Stealey invitational swim meet 2012

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stealey invitational swim meet 2012

May 20, In , the swimming pool at Watters Smith State Park near West pool became the annual venue of the Stealey Invitational Swim Meet, the. Jul 20, Stealey Invitational - 7/19/ to 7/20/ .. Meet: R 7/21/ West Virginia Aquatics CUDA. C Dankle, M Brock. Jul 20, CLARKSBURG — Johnna Smith, 10, plunged into Stealey Pool from The meet itself, the Stealey Invitational, was where “you're going for a.

If I had to name two heroes in my life without hesitation I would say my wife Sandy and my mother Maria Lluisa.

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One of the things that I have to give credit to Coach Bob Groseth is that he really tried to make me understand that my family always came first and that I could not lose track of them. He became family for my kids and he really helped me to never forget it. One of the things that I really found out is that swim parents really appreciate that we coaches take time off to take care of our own children. So please never forget about it.

stealey invitational swim meet 2012

I know it is hard but at the end of the days our children should be our top priority. I will share with you a story that really made a huge impact in my life and that taught me a huge lesson about my own persona.

One night in September of when I was working at West Virginia University talking with my daughter Harley right before she went to sleep, she looked at me and told me: That was a low blow that I guess I deserved and also a big wake up call.

stealey invitational swim meet 2012

At that moment I promised to myself that I would make sure that I would go to the meet no matter what. Well around the end of May nine months later I accepted the position at the Bolles School and they needed me right away. Well I spoke with the Head Master and he allowed me to start July 16th and I was able to attend the most important event of my eight year old daughter. I can tell you that it was one of the best experiences in my life just watching how proud my daughter was watching me watch her and just being there at the meet as a dad.

That really was no ordinary moment, and one that really changed my understanding of the reason why we have children. I probably thought at that time that my mother was just trying to tell me that you will see how much pay back you will have for everything that you have put me through. The Stealey Recreational Center's calendar was already in the works, and the annual cleanup of the grounds had already started.

Stealey Invitational Swim Meet

However, Leaseburg said the annual Band-Aids that had been applied were just not enough. Work that would have been required to keep the pool open was extensive, time-consuming and costly. The atmosphere of Stealey Pool was "super," in my opinion, as it was partially surrounded by trees.

The bathhouse afforded ample space at ground level, and the Stealey Recreation Center, which operated the pool, sponsored plenty of non-swimming activities, as well, such as teen dances on the top deck of the bathhouse.

My memories of Stealey Pool are plentiful, I can tell you. My family became members the year the facility opened, and remained so until my siblings and I were all grown.

When my own children were younger--up until their high school days--my family were members until probably the mid-'80s.

Closing of Stealey Pool Only Latest of Area Swim Facilities to Have 'Plug Pulled'

There were a couple of summers in that era when "yours truly" experienced some pretty severe sunburns, maladies that certainly lingered and for which only one person could be blamed, and he doubtlessly suffered the consequences, let me tell you! The pool became the annual venue of the Stealey Invitational Swim Meet, the results of which grew to statewide significance. The Stealey Swim Team has made quite a name for itself year after year.

Attempts are ongoing to keep the team going, Leaseburg assured. The newspaper account said the board was working with the Clarksburg Board of Park Commissioners on a possible arrangement whereby the team could practice at Splash Zone, the swimming facility at the Veterans Memorial Park.

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We can only hope there will be appropriate steps taken to reopen the Watters Smith pool, as it appears that Stealey Pool has now become history. In fact, it may have been for the very first festival, back inwhen he impressed local crowds with his inimitable voice. Yes, speak up for the poor and needy and see that they get justice.

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