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south dorset hunt meet dates

On this website, you can find out all about the work I do on behalf of my Whether you wish to contact me with a particular problem, keep up to date with my. We are a dedicated and friendly hunt on the Wilts/Hants/Dorset border. Much of our country is in the stunning Cranborne Chase Area of Outstanding Natural. The South and West Wilts is one of the oldest foxhound packs in England, founded by the 5th The country lies in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset between Wylye, Fovant, Shaftesbury, Hounds meet on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The three defendants claimed to have been legitimately trail hunting and that the pursuit of the foxes was accidental. They had each been found guilty at Harborough Magistrates Court earlier in the year of hunting a wild mammal with a dog and interfering with a badger sett in current use during a meet of the Fernie Hunt in January The incident had been filmed by League Against Cruel Sports investigators.

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The Court was shown video footage provided by the League Against Cruel Sports, whose investigators had been monitoring the Fernie Hunt in January Several minutes later Allen was seen arriving a the scene on a quad bike. He then began to dig down to the fox which bolted and subsequently pursued by the awaiting hounds. Dismissing the defence claim that the badger sett was inactive and that the hunt were following a trail, magistrates said they were clear that a fox was flushed out from below ground in order to be hunted again.

Nov Richard Down, huntsman for the Quantock Staghounds was convicted at Taunton Magistrates court of hunting a wild mammal with a dog. He is the first huntsman to be convicted twice under the Hunting Act The offence took place in September which was recorded by an investigator from the League Agasnt Cruel Sports. Video footage taken by a League Against Cruel Sports investigator showed the stag being pursued over open land by three hounds. The case was based on video evidence obtained by the League Against Cruel Sports and further investigations carried out by Cumbria police.

The video footage taken on 26th October showed Robinson entering two terriers underground where a fox had sought refuge after being pursued by a pack of hounds belonging to the Ullswater Foxhounds.

He then dug out the fox from underground and then beat it to death with a stick.

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He then tried to hide the carcass in a dry stone wall where it was later retrieved by a League investigator. In his defence Robinson claimed that he had sent his terrier underground to help track and bring out a four year old dog that had accidentally escaped its leash and run into the hole.

The Judge, Gerald Chalk, said that he was fully satisfied that Robinson was hunting a wild mammal illegally. Apr Nigel Bell, huntsman and master of the Wick and District Beagles was cautioned by police for illegal hunting after admitting that he had hunted a hare with a pack of hounds.

The incident took place in Febraury and was filmed by an investigator from the League Against Cruel Sports. The case was a private prosecution by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

Both defendants admitted attending one hare coursing event on 2nd March near Nunnington and another the following day near Amotherby.

south dorset hunt meet dates

He said the club sought advice from a firm of solicitors and leading counsel and received insurance. Jul Two landowners have been found guilty of attending and permitting their land to be used for an illegal hare coursing event. The court also ordered the forfeiture of their lurcher dogs. Dec A Norfolk landowner has been convicted under the Hunting Act for allowing her property to be used for hare coursing during two organised events, following a prosecution brought by the RSPCA.

She was also convicted of two offences of attending a hare coursing event and offences of facilitating such an event. Les Anderson, of Lodge Road, Feltwell, was also convicted of two charges of attending a hare coursing event and three of knowingly facilitating such an event. Anderson is chairman of the Kimberly and Wymondham Greyhound Club, which organised the two events at Little Massingham. Both men were prosecuted by the RSPCA under the Hunting Act after admitting their motivation for visiting the land with the dogs had been to find a fox.

The offence took place the year before in February during which Goffe and Bradley were video recorded by League investigators pursuing a fox with a pack of hounds. Mr Goffe allowed the pursuit to continue when he realised the fox had mange. Dec Robert Smith and Watson admitted to illegally hunting with dogs.

Nov Tony Wright, huntsman of the Exmoor Foxhounds won his appeal against his conviction for illegal fox hunting at Exeter Crown Court. On the 19th October at Taunton Crown Court Judge Wyn Williams upheld the original ruling that huntsman Richard Down and whipper-in Adrian Pillivant had been hunting primarily for sport and recreation. The pair had claimed to be hunting deer under the Flushing and stalking out exemption. Aug Three men and a teenager pleaded guilty to illegally hunting foxes and badgers with dogs.

A year-old man was given a caution. Jul William Armstrong, terrierman for the Flint and Denbigh Hunt in Wales, was found guilty of hunting a wild animal with dogs.

The case was brought as a private prosecution by the League Against Cruel Sports.

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They also said they had taken advice from police, lawyers and the Countryside Alliance which supported the defendants case and believed that the Quantock Staghounds, as well as the other two staghound packs, were operating within the law. The illegal hunting took place when the Quanock Staghounds met at Crowcombe near Taunton on the 16th February League investigators witnessed and recorded groups of deer being flushed out on three occasions over two and three quarter hours.

The hunt claimed six deer were shot. Down and Pillivant subsequently appealed the verdict but were unsuccessful — see above. The incident happened after the protester and his partner monitor a hunt. The Crawley and Horsham Hunt had been cancelled and they travelled to the Petworth Hunt instead in another vehicle. When they returned later they noticed two males down the side of their vehicle.

The other one was behind him. Taped interviews with Ghazala and Sandeman were played to the court. Ghazala, managing director of Horse Health Products UK, said he and Sandeman had driven to Kent on that day for a hound parade, because the Crawley and Horsham Hunt had been held a day earlier.

Ghazala said he drove down the lane on his way back from Kent at approximately 4 to 4. He stated that he never left the vehicle. Sandeman a farmer, said that they recognised the approaching car and so they drove off. The prosecution asked both men: Here he was shown video of him threatening and assaulting an anti-hunt protester.

The incident occurred at a meeting of the Crawley and Horsham Hunt. He admitted the offence and was given a formal police caution as he is a first time offender. The magistrates heard that the Cumberland Farmers were out hunting near Penrith when McColgan found that a fox had gone down a hole, he then called over Dickinson. The holes were then blocked and some nets were put over other entrances, a terrier was then entered the holes. Both men admitted in interviews that they had put a terrier down but said the contentious issue was whether they were signs of the sett being an active one.

D Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire Beagles Marcus Wright 28 of 7 Fernie Avenue, Melton, who is the kennel huntsman of The Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire Beagles was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer during a demonstration outside Westminster. Derwent Foxhounds A hunt supporter from North Yorkshire was cleared of driving his car into a puddle to drench two animal rights campaigners and a child with icy water as they protested at a New Years day meet of the Derwent Foxhounds.

Scott had denied the offence. She told the court she was following the deer to see where it went, and to prevent trespass by hounds onto sanctuary land. He pleaded guilty to allowing Cypermethin, which is used to treat mange in the hounds at the Beaufort kennels to enter the river Avon.

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The pesticide killed around 10, endangered white clawed crayfish in the river. Dunston Harriers Supporter of the Dunston Harriers, Patrick Everett managed to get the hunt banned from one village after he viciously attacked a party of 1 man, 2 women and four children who had stopped to watch the hunt pass by.

Stewart Sayer 45 of Crows Hall Lane, Attleborough who was field master for the Dunston Harriers, said he was a under constant threat two years ago when he gave evidence at the trial of Richard Carter. Carter, along with his brother Stephen, ran a large-scale drug dealing operation and smuggled a steady supply of cannabis and heroin to inmates at Norwich prison.

E East Devon Hunt A huntsman was cleared of assaulting a hunt saboteur who grabbed a fox to protect it from hounds. He then felt blows on the back of his head, and was bitten on the hand by some of the pack. He then claimed that Hazeltine had stamped him, and punched him in the back of the head, and the fox escaped from his grasp. On a charge of assault on sabs the jury were unable to come to a unanimous decision so the judge decided for them, finding Adair not guilty despite the evidence of six sab witnesses, a detective constable, a sergeant, an inspector and a superintendent regarding his alleged violent behaviour.

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Essex and Farmers Union Terrierman Roger Wakefield, Essex and Farmers Union Terrierman, given hours community service after being found guilty of violent disorder and affray against saboteurs. Hunt supporter, Bryn Chittenden was also convicted of the same offences and given hours community service.

The court heard how Hull was a joint master of The Essex Farmers and Union Hunt when the six-hole badger sett was partially blocked by earth-stopper and terrierman Bryn Chittenden.

south dorset hunt meet dates

Gary Edwards who lives on the Milton Estate, near Bretton, Peterborough and Cyril Smith Oakham, near Stamford both work as terriermen for the Fitzwilliam Hunt, had been accused of illegally blocking the holes or damaging a sett. My men have always been innocent but their names have been blackened.

David Stephens 44 a horse breeder and dealer who rides with the Four Burrows Hunt in Cornwall was banned from working with children under 18 when he appeared before Truro Crown Court. He was also ordered to register as a sex offender. Stephens of Kenwyn was found guilty of three charges of indecent assault and admitted perverting the course of justice by asking two friends to give him a false alibi. Goodwin and Anderson bought 22 red foxes in South Carolina from federal undercover agents.

It was reported that the two huntsmen were seeking to ensure good hunting at the week-long multiple-hunt joint meet. Their purchase was a misdemeanor violation of the Lacey Act, which prohibits interstate transportation of illegally taken or possessed wildlife. Charges are still pending against a third huntsman who allegedly bought 10 foxes. There are no provision to restock healthy foxes into diseased areas or in catastrophic situations where populations have been diminished. Found guilty of assault.

High Peak Harriers A Derbyshire police spokeswoman said that a year-old hunt supporter was arrested and cautioned for a public order offence after he verbally abused a hunt saboteur in the presence of a police officer. A police spokeswoman also said: The court heard how he had punched Michael Wingfield Boyce 55 of Long Lane, Beverley, huntsman with the Holderness Hunt, while Boyce was on the ground Norman kicked him in the head, breaking his nose, cheekbone and blacking both eyes.

The court heard how Boyce had seduced Alison when she was 17 and began a year affair with her. They both launched an equestrian business but fell out when she found him kissing her best friend Merryless. Hursley Hambledon Foxhounds Kenneth Mansbridge, a supporter of the Hursley Hambledon Foxhounds, convicted of unlawful wounding on a green party researcher, who needed hospital treatment for serious head wounds after being kicked and beaten by a group of hunt followers Mansbridge admitted kicking the victim in the groin and punching him to the ground.

Stuart Trousdale 33 from Gatcombe is the huntsman of the Isle of Wight Foxhounds and James Butcher 39 of Ashley Road in Ryde, horrified local residents by unloading two dead calves and a cow from a pick up truck near the conference venue in Brighton.

south dorset hunt meet dates

They pleaded guilty to breaching the Public Order Act through threatening and disorderly behaviour. Their defence claimed they are not hooray Henrys, out to make a point. They are hard-working members of their community. This is a crime of passion.

Isle of Wight Foxhounds A fox hunt has had a noise abatement order imposed on it and the Master of Hounds has been told to stop his pack from baying to prevent a public nuisance.

south dorset hunt meet dates

In what is believed to be the first action of its kind, The Isle of Wight Foxhounds was served with the order after complaints from people living close to its kennels. The complaints have come not from people opposed to fox hunting, but from hunt supporters who say that they cannot put up with the noise of barking hounds any longer. Anita Fitzgerald 42 one of those to complain, is a hunt supporter who has sung at the Isle of Wight Hunt Ball.

It is about the most basic human right of being able to sleep. Fitzgerald said she had complained to the council only after discussions with the hunt had proved fruitless.

south dorset hunt meet dates