Street meet sykkylven norway

Cabins in Sykkylven Municipality

street meet sykkylven norway

Grocery store and shopping mall across the street. The stairs to f Sykkylven, Norway · Joined in August I love to travel and meet new people. Sykkylven Gatebilklubb, Sykkylven. likes · 6 were Street Meet See All. Posts Street Meet · Verkstaden Bistro · Sykkylven, Norway. Driving around Norway takes you to places outside the cities and where public and Oslo) may be confusing to navigate for the first time visitor due to many one- way streets. .. Road 60, Byrkjelo-Sykkylven, Geirangerfjorden - .. Where a road is not wide enough for two cars to meet, blue signs with a large M.

street meet sykkylven norway

In winter, ski enthusiasts will find their favourite places here, either in the comfort of the slopes of resorts, or traversing the snowy mountains.

You can also buy an alpine ski pass, which is valid for eight selected ski locations in the region.

street meet sykkylven norway

This tour offers beautiful fjords, scenic landscape and a Hurtigruten Coastal Voyage! Read more about the tour here. Here you get panoramic views of the ocean and can walk through beautiful and diverse hiking terrain from the mountains to the seashore, as well as get acquainted with the picturesque Alnes Lighthouse.

Both airports are located close to the city centres and service many domestic and international destinations. For more information on aircraft operators and prices, go to Avinor. Be aware that many campervans have relatively small engines and will be slower than other vehicles on the many Norwegian hills. Slow or oversized vehicles are obliged to pull over to let faster vehicles pass - this rule must be applied with some flexibility; check your mirror and pull over if a line of faster cars is gathering and they are otherwise not able to overtake.

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Costs[ edit ] Renting a car is expensive, so visitors should consider for how many days and what part of the trip a car is needed. A compact car with a moderate engine is often much cheaper than a heavy SUV with a big engine. There is no need for a big 4 wheel drive as driving outside public roads is illegal. The Svinesund crossing is the most important entry into Norway by car.

Visitors should be prepared for customs control. Old bridge in front, new bridge on road E6 behind.

street meet sykkylven norway

Day rates for the vehicle itself are usually the main expense; the price of petrol is a less important issue. Compact cars with modest engines are the most fuel efficient.

Car ferries are an additional cost, and unavoidable on several roads particularly in the western fjords and parts of Northern Norway. Scenic drives[ edit ] Norway offers a large number of scenic drives and virtually every road particularly in West Norway, in the mountains and in North Norway is scenic. Some of these have been named National Tourist Routes and are particularly recommended.

National tourist routes[ edit ] National Tourist Routes are eighteen highways in Norway designated for their picturesque scenery and tourist-friendly infrastructure, such as rest stops and viewpoints. Two routes constitute part of the International E-road network: E10 through Lofoten and E75 through Varanger. Mountain pass roads, such as Sognefjellsvegen, Valdresflye and Trollstigen, are closed during winter. In terms of location, the house is in a rural area just south of Iknornnes.

The house is close to a small furniture factory that has a short smoke stack. I have no idea if the smoke is harmful. Since the factory closes down at night, it was not a problem for us. The house is near Sykkylven, which has a good grocery store and a few small cafes.

street meet sykkylven norway

The cafes include an Italian-Mediterranean restaurant with pizza and other entrees, such as chicken curry. If you arrive on a Sunday when the grocery stores are closed, these cafes are good to know about.

It takes a while to drive to and from some of the scenic fjords in this area because one must take at least one or two ferries to get there. However, the home is in a central location and offers a lot for a low cost.

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The house is just fantastic, it felt like home just bigger. We also used the boat a lot and had some success with fishing - perfect for dinner. Also the surroundigs are spectacular. Although there is one road passing behind the house about 50m awayit didn't disturb us at all and we slept well in the comfortable beds. It's easy to spend a week in the area, so plan enogh time to enjoy - we stayed 5 days, which was almost too short.

I think we found the best. It is a very big house and you have everything you need.

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Even a boots house with grill, a boot and fisching equipment. Asbjorn is very friendly.

street meet sykkylven norway

I hope we can sometimes come back to stay a little bit longer.