Prime minister of india press meet nandita

Andhra CM to meet PM Modi over 'special status' | India News - Times of India

prime minister of india press meet nandita

The story: In Mumbai on May 31, Solheim will join the Chief Minister Chief will travel to meet with KT Rama Rao, Cabinet Minister for the Opportunity: UN Environment is inviting members of the press to join and cover Solheim's visit. Nandita Surendran: + 91 ; [email protected] Nandita is married to Ashok Nanda, a software engineer and Namita is He is the first and thus far, only, bachelor Prime Minister of India. . for the BJP to push items like building the Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir in Ayodhya, Vajpayee expressed his anger and frustration at being blamed and at a high-level party meeting. Honorable Prime Minister, Government of India. Cc. The Prime Minister's Office, 25 May SUBJECT: The United Nations High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis – September . Nandita Venkatesan, Journalist and TB Advocate, Touched by TB. Niraj Sinha, State Shobha Shukla, Citizen News Service (CNS).

PM Imran Khan Talk With Indian Journalist – 30th November 2018

Other invitees are heading to Karachi without you. That is their choice. All my life I've fought all my battles on my own.

UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim arrives in India for World Environment Day celebrations

If I was in their place I wouldn't go. That doesn't mean Barkha Dutt or Nandita Das should feel the same way.

prime minister of india press meet nandita

But we can't hold grudges. It is sad, however, that someone like Nandita Das says I didn't have the common sense to apply for a visa. What sort of solidarity can I expect from someone who says something like this? Do I need to get lessons in common sense from her?

prime minister of india press meet nandita

Apparently you didn't apply for a visa. But I wasn't supposed to! Even Nandita Das and the other delegates didn't apply for it. But their No Objection Certificates came; mine didn't.


They had problems with only my NOC. Is it because you have been speaking up against those who are talking about intolerance and returning their national awards?

prime minister of india press meet nandita

I've also spoken up strongly whenever terror attacks have happened in our country, blaming Pakistan for the attacks. Yeh toh duniya jaanti hai the world knows it. Yet I wanted to go to Karachi for a direct interaction with Pakistan's people.

At such events, one can address issues in a non-political atmosphere. Should we continue with biryani politics with Pakistan? Besides a large appetite, India has a very large heart. We accept and welcome Pakistani singers and actors.

prime minister of india press meet nandita

People from Bollywood should go to Pakistan. Some of them have historical roots in that part of the world from undivided India. The official is subsequently subjected to hostile questioning. While the government may be gleeful, the citizens are poorer as the government is using intimidation to cover up information it does not want leaked.

Mute Modi: Why Is the PM Terrified of Holding Even a Single Press Conference?

This clearly is a PM who truly believes that he is above institutional scrutiny whether from the media or citizens. A watchful eye Modi has also discontinued the practice of the prime minister having a press advisor who used to be a point person for the media.

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Before Modi, all prime ministers, including Atal Behari Vajpayee, had a senior journalist or an official as press advisor. Now the media has no clue as to whom to call in the PMO. A trusted Modi aide has been deployed even in the Central Hall of Parliament where journalists earlier had access to members of parliament and ministers.

prime minister of india press meet nandita

Clearly those so openly watched and listed now avoid journalists for dear life. Gujarat journalists who have covered Modi as chief minister are not remotely surprised. They say Modi employed similar methods in Gandhinagar to completely freeze the press out. Modi also ensured that the assembly barely met and that even when sessions were on, they were hardly attended.

The current truncated winter session is a testament to this. The winter session was truncated because Modi and his entire team was busy campaigning in Gujarat. The trouble is that no questions are tolerated or allowed in this one way spiel.