Taxila central college sport meet images

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taxila central college sport meet images

Taxila Central College - Sport Meet 12m 24 C. W. W. Kannangara - Image: Official Photographic Portrait of C. W. W. Kannangara ( ). C. W. W. Come Ye Back an annual get-together organized by A/L batch of Taxila Central College was held on 8th of May from am. Taxila central college sport meet the event was successfully concluded on 15th of February at college premises. portion of these photos can be re- produced, taken for commercial purposes without prior approval of DNM .

taxila central college sport meet images

Kannangara was first elected to the Ceylon Legislative Council in and he also served as the President of the Ceylon National Congress. As Minister of Education in the State Council, Kannangara introduced extensive reforms to the system of Sri Lanka throughout the s.

They befitted thousands of underprivileged students in parts of the country by making education free for all students. He also began a Central Colleges scheme, which established high quality secondary schools in areas of the country. Kannangaras significant achievements in areas of education have led him to being referred to as the Father of Free Education in Sri Lanka. After noticing that Kannangara won most of the prizes, he is said to have remarked Son. Darrel also gave Kannangara a chance to sit for a Richmond College Foundation scholarship exam, excelling in Mathematics in the exam, he won the scholarship, receiving an award for free board and lodging at Richmond College.

There he received the education of a school of the times. Kannangara was regarded as an excellent all-round student at Richmond, leading the Ceylon and he also captained Richmond College in first eleven cricket inand was a member of the school soccer team the same year, winning colours for his performances.

He was also regarded as a debater and actor. After leaving school, he taught Mathematics first at Richmond College and then Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa and Wesley College, while teaching he studied law, passing out as an Attorney at law in He set up his first law practice in Galle the same year and he married Edith Weerasooriya in Kannangara joined Anagarika Dharmapalas historically significant temperance movement, and worked actively with its leaders, jayatilleke, D.

Senanayake and Arthur V. Tillekaratne by votes to and he was re-elected the following year polling 4, votes, opposed to for his nearest opponent. Following the recommendations of the Donoughmore Commission, the State Council was established inKannangara was elected to the State Council in and again in 4.

Bertolt Brecht — Eugen Bertolt Friedrich Brecht was a German poet, playwright, and theatre director of the 20th century.

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The modest house where he was born is preserved as a Brecht Museum. His father worked for a mill, becoming its managing director in Thanks to his mothers influence, Brecht knew the Bible, a familiarity that would have an effect on his writing. From her, too, came the image of the self-denying woman that recurs in his drama.

Brechts home life was comfortably middle class, despite what his occasional attempt to claim peasant origins implied, at school in Augsburg he met Caspar Neher, with whom he formed a lifelong creative partnership. Neher designed many of the sets for Brechts dramas and helped to forge the distinctive visual iconography of their epic theatre, when Brecht was 16, the First World War broke out. Initially enthusiastic, Brecht soon changed his mind on seeing his classmates swallowed by the army and his expulsion was only prevented through the intervention of his religion teacher.

On his fathers recommendation, Brecht sought a loophole by registering for a course at Munich University. There he studied drama with Arthur Kutscher, who inspired in the young Brecht an admiration for the iconoclastic dramatist, from JulyBrechts newspaper articles began appearing under the new name Bert Brecht. Brecht was drafted into service in the autumn ofonly to be posted back to Augsburg as a medical orderly in a military VD clinic.

In JulyBrecht and Paula Banholzer had a son, some time in either orBrecht took a small part in the political cabaret of the Munich comedian Karl Valentin. Brechts diaries for the few years record numerous visits to see Valentin perform. Brecht compared Valentin to Charlie Chaplin, for his virtually complete rejection of mimicry and he did short sketches in which he played refractory employees, orchestral musicians or photographers, who hated their employers and made them look ridiculous.

The employer was played by his partner, Liesl Karlstadt, a popular woman comedian who used to pad herself out, anyone can be creative, he quipped, its rewriting other people thats a challenge.

Brecht completed his second play, Drums in the Night. Between November and April Brecht made acquaintance with many people in the Berlin cultural scene 5. Mother Courage is considered by some to be the greatest play of the 20th century, Mother Courage is one of nine plays that Brecht wrote in resistance to the rise of Fascism and Nazism.

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In response to the invasion of Poland by the German armies of Adolf Hitler infollowing Brechts own principles for political drama, the play is not set in modern times but during the Thirty Years War of —, which involved all the European states. It follows the fortunes of Anna Fierling, nicknamed Mother Courage, a wily canteen woman with the Swedish Army, who is determined to make her living from the war.

Over the course of the play, she loses all three of her children, Swiss Cheese, Eilif, and Kattrin, to the war from which she tried to profit. The name of the character, Mother Courage, is drawn from the picaresque writings of the 17th-century German writer Grimmelshausen. His central character in the short novel, The Runagate Courage, also struggles and connives her way through the Thirty Years War in Germany.

Otherwise the story is mostly Brechts, in collaboration with Steffin, the action of the play takes place over the course of 12 years, represented in 12 scenes. Some give a sense of Courages career, but do not provide time for viewers to develop sentimental feelings, meanwhile, Mother Courage is not depicted as a noble character. The Brechtian epic theatre distinguished itself from the ancient Greek tragedies, neither does Brechts ending of his play inspire any desire to imitate the main character, Mother Courage.

Mother Courage is among Brechts most famous plays, some directors consider it to be the greatest play of the 20th century. Brecht expresses the dreadfulness of war and the idea that virtues are not rewarded in corrupt times and he used an epic structure to force the audience to focus on the issues rather than getting involved with the characters and their emotions. Epic plays are a genre typical of Brecht. Some critics believe that he created the form, Mother Courage is an example of Brechts concepts of Epic Theatre and Verfremdungseffekt, or V effect, preferably alienation or estrangement effect.

For instance, a tree would be used to convey a whole forest. Several songs, interspersed throughout the play, are used to underscore the themes of the play and they also require the audience to think about what the playwright is saying. The Recruiting Officer and Sergeant are introduced, both complaining about the difficulty of recruiting soldiers to the war, Anna Fierling enters pulling a cart containing provisions for sale to soldiers, and introduces her children Eilif, Kattrin, and Swiss Cheese 6.

The Constitution of Sri Lanka provides for education as a fundamental right, Sri Lankas population had an adult literacy rate of Education plays a part in the life and culture of the country.

Sri Lankas modern educational system was brought about by its integration into the British Empire in the 19th century, primary school to higher education are primarily funded and overseen by three governmental ministries. These divisions have led to a degree of mismanagement and inefficiency over the years. Education in Sri Lanka has a history of over years, since then an education system evolved based around the Buddhist temples and pirivenas, the latter primarily intended for clergy and higher education.

With the outset of the expansion on the island, first in the coastal provinces and then interior. The Anglican Churchs monopoly of Government Schools and in education ended following the Colebrooke Commission set up by the British administration, a standard system of government schools were begun by the British based on the recommendations of the Colebrooke Commission in This is regarded as the beginning of the schooling system in the island.

It started with the establishment of the Royal College in Colombo and lead to the formation of several single sex schools constructed during the colonial period, some of these schools were affiliated to the Anglican Church. Thomas College in Mount Lavinia and Trinity College in Kandy, the education in vernacular schools was largely free due to government grants to cover the cost of teaching and local philanthropists providing the buildings, equipment and the books.

Colebrooke decreed that all government schools be discontinued, the order did not apply to denominational Missionary schools and they continued to function unceasingly. In the education system in Ceylon was made formally free following the granting of universal franchise inthe Minister of Education, late Hon. Kannangara, and the Executive Committee of Education which included such as H.

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Amarasuriya took the initiative in establishing free education. Under this initiative the government established Madhya Maha Vidyalayas that were scattered around the island to provide education to all, the medium was either Sinhala or Tamil. In a special committee was appointed to observe the system and, among the suggestions that followed. Make available to all children an education free of charge.

The provinces have existed since the 19th century but did not have any legal status until when the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka established provincial councils. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in Marchhe has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke. Subscribe to the YouTubers in this episode: Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Watch to see their Reactions.

YouTube Rewind http: If you see incorrect or missing attribution please reach out to credits fbeteam. This is her story. She has a younger sister, Stella. She was 4 years old when her sister was born, and she remembers that she was really enthusiastic to have a little baby sister who she could play with. Well, she was still a baby herself, to be fair.

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But things went awfully wrong from the very beginning. Stella was born underweight and had to be kept in the hospital. In the meantime, Jennifer was forgotten by everyone. To be honest, she got very offended, but this passed totally unnoticed by everyone. When they finally brought Stella home, Jennifer felt nothing when she looked at that ugly screaming creature.

But at least she finally got her parents back! But no one was ready to spend all day playing with her any more — her parents had other, more important things to do, such as taking Stella to the doctors. Jennifer had to learn to mind her own business and to live with only half of the attention that was supposed to be all hers.

Then she went to school. Stella remained a sickly child, and her parents were constantly dedicating their time, effort and money to curing one illness after or another. And all the while, Jennifer was just an ordinary kid with her school, hobbies, and friends.

Her parents gave her attention, but not as much as she needed, and she solved her problems pretty much on her own. Her attitude to her parents became very bitter, and she started detesting that helpless monster of her sister. When Jennifer became a teenager, things got even worse. She tried to rebel to get more attention, to ask for help, even to talk to them.

The worst episode occurred when she was due to go to a new school in another city, and therefore had to move away from her parents for the school term. Everything seemed fine — her sister went to school, and Jennifer thought that finally they would have a well-balanced family. And she was sure that she would get her guitar.

taxila central college sport meet images

Then suddenly Stella got some lung infection and had to stay home for a couple of months, and after that the doctors said that her parents needed to take her to the seaside to convalesce for at least a month.

Guess what Jennifer got in return? Again, that little princess got everything, and now she had to leave home like a stray dog! When suddenly, the time came for giving presents. And Jennifer was amazed to see Stella bring out a guitar. Stella said that it was a present from her personally. Jennifer just broke down in tears. Music by Epidemic Sound: Bush cries delivering eulogy for his father, George H.

Colombo Education Zone-overall champions

Bush tears up while eulogizing his father, George H. Bush, at a state funeral in Washington. The 43rd president said his father, the 41st president, taught him how to lead. He showed me what it means to be a president who serves with integrity, leads with courage and acts with love in his heart for the citizens of our country, Bush said. When the history books are written, they will say that George H. Bush was a great president of the United States. Bush's eulogy ended on an emotional note.

Concluding his remarks, he added through tears: Your decency, sincerity and kind soul will stay with us forever. So through our tears, let us know the blessings of knowing and loving you, a great and noble man. The best father a son or daughter could have. Into the Spider-Verse animated film. Follow The Tonight Show: