4dht. 21 photos.

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photos nato tiger meet 2011 chevrolet

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photos nato tiger meet 2011 chevrolet

First early warning aircraft and tankers position themselves into their orbits. Then the COMAO package follows them into the holding areas and forms up to a compact formation after air-to-air refueling, before leaving the push points into hostile territory.

In front fighters act as sweep, to clear the route from red force fighters. In trail fighter bombers attack defined key-targets, such as bridges, railroad yards, airfields or command and communication facilities close to the frontline or further back in hostile territory.

They are escorted by own fighters that works in a dual role. If necessary they can defend the formation as fighters, but their other task as fighter bomber is to drop their weapons on the targets. Last but not least reconnaissance aircraft overfly the attacked targets to make an immediate damage assessment, besides electronic communication and radar jammers that are in the area all the time to saturate hostile communications.

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Furthermore helicopter operations with CSAR tasks are conducted to rescue downed aircrews, free hostages or evacuate own troops with Special Forces.

The Mission has to be analyzed and debriefed. Together all participants collect the data to reconstruct the Big Picture.

Shots are claimed and analyzed and the results are presented on over sized screens in the auditorium at the Mass Debriefing. At the end of the debriefing Lesson learned are summed up to improve future operations. Not only the excellent food and the on-base accommodation were the basis for a good exercise, but also the multinational cooperation, the large exercise area, and the professionalism of the Norwegian hosts guaranteed the success of the exercise.

For my Tornado crews the participation on the NATO Tiger Meet creates a lot of additional motivation, since it is one of the few remaining opportunities get complex training and gather experience in an international surrounding. This was his last as active personnel before he retires.

Julian Saether

He was honoured in front of the assembled participants with a slide show showing a younger Gilbert. Finally, as an acknowledgement of the maintenance troops contributions over the years, the advisors decided to present the Special Tiger Spirit Award to the Kleine Brogel Crew Chiefs as the longest serving and most recognizable ground crew unit over the many years.

photos nato tiger meet 2011 chevrolet

Lechfeld Tornado crew source: The awards in the other sub categories went to: It is a big advantage that every year more or less the same squadrons train together. Such an exercise already starts on a much higher level as comparable other air exercises, where the squadrons do not know each other at the beginning. The focus of the NTM has to be operational and realistic training as much as possible and the continuous update of the exercise scenarios.

We hope to get even more participants from the Tiger community and also external units from Army and Navy that augment the whole exercise.