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skynet movie meet

Here, we unravel the (highly confusing, often contradictory) events of Terminators one to five – and explore how the next film, which will see the. With the machines' defence grid smashed, Skynet's response is to send a Connor and train her into the rock-hard survivalist we meet in the new timeline. Basically, Skynet's daddy is the terminator from the first movie. before she could meet this man, did the one thing that Skynet never could do.

Skynet must decide not to send back the terminator to kill John Connor. Skynet is not stupid.

The Terminator timeline: a guide for the (understandably) confused

In fact, it is very smart. And, as we learn in Salvation, it is capable of radical thinking. And because he would fail, John Connor is never born, and Skynet never loses the war.

skynet movie meet

Actually, not at all. Remember that first paradox? Forget everything the movies teach you after the first five minutes or so of the first Terminator.

skynet movie meet

What do we know happened before there was any time-travel, before anyone went back in time to kill or save another person? We know that someone named John Connor existed. And we know that the real John Connor, the one that defeated the machines and caused them to send back the T to kill him, was not the son of Kyle Reese.

The Terminator timeline: a guide for the (understandably) confused

He was fathered by a completely different man, a man that Sarah Connor met at a point in her life when she did not know there would be a Judgment Day, a man who helped to mold John Connor into the warrior he would become. And that means that Kyle Reese, by intercepting and impregnating Sarah Connor before she could meet this man, did the one thing that Skynet never could do. He killed John Connor. Oh sure, Sarah got pregnant and she named her son John, just as the person from the future told her she should do.

He believes that he is supposed to lead the Resistance because the real John Connor did. People believe in him because of what a man who never came to exist accomplished in an alternate timeline. By doing the most logical thing and not sending back the terminator to kill John Connor, Skynet is destroying itself.

'Terminator Genisys': The franchise timeline, explained

Salvation, Skynet will do the only thing that makes sense. By making this decision, Skynet ensures that Kyle Reese will never go back in time, either.

And that means that John Connor will be born in the situation he should be born in, and that the real Connor will rise to lead the Resistance and defeat Skynet. Perhaps that is how the world ends, with Skynet locked in a paradox.

skynet movie meet

But it is also possible that Skynet is simply creating new timelines in the multiverse. And in each one, Skynet is destroyed.

skynet movie meet

It would seem that in the Terminator universe, not only is judgment day inevitable, but so too is the victory of the human race. Come with me if you want to live. Sign up for my email list!

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The Terminator timeline is the timeline that leads to the events in The Terminator. Contents [ show ] Paradox issues The story in The Terminator contains several causality loops, some of which are self-consistent non-paradoxes, and some of which are not self-consistent, and could be considered predestination paradox or bootstrap paradox.

A few issues are presented in short here: The most confused and debatable event in The Terminator and the whole franchise concerns the birth of John Connorthe future leader of the Resistance. The question is raised: How can the older John Connor send back Kyle Reese, his own father? It is also revealed that Kyle is the one who mentions the name John as Sarah's future son, which makes her name her son John Connor.

The remaining parts of the T created Skynet. Judgment Day it is revealed by the T that the parts from Cyberdyne Systems factory were analyzed and Skynet and cyborgs were created through reverse engineering. Miles Dyson stated that the technology in the parts was so advanced that no human would be able to invent the technology.

This leads to the conclusion that Skynet created itself by sending back the T in this movie. It can be argued that Miles Dyson's statement may be more of a personal opinion, rather than a true fact. Humans may very well invent the technology, but with the parts, the creation of Skynet and Judgment Day would occur earlier.