Serbian women to meet american

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serbian women to meet american

Interested in meeting and dating Serbian women? Don't go to This is definitely not America with its no-strings-attached culture. Traditional. Results 1 - 14 of 14 Meet the most beautiful Serbian women. Serbian brides. Hundreds of photos and profiles of women seeking romance, love and marriage. Serbian women are generally considered some of the the hottest in the world. Learn one expat's inside secrets to meeting these Balkan beauties.

I would suggest avoiding New Belgrade Novi Beogradwhich is a newly built, pretty nice residential area on the opposite side of the Sava river. It may be great for locals and the quality of flats will be way better — but it does not allow a real traveler to experience the city properly.

serbian women to meet american

Unless you fall for a tourist trap or make it a mission to find a Michelin starred restaurant good luck, bro I see little reason to EVER spend more than dinars US dollars on any single meal.

SIM cards and internet data, a necessary tool for any seasoned traveler, are almost insultingly cheap in Serbia: Topping it up with another gig will set you back a couple dollars — so no reason to ever worry about using all your data or connecting it to your laptop as a WiFi Hotspot.

I recommend sticking to VIP Mobile https: Avoid buying your SIM in street kiosks and head to the official shops instead — where workers will be friendly and professional and will help you in good English!

Public transportation is very limited so I pretty much avoided it — but locals usually just jump in and out the city buses without paying for a ticket something which will shock many visitors. As in many of other less developed countries, taxisin Belgrade can be hit or miss. I personally only had one bad experience when I boarded an unofficial taxi, but I called the driver on his bullshit and after a couple of back and forth insults we reached a reasonable agreement.

Koliko Kosta se [Destination]? Should be enough broken Serbian to get the driver wondering how up to date you are with local taxi fares. Ever since I got back from my 5 week experience in Belgrade, lots of people have asked me whether they should visit or not. Because of how Serbian society works, Belgrade is a city that works much better for social butterflies than introverts.

From personal experience living in countries like the UK and the US I learned most social interactions there have a heavily transactional feel to it.

Imagine a club in most western countries. A guy who starts an interaction with other men there is usually either trying to impose himself as looking cool, or simply trying to leech value from them objective: This is simply not the style in cities like Belgrade, and people men and women alike can smell it from miles away. Demeaning other men, acting all hard and macho or treating others as if you were superior to them yes, this includes bartenders is not the way to go.

A real human, and not an act. You like simple, yet filling food think meats, soups, veggies and bread — and try their delicious Cevapi. You like going out at night — and are willing to dance huge advantage!

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You prefer high quality interactions and adventures with women rather than quantity of notches — Serbian women will NOT be easy see below. There are tons of different coffee shops and restaurants. In some countries approaching is easier because of eye contact especially Ukraine and Russia. In Serbia, however, you will almost never receive eye contact I almost never did.

serbian women to meet american

If I waited for eye contact in Serbia, I would never meet a single girl and get laid. Generally, women go out to party and drink with groups of friends, people they already know. When you go out, you will notice big groups of people consisting of men and women. Unfortunately, unlike American or British bars where people are typically standing up and talking to each other—and looking to meet others.

In Serbia, people typically go out with those they already know. This makes it hard to meet people at night. An exception is to visit a club targeted to foreigners.

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It will be much easier to meet women in the clubs than in the bars. When going to the clubs, make sure to dress sharp. A fitted suit with or without a tie is an option, but you can also wear a nice jacket, a good shirt with a nice pair of jeans. Thus, if you know a thing or two about Latin dances, this would be the very first place I would check out. Meeting women online Meeting women online is a true-tested mechanism and is popular pretty much anywhere in the world.

Obviously one of the most popular ways to meet women is via Tinder, an app through which you can meet women from Argentina to Zimbabwe and anywhere in between. In my experience, Tinder has generally worked really well in Serbia. As soon as I got a match, I would send her a quick message.

If she replied, I would try to add her on either Viber or WhatsApp, two of the most popular apps, the former being very popular in the region. This is exactly what I did in Ukraineand has generally worked very well. After that, I would immediately try to arrange a date.

serbian women to meet american

If you ask a girl out on chat, she automatically assumes you mean the same day or tonight. Chances are, your first point of contact will be Belgrade.

serbian women to meet american

Belgrade is an awesome city. When I was there, there were several buildings that were completely destroyed and gutted. I think the government decided against preparing them to show the world how a European country was bombed by other European nations. Belgrade is divided by the river Danube. To the north of the river, you have the neighborhood of New Belgrade, a mostly residential neighborhood without much action. The center, and where most of the action takes place, is actually to the south of the river.

This is an ideal area of the city to rent an apartment. There are tons of great little coffee shops, restaurants and unique shops for you to check out.

Another big city is Novi Sad in the northern Vojvodina region. Vojvodina is completely different from Belgrade and Southern Serbia. The women there have lighter skin tones and, in my opinion, are more approachable than women in both Belgrade in the Southern region. I took a day trip to Novi Sad from Belgrade. I did about five approaches and got four numbers. The last girl was genuinely scared of some foreigner approaching her. The southern region is much more traditional and conservative owing to the fact that it was ruled by the Ottomans for many years.

Women are typically much more conservative and family-oriented in the South than in both Belgrade and Northern Serbia.

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The food Owing to its long history and pleasant weather, Serbia makes for a great culinary destination. The first thing I noticed is the heavy influence of Arabic and Turkish cuisine.

Meat is also a big deal in Serbia.

serbian women to meet american

In fact, during my sojourn in Belgrade, it appeared that meat was the only thing I ate. One of my favorite restaurants was an outdoor joint in the center that served amazing meat.

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I once ordered a plate of meat, thinking that it would be of modest size and that I would need to order something else later on. I remember eating, eating and eating and still not seeing the bottom of that plate. When to visit Serbia Unlike Eastern EuropeSerbia is blessed with a much warmer climate and longer summers.

There are still four basic seasons: My first trip to Belgrade was in the winter; February to be exact. The city was covered with snow like a typical Eastern European capital.

My second trip to Belgrade was in late September, several years later. I had just spent the summer in St. While the summer in Russia was pleasant, as soon as September hit, the temperatures rapidly dropped and the skies turned from bright sunny to cloudy.

Not to mention that people became groggier and unfriendlier. The Russian winter was just around the corner. So, I grabbed a flight to Belgrade, Serbia. It also helped my Airbnb apartment had a beautiful garden area where I was having breakfast every morning. It was a far cry from St.