Place where 3 roads meet oedipus play

place where 3 roads meet oedipus play

No natives, at a spot where three roads meet. Jocasta: Phocis the land is called; the spot is where. Branch roads from Delphi and from Daulis meet. Oedipus. Oedipus killed King Laius at a place "where three roads meet," or a triple crossroad. Typically, crossroads symbolize a choice to be made. Yet because the . Sep 6, Where Oedipus killed his father Laius, the roads from Thebes, Delphi and But it's a pity that the crossroad referred to by Sophocles in Oedipus King is Delphi and Daulis the roads in the myth, meeting at the crossroads. That crossroads is perhaps the place which, in all the world, best represents three.

place where 3 roads meet oedipus play

Crisis hitting hard However the indications I have for finding the site of the crime are vague: So I stop my car at a large bar at the roadside, buy a bottle of water and ask the youth who serves me for information. He doesn't mind spending a bit of time with me, as the place is empty, and he complains that the crisis is hitting tourism hard this year. The Greeks, especially, have stayed at home, he says. As an example he tells me of his own situation: But when they came to get the boat ticket, they discovered that just three to four hours on the ferry with their car would cost over euro.

So they gave up the idea. But then, more seriously, he admits the Greeks too have a share in the responsibility. However, while I talk to him about Laius and Oedipus, I have the distinct feeling that he has never heard of them, if not in vague terms. Yes, there is, he says, towards Delphi, a place of that name, but he only knows it for the taverns he goes to there with his friends. The crossroads The monument Photo F.

Polacco I leave him to the solitude of his bar and decide to try one of those taverns. It's nearly dinner time but they are dishearteningly empty. An elderly lady approaches me: Overhearing our conversation a middle-aged cook, who's preparing the meat for the evening grill, comes out smiling while he sharpens two large knives, one against the other.

Finally someone who knows. It's further down, on the right.

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Now I remember this name! They are from Thebes, Delphi and Daulis the roads in the myth, meeting at the crossroads. Thus after a few minutes I turn into a narrow, asphalted road, deserted and surrounded by rugged hills supporting goats. I recognise the crossroads as if I had already been there and observe the monument built of many stones, which records the event.

It's modest, but behind it rises the enormous mass of the Parnassus, the mountain sacred to Apollo and whose cliffs house the Oracle. I stop to reread Sophocles' lines, take a few photos and savour the landscape before the sun sets. No-one is there, no sign of human presence or visitors. He could ignore the prophecy.

place where 3 roads meet oedipus play

He goes back to his adopted parents and remains Prince of Corinth. Secondly, he holds his temper although Laius and his entourage antagonize him.

This results in no murders and fights. Oedipus continues his journey while Laius returns to his kingdom. Then it comes down to the final option which Oedipus kills Laius and most of his entourage. These three paths emphasize the various ways Oedipus's life may turn out.


Then again, these three roads may also allude to Oedipus's life but in terms of time. Each of the roads may represent the past, present, and future. The crossroad is ultimately where the past, present, and future collide with each other. The past finally catches up with the present as Laius and Oedipus meet again. Once Oedipus loses his temper, he embarks on the road to his future.

The crossroads of Oedipus and the present Greek dilemma

Furthermore, the number three can come down to the circumstances of Oedipus's birth. This may be the reason why three is such a symbolic number. The unraveling of the prophecy begins to unfold after the exile of Oedipus. Hypothetically, we can assume three is an extremely significant number. After Oedipus's abandonment, the number three arises in several points of the play. Look back to the previously mentioned hypothetical connotations.

These connotations occur when Oedipus grows up. His birth parents' rejection eventually releases a chain of events to play out in his life. Consequently, my interpretation of the symbol of the crossroads changes my earlier perceptions of the play. There are suspicions that the prophecy comes true especially when Tiresias the blind prophet proclaims " the killer you are seeking for " is Oedipus Sophocles I infer Oedipus has been condemned to lead the life in accordance to the prophecy.

There are no ways out of this disastrous situation. Fate is undoubtedly irreversible and rigid with no loopholes.

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Then the symbol of the crossroad sparks some hope and assumptions of changing the prophecy. If we take in account the three paths, we can spur three distinctive outcomes. What if Oedipus indeed went home after hearing the oracle? He would have gone back to his kingdom and eventually rise as King of Corinth.

He and Laius may not meet ever again.


If they did, it might not be under the predicted circumstances. If Oedipus did not retaliate in anger to the driver, an altercation would not result in Laius's death. In the event of Laius's survival, no marriage takes place between Jocasta and Oedipus.

Oedipus would have never gone towards Thebes. All of these "what ifs" questions could alter the original story. I keep in mind that the unfortunate fate of Oedipus likely could be prevented.

However, it brings into question whether there are alternative paths in this play. After the revelation of Oedipus truly being the lost son, it is odd to hint possibilities of alternative paths earlier. Oedipus indeed makes a momentous decision at the crossroad, but it is the one he is predestined.

place where 3 roads meet oedipus play

The basis of the play is that no matter how many attempts, it is futile to escape fate. The oracle's predictions carry out despite efforts to find loopholes.

In the end, every bit of the prophecy is fulfilled. The symbol of the crossroad falsely implies that Oedipus has several choices. This makes the readers ponder what is the reasoning behind this symbol.