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tags 2012 short course meet

EAZA's Taxon Advisory Groups (TAG) range from Amphibians to Cattle and Camelids . and provides training in species management across multiple eventually other professional colleagues, can meet, share and . Action Plan ( formulated in ), like progress in RCPs, 50 to 3 birds over the course of a few years. The Long Course TAGS meet saw many swimmers excel and a few meet still holds the TAGS record in the girls m freestyle () from College swimmers are returning from summer training and competition to pick. South Africa's Chad le Clos started his title defence with a silver medal on the opening day of the first leg of the FINA World Swimming Cup in Kazan.

Slough Aspire to cater for business needs One of the country's most innovative training and development projects, Slough Aspire, has been launched.

tags 2012 short course meet

Developed by SEGRO, with the support of private and public sector partners including East Berkshire College, Slough Aspire will become the 'first port of call for training and development needs' for businesses and the local community. The project will help the local community to develop the confidence and skills to take advantage of a rapidly changing employment market and ensure that employees have access to a talented and productive local workforce.

However, given the benefits of the project we are committed to delivering Slough Aspire ahead of schedule in response to the needs of our customers and the local community. This project will not just underpin our exciting development plans for Slough Trading Estate but also help maintain its position as a leading business location in the Thames Valley.

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The launch event marks an important milestone in the delivery of the project that will culminate in the opening of the Slough Aspire Centre, a 3, sq ft inspirational learning space on Slough Trading Estate later this year. The centre will be open to companies, schools and local residents and will play a critical role in enhancing and strengthening links between the community and local businesses. BCS supports business by creating and delivering tailor-made flexible training courses for staff that meet the needs of business.

As part of this innovative public-private partnership, the College will be involved in resourcing and managing the Aspire Centre as well as utilising its expertise in delivering flexible training to meet the needs of business.

Four in a Row! Nitro Swimming Wins 2012 Short Course TAGS

The Business College Slough marks an exciting new direction for the College and builds upon our success in providing education and training for businesses and individuals in Slough over the past 35 years. At Mars, engaging with students at an early stage is crucial to developing our business, identifying future talent and ensuring that we can help students to make informed decisions about their career path.

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The centre is being delivered and funded through a public-private partnership. Chloe won the m Freestyle 2: Jason won the m IM in a time of 4: I look back at the support and training environment my coaches and Long Island Aquatic Club have provided and I am truly thankful.

Making the USA National Junior Team is an accomplishment, not only for myself, but for all the people in my life that have pushed me to believe in dreams I once thought were unobtainable. For all the young swimmers my belief is that you only regret the chances you don't take. I want to thank my coaches, family, friends and teammates for supporting and encouraging me throughout this process.

This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I was thrilled to see our goal become reality.

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Jason won the Men's IM with a time of 4: Isabel placed second in the Women's IM with a 4: Pigot competed for Suriname in the Summer Olympics in Beijing at age fifteen and was Suriname's flag bearer at the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in London.

This prestigious ranking by the American Swim Coaches Association is in recognition of the ability to guide young swimmers to the national level. They are a who's who in American Age-Group Swimming.

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For sure, this is recognition of a successful program. It's only possible due to all the hard work of LIAC's dedicated coaches, swimmers and parents. Throughout the entire program from Learn-to-Swim thru International Competitive Swimming we all follow the same process and that process works.

It's great to share this award with such a dedicated staff.

tags 2012 short course meet

Each clinic will begin at 7 PM and will run for approximately 90 minutes. Relevant materials and log-in instructions will be emailed to all participants in advance of the clinics. To sign up for any of these clinics, please use the following link: If you have any questions about the clinics or the process of becoming a certified official, please contact the Officials' Chair, Mark Amodio at amodio vassar.

As a member of our sport community, you might be asking yourself how this could have happened and what we can do to prevent this from ever happening again. We - coaches, athletes, parents, officials, volunteers, team leaders, and sport leaders - can commit to prevention and we can commit to speaking up.

We can commit to Safe Sport.

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Safe Sport is something we do, every day on every deck. The key to prevention is to create an environment where all members know the rules, are comfortable talking about them, and are empowered to recognize and report red flag behavior, boundary violations, and misconduct.

How do you create a Safe Sport environment? What does it mean to have a culture of safety? How do you 'do' Safe Sport?