Saint jacques de compostelle train youtube meet

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saint jacques de compostelle train youtube meet

Présentation du nouveau bassin de l'EPCOL à Saint-Denis-de-l'Hotel (45) - Duration: 3 minutes, 22 seconds. FFPParachutisme. views; 2 years ago. . Sur le Chemin de Compostelle on se des amis de St Jacques de Compostelle It includes a built heritage of historical importance created to meet the needs of .. . le train .jusqu'à la frontière italienne. See our YouTube videos to get a feel for the route: . Les Chemins De Saint Jacques De Compostelle En Europe - a map showing all the routes to Several times we booked in a gite just to meet other pilgrims and found we were the only ones there. . Note: there is train service in Oloron to Pau, etc.

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We didn't call Castres till night before, and couldn't find a place. Our gite host then called for us the next morning, and amazingly enough, found a place for us at a hotel that we had called and got a "complet" response. We booked a couple of days ahead for Toulouse, and a good thing, since we got there in mid afternoon, and all the hotels we saw, including ours had "complet" signs on the door.

Since our French is poor, we first called miam miam dodo places with an English spoken flag, but muddled thru in French if no English sites. We couldn't handle places that just had an answering machine in French. We did not book at pilgrim minimum cost accommodations if others were available, thinking those should be reserved for those going all the way to Santiago.

Accident train espagne Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle 24/07/2013 crash

Several times we booked in a gite just to meet other pilgrims and found we were the only ones there. Another time the muni gite was full and they put us into an overflow gite, and we met maybe six other pilgrims.

We saw few to no people walking during the day. There was a group of five French women who always seemed to find some unlisted place to stay, but our French wasn't up to that. Robert of the "Solitary Walker" blog told us he usually walked into a place without reservations, and found a place, but he was staying at the lowest cost church based or municipal based facilities.

Spiral Lift

Incidently, it turned out that Robert and I were both following Rebekah's Moratinos blog moratinoslife. GR and Phones For the first time we carried a cell phone.

I ordered an unlocked quad band gsm phone online, and bought a Orange sim card and Orange recharge card from a France Telecom store in Paris. That gave me about 50 euros of time. I had to add about 15 Euros later. It was very useful for this trip.

saint jacques de compostelle train youtube meet

One problem - the charger. I fully charged the battery at home. After about a week in France, I tried to recharge it, and the charger failed. We finished the walking part of our trip on the original charge to the battery. For the last night, we had to ask our host to phone ahead for us. When we got back to Paris for the return home, I asked the hotel if they had a spare charger.

They brought out a box, and one matched my phone, so I am ok for next year. When you buy a sim card in France, they will need a local address.

saint jacques de compostelle train youtube meet

We just gave them the name and address of our hotel and that was ok with them. The last few trips we have just ordered a sim card from www. It is helpful to get the tourist map of the city. In case of the larger cities there are sometimes two maps - the town center and a larger area map.

Backpack45 Arles GR Via Tolosana Route Page

Get both and use your guidebook to trace your route out of the city ahead of time. As I get time, I will post the links to the appropriate city maps below. The CFSJ guide is a little jaded about cities, talks about dull walks thru suburbs.

That may be true for Europeans, but for us, any walk thru a European city is interesting and the ones on the GR were no exception.