Swim meet time sheets

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swim meet time sheets

FORMS OFFICIALS USE AT MEETS. Home · Member Resources All Count sheets are available in Meet Manager under the Admin Tab. USA Swimming is committed to provide valuable training and education resources that assist Instructions for Close Outs on Referee Heat Sheet with Logo. Links to Meet Management Forms Assignment Sheet - Version 1 Distance Count Sheets Click Here to go to the USA Swimming Web Site Officials Page.

E Check meet equipment.

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Area may include timers, head timer, runners, clerks, announcer, any trainees for computer or timing equipment operation, etc. Will there by shifts? What positions will be needed? How will people be made aware of volunteer needs?

swim meet time sheets

How will they sign-up? How will names be recorded? Where will they report at the meet? Will volunteer hours need to be recorded for other purposes? T If applicable, arrange for the meet host to pay for travel. Find out what, if any, pre- meet prep is needed to use apps, add to meet plan. Ask them to arrive before warm-ups start. What time are they needed and for which session s? If so, make any needed arrangements.

swim meet time sheets

As needed, plan equipment 'dry run. Items to consider including: Information from donors, facility, Meet Director, 'Q time' list setc. If this method will be used, coordinate with concessions and prepare information to be sent to the team asking for donations.

V Make preparations for performance of National Anthem if applicable. Check in with area managers [i.

swim meet time sheets

H If applicable E-mail team hospitality donation assignments. Give specific instructions as to when and where donations should be brought. V Check volunteer sign-up and encourage team parents to sign-up for positions as needed. P Invite press to meet if desired 2 Weeks 2 Weeks A Finish any previous assignments not already completed.

C If applicable E-mail team concession donation assignments. P If promoting a meet hashtagdetermine which one s to use. Get to meet program person. Consider sending it to teams who entered the meet and also posting the hashtag around the venue.

swim meet time sheets

This includes a member registration check if required by governing body, like USA Swimming. Are needed positions filled? Encourage team parents to sign-up as needed. Parents with late swimming children always end up picking up the slack. Ask the coach if you can help with this responsibility.

A cool YouTube video explaination of some of the above: How they work What are relays? There are 2 kinds of relays: The medley relay is composed of 4 swimmers, each swimming one of the four strokes in the order of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle. The free relay is four swimmers all swimming freestyle. The age group in which the relays are entered determines the relay distance.

When are relays organized? When are they entered?

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Relays are organized the morning of the meet, depending on who has shown up on time, and most importantly, on who has registered. If you did not register on time, you cannot swim at all. Relays are also paid for that morning, so the coaches ask for a collection. How do I know if I am in a relay? Anyone who is entered in the meet and checks-in on time is eligible for the relays!

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Therefore do not leave the meet early if you are in the relay. For everyone else, the coaches do appreciate you letting us know before you head out; sometimes we will have need to use alternatives. In terms of relay assignments, it will be posted somewhere in the team area, generally after warm-up. What do I do if I need to leave early?

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If your family has some other obligation to attend to, you should tell the coaches well in advance— i. That day, make sure you tell the coaches you are leaving before you head out.

swim meet time sheets

What decides if I am in a relay or not? The coaches decide who swims in the relay. These standards are posted on the San Diego Imperial website at http: Thereafter those times can be used to figure out in which meets your swimmer will participate.

Please understand that your swimmer is not an A, B or C swimmer. These timers are parent volunteers. The time can be divided however the parents decide. We ask that everyone contribute so its not the same families that end up timing every meet.

Who swims in meets?