Stance meet summer 2015

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stance meet summer 2015

the whole origins of the slammed, stance scene come from Japan. . But I'm happy with it, it's a bit of summer fun and it's what I wanted it to. Import Alliance Summer Meet Photo Coverage // Part 2. Photos By: Ryan Lopez // Words By: StanceNation StanceNation April 1, This summer, during negotiations between Greece and its Refugee crisis: EU states failing to meet funding and resource commitments.

stance meet summer 2015

Once the tears dried, many of those same newspapers went back to their usual ways. The noble words of politicians were not followed by action. As criticism grew louder, her popularity dipped to its lowest levels since For the first time in a long time, her position as chancellor no longer seemed impregnable.

He even threatened to take legal action. Some commentators ventured so far as to say that the end of the Merkel era was in sight. They were wrong, again. Like many previous deals struck by Merkel during her 10 years as chancellor, it was a compromise.

She dropped plans for transit zonesa win for the Social Democrats.

stance meet summer 2015

To placate the right wing of her party, she committed to speeding up procedures for deporting economic migrants, while some refugees will have to wait two years before their family members can enter the country. But these are details. On her most important principle, Merkel stood firm: However, behind a decade of compromises there is one common thread that often goes unnoticed: This summer, during negotiations between Greece and its European creditors, Merkel was portrayed as the pantomime villain of that particular story.

But as two European government officials put it to me after a deal was finally struck: Today, the bigger picture is about how Europe deals with a humanitarian crisis in which hundreds of thousands of people have fled conflict and misery in search of refuge.

Import Alliance Fall Meet // Photo Coverage.

We can have an endless debate about what should be done, or what could have been done, in Syria itself. Likewise, focusing aid and help on neighbouring camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Lebanon where there are more than four million Syrian refugees, is a valid and just argument, and should be part of any plan.

However, we cannot turn back time nor can we fast-forward years into the future — and one inescapable fact remains: They are here now and they will keep coming. The hundreds of thousands are fleeing war, they leave home to embark on perilous, often fatal, journeys because their home is no more. For others, "slamming" or "stancing" their car is a way of life, taking up hefty amounts of both their time and their monthly paycheck as the owners pursue their vision of automotive perfection. Slamming aficionados are taking the culture to ever-new heights; stanced Ferraris are not unheard of, while generally the level of sophistication within the scene is impressive, to say the least.

We asked him to explain the roots of the culture, why the UK is one of the hottest scenes in the world right now, and how you can get started slamming your own car.

stance meet summer 2015

So Jordan, what are the origins of car modification? From my point of view, the whole origins of the slammed, stance scene come from Japan. The Bosozoku were an underground street gang who did crazy modifications to all their cars and were a bit of a nuisance to the police.

stance meet summer 2015

The Americans imported lots of Nissan Skylines and were doing engine swaps, adding big power. No — pretty much every single car you can think of has been lowered with wide wheels, low-profile tyres. | Automotive Photojournalism

Sometimes someone does something different and everyone hates it, but it still gets attention. Sometimes the rim of the wheel is literally touching the arch. Do you ever think that some of the stuff people do to cars is sacrilege?

stance meet summer 2015

Or is everything fair game? Personally, I love it when someone buys a supercar, then puts it on air ride and buys some wide, dishy wheels.

Import Alliance Summer Meet Photo Coverage // Part 2.

I just love it, but I know a lot of people absolutely hate it. Air Ride is a generic type of suspension. So is that what you see on the cars in Snoop Dogg videos?

And are their leading specialists and garages in the UK who can do this stuff for you?