Superman returns hospital scene from meet

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superman returns hospital scene from meet

Previously, I introduced the Superman Returns prequel comics and examined the first Meet the Magus: Magic in the Work of Alan Moore · This Lightning, This . Moreover, Martha Kent does not appear in the scene at all. . holding her in the crowd gathered in Metropolis as Superman is in the hospital. At the time, post-credits scenes weren't expected, and Marvel had kept the directly riffing on them, as with Bryan Singer's “Superman Returns”). the hospital), but his most iconic is probably the first time we meet him. Also examined are the scenes in the hospital, Lois, Richard and Jason in peril and Lex Luthor on New Krypton, where we get to meet a Superman stunt man.

Early reviews savaged the film as overly sentimental and melodramaticand an actors' strike prevented Reeve and Seymour from doing publicity. The film, commercially unsuccessful, was Reeve's first public disappointment.

Almost 10 years after Somewhere in Time was released, it became a cult filmthanks to screenings on cable networks and video rentals ; its popularity began to grow, vindicating the belief of the creative team. Jane Seymour became a personal friend of Reeve and in named one of her twin sons Kristopher in his honor.

Reeve denied being Superman but displayed the superpowers throughout that entire episode. He then returned to continue filming on the not yet finished production of Superman II. Soon after, Reeve grew tired of Hollywood and took the family to Williamstown, Massachusettswhere he played the lead in the successful play The Front Pagedirected by Robert Allan Ackerman.

In his research for the role, he was coached by an amputee on how to walk on artificial legs. The film was well received.

Reeve felt this gave him the opportunity to play "a morally ambiguous character who was neither clearly good nor clearly bad, someone to whom life is much more complex than the characters I've played previously". He said "the movie is sort of a series of outrageous incidents that you find hard to believe.

Since they don't have a focus, and since they aren't justified and explained, they become laughable". Though Reeve ordinarily commanded over one million dollars per film, the producers could only afford to pay him one-tenth of that. Reeve had no complaints, as he was happy to be doing a role of which he could be proud. The film exceeded expectations and did very well at the box office for what was considered to be an art house film.

The New York Times called it "the best adaptation of a literary work yet made for the screen. When he told her that he was currently shooting Anna Kareninashe said, "Oh, that's a terrible mistake. During the filming of Superman IIIhe raced his sailplane in his free time. They let him participate in mock dogfights in vintage World War I combat planes. The producers of the film The Aviator approached him without knowing that he was a pilot and that he knew how to fly a Stearmanthe plane used in the film.

Reeve readily accepted the role. The film was shot in Kranjska Goraand Reeve did all his own stunts. InReeve hosted the television documentary Dinosaur!

Fascinated with dinosaurs since he was a kid, as he says in the documentary, he flew himself to New York in his own plane to shoot on location at the American Museum of Natural History. A script named Street Smart had been lying in his house for years, and after re-reading it, he had Cannon Films green-light it. He starred opposite Morgan Freemanwho was nominated for his first Academy Award for the film.

The film received excellent reviews but performed poorly at the box officepossibly because Cannon Films had failed to properly advertise it. He moved to New York without his children. He became depressed and decided that doing a comedy might be good for him.

He was given a lead in Switching Channels. Burt Reynolds and Kathleen Turner had a feud during filming, which made the time even more unbearable for Reeve. Reeve later stated that he made a fool of himself in the film and that most of his time was spent refereeing between Reynolds and Turner. The film did poorly, and Reeve believed that it marked the end of his movie star career.

He spent the next years mostly doing plays. He tried out for the Richard Gere role in Pretty Woman but walked out on the audition because they had a half-hearted casting director fill in for Julia Roberts. Reeve watched a group of singers called the Cabaret Corps perform, and took notice of one of the singers, Dana Morosini.

The two began dating and were married in Williamstown in April He was taking horse-riding lessons and trained five to six days a week for competition in combined training events.

He campaigned for Senator Patrick Leahy and made speeches throughout the state. He served as a board member for the Charles Lindbergh Fund, which promotes environmentally safe technologies. He joined the Environmental Air Force and used his Cheyenne II turboprop plane to take government officials and journalists over areas of environmental damage.

Ariel Dorfman asked Reeve to help save their lives. Reeve flew to Chile and helped lead a protest march. A cartoon then ran in a newspaper showing him carrying Pinochet by the collar with the caption, "Where will you take him, Superman?

Lex meets with Lois and Jason - Superman Returns

The script was one of the best he had read, and he unhesitatingly took the part. The film was deemed an instant classic and was nominated for eight Academy Awards. The movie got fair to positive reviews. It is on home video in the UK, but not in the US. InReeve was elected as a co-president of the Creative Coalition.

superman returns hospital scene from meet

The organization's work was noticed nationwide, and the Democratic Party asked Reeve to run for the United States Congress. He replied, "Run for Congress? And lose my influence in Washington? This meant moving to Los Angeles, which would place him even further from Matthew and Alexandra, who lived in London. In Massachusetts, Reeve could take a Concorde and see them anytime. He declined the offers.

Reeve did not mind making trips, however; he went to New Mexico to shoot Speechlessco-starring Michael Keaton who, like Reeve, also portrayed a famous DC Comics superhero on film: Reeve then went to Point Reyes to shoot John Carpenter 's film Village of the Damneda remake of a British movie of the same name. Both of these films with this title were based on the novel The Midwich Cuckoos by John Wyndham.

He did research at a rehabilitation hospital in Van Nuys and learned how to use a wheelchair to get in and out of cars. Reeve was then offered the lead in Kidnappedto be shot in Ireland. He was excited to be going to Ireland, and he and Dana decided that they would conceive their second child there. Reeve also planned to direct his first big screen film, a romantic comedy entitled Tell Me True. Not long after making these plans, the family went to Culpeper, Virginiafor an equestrian competition.

He later said, "I found most of the scripts of that genre poorly constructed, and I felt the starring roles could easily be played by anyone with a strong physique.

After considering it, Reeve decided that he would be miscast, and Lean went with his second choice, Mel Gibson. Not having read the novelReeve was initially enthusiastic about the opportunity. However, upon realizing that Verger was a quadriplegic, facially disfigured child rapist, Reeve withdrew from the project in disgust. The role was accepted by secondary choice Gary Oldman. Superman curse Reeve began his involvement in horse riding in after learning to ride for the film Anna Karenina.

He was initially allergic to horses, so he took antihistamines. He trained on Martha's Vineyardand byhe began eventing. His allergies soon disappeared. Reeve purchased a year-old American thoroughbred horse named Eastern Express, nicknamed "Buck" while filming Village of the Damned.

He trained with Buck in and planned to do Training Level events in and move up to Preliminary in Though Reeve had originally signed up to compete at an event in Vermonthis coach invited him to go to the Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association finals at the Commonwealth Park equestrian center in Culpeper, Virginia. Reeve finished in fourth place out of 27 in the dressagebefore walking his cross-country course.

He was concerned about jumps 16 and 17 but paid little attention to the third jump, which was a routine three-foot-three fence shaped like the letter 'W'. Witnesses said that the horse began the third fence jump and suddenly stopped. Reeve fell forward off the horse, holding on to the reins. His hands somehow became tangled in the reinsand the bridle and bit were pulled off the horse.

superman returns hospital scene from meet

He landed head first on the far side of the fence, shattering his first and second vertebrae. This cervical spinal injurywhich paralyzed him from the neck down, [62] also halted his breathing. Paramedics arrived three minutes later and immediately took measures to get air into his lungs.

He was taken first to the local hospital, before being flown by helicopter to the University of Virginia Medical Center. Recovery[ edit ] For the first few days after the accidentReeve suffered from deliriumwoke up sporadically and would mouth words to Dana such as "Get the gun" and "They're after us.

His lungs were filling with fluid and were suctioned by entry through the throat; this was said to be the most painful part of Reeve's recovery. He mouthed to Dana, "Maybe we should let me go. I will support whatever you want to do because this is your life, and your decision. But I want you to know that I'll be with you for the long haul, no matter what. And I love you. His approaching operation to reattach his skull to his spine in June "was frightening to contemplate. I already knew that I had only a fifty-fifty chance of surviving the surgery.

Christopher Reeve

Then, at an especially bleak moment, the door flew open and in hurried a squat fellow with a blue scrub hat and a yellow surgical gown and glasses, speaking in a Russian accent.

It was Robin Williamsreprising his character from the film Nine Months. My old friend had helped me know that somehow I was going to be okay. Jane performed surgery to repair Reeve's neck vertebrae. He put wires underneath both laminae and used bone from Reeve's hip to fit between the C1 and C2 vertebrae. He inserted a titanium pin and fused the wires with the vertebrae, then drilled holes in Reeve's skull and fitted the wires through to secure the skull to the spinal column.

He was given several blood transfusions in the first few weeks because of very low hemoglobin and protein levels. Many times his breathing tube would become disconnected and he would be at the mercy of nurses to come in and save his life. Earlier, he had shown ability to move his left hand index fingerlater progressing further by regaining the ability to move his arms and legs to a certain extent.

During his visit, Reeve called the experience "a privilege" and said, "Israel has very proactive rehab facilities, excellent medical schools and teaching hospitals, and an absolutely first-rate research infrastructure.

superman returns hospital scene from meet

After meeting dozens of Israeli patients who had undergone groundbreaking recovery processes and made remarkable progress, Reeve was in awe [74] and described the feeling as "almost overwhelming". He explained, "The research progresses more rapidly in Israel than almost anywhere else I can think of. The decision they made about stem cells, where they had a debate and decided that secular law must prevail over religious teachings, is something that we need to learn in the United States.

When asked what Israel is doing that other countries are not, Reeve responded, "They have a very progressive atmosphere here. They have socialized medicine so that doctors and patients do not have the problem of profit or trying to get insurance companies to pay for treatment.

They also work very well together. They share their knowledge. This is a country of six million people about the size of Long Islandand everyone works together very tremendously. The people of the country benefit from that. Because the media was constantly covering him, he decided to use his name to put focus on spinal cord injuries. Inhe appeared at the Academy Awards to a long standing ovation and gave a speech about Hollywood 's duty to make movies that face the world's most important issues head-on.

He traveled across the country to make speeches, never needing a teleprompter or a script. A Film About Abilities. He then acted in a small role in the film A Step Towards Tomorrow.

Jeff Pearlman

What happened in the scene Paul? And were any of the main characters involved? Paul Adderley on June 8, 4: I know becuase I used to help myself to the lunch on offer from the site vans that blocked the street immediately outside my office building.

Least they could do for the inconvenience. David on June 8, 4: The station was transformed into a hospital where a sick superman was with a crowd of about 1, people were wishing superman to get better. There is a part where Lois Lane comes out with a little boy. Simon on June 8, 5: Absolutely- Me and my son!

Paul Adderley on June 8, 5: One was in York st, there were usa yello cabs with Metropolis number plates, billboards advertising The Daily Planet and Superman the camera flew as fast as a speeding bullet above our heads, there were hundreds of un and it was exciting. The other time we were in front of St Mary's, it was a wet day and we watched as Superman saved us all you too by taking an object I wont tell you what so as not to spoil the plot up into space and then Vivienne on June 8, 5: A great art deco building usually used for the business school and the conservatorium students.

Mark on June 8, 5: I was the same. I endured the painful mess that was X-Men 3, even though i am a faithful X-Men fan.

superman returns hospital scene from meet

I loved the first two movies but now my final memory of the x-men is a bad one. Just remembered, my favourite sighting of Superman being filmed was on a sunny day at Circular Quay, when i looked up and saw a muscle toned man in blue tights and a red cape flying through the air. It might've been a bird Rich on June 8, 5: And can i say, i saw X3 as well, and as the biggest Xmen fan i was heartbroken.

Alice on June 8, 7: Xmen 2 defiatly my fave though. I personally can't wait to see Superman Elise on June 8, 9: I wish I had seen the movie so I can contribute. Dingo on June 8, 9: But no brandon routh or spacey.

It was scene where everyone ran in panic on hearing the word 'action'. But im sure i will recognise it when i see the film. I am a die hard fan of superman,and cant wait for it to be out. I pray that Brandon can atleast match Christopher Reeve, as i thought he was awesome.

superman returns hospital scene from meet

I found it distracting how while I was watching the "Dark City" and recognising some of the places. Anyway, I hope the movie is true to its roots - not like the current Smallville series.

Marco on June 8, Having witnessed all this, and knowing some of the inside stuff that I do, this will be the biggest and best movie of without a doubt.

And what parts of Sydney might we identify in the movie? Steven Younis on June 9, 8: They Brandon Routh, in full Kent gear, determinedly running across the street, avoiding all traffic leading obviously to the classic shirt rip in an alley way. They had John Williams' theme blaring in the background, probably to provide atmosphere. Brandon Routh and Bryan Singer came over to those of us watching the shoot and politely answered some questions.

Which is just fantastic of them. I think the film is incredibly promising. Years ago, when I saw the documentary on the making of X-Men 2, Bryan Singer mentioned how the dam exploding scene was an homage to the original Richard Donner Superman movie.

As soon as I saw that, I filed him away in my mind as a dream director for a Superman film. At the time, McG, who made such great films as It was a tough time to be a fan.

McG dropped out, followed by Brett Ratner who would ironically go on to do X-Men 3and things couldn't look grimmer. Then, in JulySinger was announced as the new director for Superman Returns. To say I was overjoyed is probably an understatement. I knew from then on that this film had the potential to be something truly special.

Having followed the progress of the film closely for two years, I can safely say that it is extremely close to fulfilling that potential.

Yes, there's a chance the film might disappoint, but after everything I've seen Sertan on June 9, Many of his mannerisms are identical to those of Chris'. He has big boots to fill, but I think Brandon will do a wonderful job making us believe once more that a man can fly. He's true gentleman, very down to earth. You should be able to recognize Wynard Station entry opposite Wynard Park as the front of the Metropolis General Hospital during the movie.

But there's no doubt you'll all recognize the Waterfall in Martin Place during a scene, paying homage to Superman's debut on the cover of "Action Comics 1" June as seen in this image http: Steven Younis on June 9, 2: I saw a few different scenes that have already been mentioned here, but the highlight was seeing Brandon Routh in the suit although security were doing their best to prevent us from seeing anything It was the scene in which a green mustang was suspended by a crane and obviously in the movie Routh catches it and lowers it safely to the ground.

I happened to be in the right spot at the right time on another day of shooting during a scene where Routh was playing Clark Kent.

A car pulled up near me and he got out. As he walked past I said hi to him and he smiled and waved back. His resemblance to Chris Reeve when he's dressed as Kent is just freaky. That day I also got to meet Bryan Singer and Mike Dougherty one of the writers and both were really nice.

Christopher Reeve - Wikipedia

I even scored a pic with Singer and got his autograph. I can truely say that even if I wasn't such a big Superman fan, from just seeing the scenes I saw being filmed and from having seen now all the teaser trailers and tv spots, Superman Returns really is going to be a fantastic movie.

I can't wait to see it!