Tmnt old turtles meet new

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tmnt old turtles meet new

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles meet their match -- Literally! Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Donatello must save New York City from the .. This made for TV movie did what the previous shows and the theatrical release did not. The Turtles are transported to another dimension, where they meet their s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ( TV Series) episode Previous, Next → the Triceratons can recreate the other pieces anyhow if they get the final piece. Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are about to cross over with the original TMNT cartoon in a cross-time team-up. Check out a.

They have also used mutagen to make a mutant army out of the Foot clan.

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Utrom Shredder uses the dimensional portal, learning there are many parallel universes filled with ninja turtles. Hun, Bebop, and Rocksteady are dispatched alongside an army of Utrom Foot bots to capture the Turtles, breaking into their lair; it begins crumbling, forcing the Turtles to use their dimensional portal stick to escape into the universe. Splinter is captured by Hun to serve as bait in a trap. Utrom Shredder decides to launch an all-out assault on the universe to lure the Turtles out of hiding.

Back in the universe, the Turtles meet April O'Neil when the Turtles rescue her from a group of enemies that are confusing to them, though they feel a kinship with the Splinter, who welcomes them as sons.

After both Donatellos apply their expertise, the Turtles are able to return to the universe with anti-technodrome gear and the Turtles vehicles, the Party Wagon and Turtle Blimp. They find Casey Jones and April attempting to repel the advancing onslaught, and infiltrate the Technodrome, which now looks like the Death Star. Captured by Utrom Shredder, the Turtles learn they are not the only versions in the multiverse; he plans to kill the Ninja Turtles of the source dimensioncreating a domino effect that erase every other team of Ninja Turtles in the multiverse.

All eight are scanned for shared DNA, seemingly vanishing into oblivion as the Technodrome vanishes to the source dimension dubbed "Turtle Prime" ; however, they are somehow teleported to safety. Unfortunately, Utrom Shredder has already infiltrated the Turtle Prime universe and is now demolishing it; this causes a chain reaction that begins to literally erase everything and everyone in the universe.

Needing to upgrade their portal device, the Turtles break into Purple Dragon HQ; Hun is waiting for them, wanting revenge for his mutation.

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However, when he sees the world vanishing, Hun surrenders the upgrade tech just before he's erased. The Turtles accomplish their task and, despite April and Casey being erased as well, just manage to escape the universe, and are teleported to the black-and-white Turtle Prime.

To their surprise, they quickly encounter their source counterparts, who attack them for no reason until they mention the Shredder. As part of their plan, the other eight will hide while the Prime Turtles lure Utrom Shredder out by insulting his pride. Before he comes out, they are challenged by Shredder Prime, who is comically dispatched by the hiding Turtles. When Utrom Shredder discovers both his Turtles and the team still alive, Karai reveals that she had teleported them to safety because Ch'rell showed no concern over the consequences of eliminating all Ninja Turtle life.

Ch'rell's exoskeleton grows thanks to molecular amplification technology from Dimension X, but is knocked into the energy the Technodrome is firing and receives damage. Everyone tries knocking him into the beam before Rocksteady accidentally trips on and unplugs the power cable as he and Bebop attempt to help their master. Utrom Shredder seizes and begins crushing the Prime Turtles, causing Turtle Prime and all his enemies to start being erased.

Even though his enemies warn him that all of reality, including Ch'rell himself, will vanish, Utrom Shredder continues to crush the Prime Turtles due to being too insane to care, until Donatello tosses explosive throwing stars at his leg, causing him to release the Prime Turtles, thus halting Turtle Prime's demise. Bebop plugs the Technodrome's beam back in, thus vaporizing Utrom Shredder into nothingness.

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tmnt old turtles meet new

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tmnt old turtles meet new