Pony meet polska mapa

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pony meet polska mapa

Saddle up for fun friendship and adventure with all of the most popular ponies in Equestria in the free official game based on the phenomenal MLP TV show!. The Cutie Map - Part 1, also formatted The Cutie Map, Part 1 and also called Cutie The two stallions decide to take the ponies to meet the village's founder. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about My Little Pony: TS in Time. Download My Little Pony: TS in Time and enjoy it on.

The castle suddenly comes alive to construct an elaborate holographic map of Equestria. Floating images of the Mane Six's cutie marks point toward a location far off from Ponyville, and the six friends believe that the map is beckoning them in that direction.

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As Spike stays behind to plan a hoofball weekend with Big McIntoshTwilight and her friends set out on a road trip. Village of odd smiles The mysterious village. After riding the Friendship Express to the end of the line, the Mane Six find a village in the middle of nowhere, where all of the houses—with the exception of one—are arranged in two parallel rows.

The ponies cautiously approach the village and discover that all of the ponies living in it bear strangely perpetual smiles which raises Pinkie Pie 's immediate suspicion and have exactly the same cutie mark: As they enter the village, the Mane Six are warmly greeted by the villagers, much to Fluttershy 's delight.

Two stallions named Party Favor and Double Diamond meet them personally, noticing that Twilight is an Alicorn princess and that they all have unique cutie marks. Twilight asks if there has been any trouble in town lately, of which Double Diamond states there hasn't ever been any.

The two stallions decide to take the ponies to meet the village's founder Starlight Glimmer. Starlight Glimmer Banded by equality. At Starlight's cottage, the Mane Six are introduced to Starlight Glimmer, who happily welcomes any pony that wants to experience what she calls "true friendship. Starlight gives the ponies a tour of the village in a big musical numberduring which she explains that harmony in the village in predicated on equality—no one is special, no one argues, and everyone is equal.

When the song ends, Starlight and the villagers invite Twilight and her friends to join their society and give up their cutie marks—a sentiment and philosophy that Rainbow Dash openly mocks. The others are equally skeptical, and Starlight leaves their decision to stay or not entirely up to them.

As Double Diamond sees to the Mane Six's needs, Starlight walks away, eager to spread her sinister message of equality to the rest of Equestria.

pony meet polska mapa

Big Brony is watching you As the six friends continue to take in what the village has to offer, Twilight finds it inconceivable that a pony's cutie mark can be taken away. Rarity is repulsed by their questionable fashions, and Rainbow Dash is uncomfortable with their constant staring; Fluttershy is the only one keeping an open mind. Meeting away from watchful eyes.

pony meet polska mapa

The friends sit down for lunch, and a baker named Sugar Belle notices them bickering, asking if their friendship is ending. They explain to Sugar Belle that it's natural for friends to disagree; this, coupled by the Mane Six's unique cutie marks, earns Sugar Belle's interest.

pony meet polska mapa

She asks them to meet with her in private after they have lunch. Thinking that they're being watched, Twilight and the others have Pinkie Pie eat Sugar Belle's horrible tasting muffins and nonchalantly enter Sugar Belle's house. When Twilight asks how a cutie mark is taken away, Night Glider explains that Starlight Glimmer removes them with the "Staff of Sameness" and stores them in a cavern vault. The cutie mark vault Starlight showing the Mane Six the cutie mark vault.

Starlight Glimmer leads the Mane Six outside the village, pleased by their interest in the cutie mark vault. Twilight believes that the castle map brought them to the village in order to return the villagers' cutie marks.

Inside a cave, they discover a large collection of cutie marks stored inside glass casings and a two-pronged staff standing upright. Starlight asks the ponies how they learned about the vault, and Pinkie Pie inadvertently reveals that a pony in the village told them about it.

pony meet polska mapa

Realizing that the friends' presence is a threat to her perfect society, Starlight springs a trap on them, and the villagers surround them. Using the Staff of Sameness, Starlight rips the Mane Six's cutie marks from their bodies, replacing them with black equal signs and causing the Mane Six's body colors to fade, and places the cutie marks in the vault.

With the ponies now stripped of their talents, Starlight says they'll learn how much better their lives will be without cutie marks. Ponyville hospital is also featured in My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries Issue 1. In The Last RoundupApplejack boards a train that takes her to Canterlot; and in Over a Barrelthe main characters take a pony-pulled train to Appleloosa.

Unlike that train, the trains in Season 2 are powered by steam engines. The main characters travel by train to the Crystal Empire to participate in a welcoming committee for the Equestria Games inspector. Friends Forever Issue Ponyville Mysteries Issue 3. Friendship is Magic Issue 70 features Retirement Village again.

Pony Island

Ponyville Tower The clock tower. Ponyville's clock tower is visible from the front of Fluttershy 's cottage. Ponyville Theater The Ponyville theater. A building in which theatrical productions are performed. Cutie Mark Crusaders Clubhouse Main article: She says it's "on a secluded, private part of the farm," but the Crusaders express their dismay at its decrepit state.

Apple Bloom fixes the broken shutters, sands off the splinters, rebuilds the roof, and repaints the clubhouse.

Later in the episode, the Crusaders practice their talent show routine in the clubhouse. The clubhouse is used again in Hearts and Hooves Day when the Crusaders make a card for their teacher, Miss Cheerilee.

The club house is decorated specifically for that event, with rainbow streamers and posters of Rainbow Dash on the walls. Castle of Friendship Main article: School of Friendship Main article: School of Friendship The School of Friendship.

The Cutie Map - Part 1

It is attended by an assortment of characters, including ponies such as Pizzelle and Sandbar and non-ponies such as GallusSilverstreamOcellusYonaand Smolder. Market stalls sell apples, pies, drinks, cooking utensils, books, and vegetables corn, potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes being the most prominent. Applejack 's family run their own stall cart, with at least one adult family member operating it to sell their apples. A stall selling soap is seen in Feeling Pinkie Keen.

Sweet Apple Acres Main article: In that episode, Twilight Sparkle meets the farm's residents for the first time and is introduced to the extended Apple family at an Apple family reunion.

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In Applebuck SeasonApplejack attempts to harvest all the apples from the farm's orchards by herself, but becomes tired and disorientated from lack of sleep. In Winter Wrap UpPonyville's citizens work together to plant seeds at the farm. In The Super Speedy Cider Squeezythe Flim Flam Brothers arrive at the farm and try to overtake the Apple family's traditional apple cider business, but are kicked out when their automated apple-squeezing machine produces sub-par cider compared to the Apple family's homemade cider.

In Spike at Your ServiceSpike counts "twenty-four million, five hundred and sixty-seven thousand, eight hundred and thirty seven" blades of grass at Sweet Apple Acres. Sugarcube Corner Main article: Sugarcube Corner Sugarcube Corner. Sugarcube Corner is a confectionery shop run by Mr. Cake and Pinkie Pie. Although not specified on-screen, Lauren Faust stated that Pinkie Pie is an employee and tenant of the Cake couple, and rents the loft area of the building as her home.

The two upper stories look like stacked cupcakes and are topped with candle-shaped lights.

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In Party of OnePinkie and her friends have a party in the upper floor, which has been decked out with streamers, balloons, confetti, and party decor. The front room on the ground floor is the store area for customers.

The bakery's kitchen is in the back of the shop, as seen in Applebuck Season when Applejack is helping Pinkie Pie bake cupcakes. The building's chimneys look like purple rock-candy pillars, and a sign with a picture of a cupcake hangs from one corner of the building.

pony meet polska mapa

Day Spa Main article: A day spa, first featured in Bridle Gossipis apparently run by the spa poniesone of whom, Lotus Blossom, speaks with an accent. The spa can be seen during long shots as being on the perimeter of the town square, next to the joke shop.

At the beginning of Green Isn't Your ColorRarity apologizes to Fluttershy for being late to one of their weekly get-togethers, and requests "the usual" regimen from the Spa ponies. Twilight and Spike spend a day at the spa in Castle Sweet Castlewhile Twilight's friends redecorate her castle.

In Applejack's "Day" OffRarity and Applejack attempt to spend some time in the spa, but Applejack would rather fix a few things first. Golden Oak Library Main article: The library is the setting for many scenes throughout the series. In Feeling Pinkie KeenTwilight brings Pinkie into the library's basement, which is full of test tubes and scientific equipment.