Transformers prime meet knockout flea

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transformers prime meet knockout flea

Transformers Prime: Heart of a Gladiator by DayDreamerxo15 reviews Knockout expects it at all, how will his life change when he meets a human who's .. a T-Rex sized space-flea from nowhere with a crab-faced alien hunter -who is the. 0 chose to do Posin' with Knockout and Breakdown since I thought it fit them well pffffftt. Optimus: Megatron has us beat in terms of air-support. transformers primealternativelyOptimus: *looks into the Starscream: Turn them into fleas, harmless, little fleas, and then put those fleas in a box, and then put that box inside of. In the series finale, after the Decepticons are defeated, Knock Out attempts to join the Autobots; . Knock Out appears in Transformers: Prime – The Game, released in , as an enemy. . "Transformers Prime Characters – Meet Knock Out".

Almost too quickly to be at all comfortable for his cumbersome form Jolt continued in his steps towards her. The bond between them began to solidify rapidly and Sam allowed herself a contended sigh when it felt as though another piece of herself had come home.

It seemed that the more Cybertronians that she connected herself with, intentionally or not, the better she would feel.

The best she could relate the sensation to was like if she had had a limb removed, still felt the ghost sensations of it, and after a prolonged period of time getting that limb back. Samantha was drawn from her thoughts as once again she felt herself being plucked from Salvage's arms only to end up within Ratchet's grasp.

Before she could even open her mouth in greeting the medic began an in depth scan of her person. Ratchet didn't even have the nerve to look contrite. Her eyes bugged out and all of a sudden her beef with the medic was forgotten in favor of this new sliver of information.

transformers prime meet knockout flea

A goofy grin split her face in two and she ogled up at the medic. Her subconscious self yelled into every pore of her seemingly unfocused brain.

You hate being treated like a baby and yet here you are with an attention span worse than a flea and letting the giant robots carry you around like a child. Show them how capable you are!

transformers prime meet knockout flea

Show them you mean business. Start with getting Ratchet to actually listen to you! And she's gone again. Her subconscious mind all but threw her hands in the air with frustration before disappearing completely. He is a junior medic, as your species would refer to them. Should I be incapacitated, Jolt is the supervising officer until I am charged enough to get back up onto my stabilizers.

The other 'bots, traitors that they were, all laughed out loud at her sudden halt in excitement. They felt it through their bonds and clearly understood where her mind had made the sudden leap in conclusion.

The worst part of it was that Sam knew without a doubt that her leap wasn't out of bounds. If anything, she had jumped short of it. Gulping down her apprehension, she decided to ask out loud what her mind was already solidifying a truth in her mind. Human sensibilities and so-called requirement of privacy in such matters is unfounded. Your body's natural functions are just that…natural.

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Ratchet cocked his head off to the side, a trait learned from the humans, and pondered on her question. How do I know this? Because it is the same for humans. Some things should remain private. In truth, Cybertronian faces were very much akin to the Iron Giant's face from that cartoon movie that came out when she was still relatively young, if only a bit more detailed.

look like a knockout

Giant could hinge his 'jaw' up and down in a kind of robotic smile and shutter his 'eyelids', but no more to portray a visual emotion. Cybertronians were the same. Their optics could dim or glow and their 'lips' could move if they had them. That was as much movement as their facial structures allowed them.

Finally, Ratchet spoke, but what he had to say made her want to grit her teeth, plug her fingers in her ears, and chant 'I'm not listening' until he stopped talking. Is it not logical to cover and protect that which is essential to our very existence?

In touching our Sparks, you are essentially capable of offlining us with one movement.

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It is only feasible to surmise that our Sparks should, for the most part, remain 'private' as you say. The organs most essential to your survival are contained permanently within you unless opened through surgical measures, in which case your survival was brought into question beforehand and measures were taken to ensure your continuation.

You hide your 'intimate' places for the sake of modesty and other humans' sensibilities even when the elements allow you to free yourself of your clothing if you so chose.

Your protoform, your body beneath your clothing, is nothing to be ashamed of, Sweetspark. It would not be in your best interest to try and hide anything from me that might be detrimental to your health. With a definitive nod, Ratchet began to tromp through the hangar towards his self-appointed med-bay.

Again, it was a childish move, one that children instinctively knew could keep them from being spanked hugging them meant they couldn't be held at a far enough distance to get a proper slap to the bottombut she felt deep down that she needed to do it. It wasn't just for the subconscious effort to hide from her discipliner. She needed the comfort right then. Ratchet sighed through his vents before halting momentarily. I suppose that I need to give you a systems' check while I am able.

She was his weakness, she really was. They both knew well and good that Beachbreak was cleared for duty and had no lingering side effects of the incident in Africa at what she had later come to learn were the Victoria Falls. No, the miniscule Autobot was coming as a kind of worry-stone for her.

transformers prime meet knockout flea

She could squeeze his hand as hard as she wanted when she got nervous and not have to worry about cutting off his circulation like any human's would under certain pressures. Samantha sat stiffly where she had been placed upon one of the Cybertronian sized berths, a kind of table-bed that reminded her of emergency unit stretchers. Beachbreak sat directly behind her, his legs splayed out on either side of her own where she sat at the juncture of his legs.

Her back was to his abdomen and chest, her head not even making contact with the base of his chin. His black and silver hands played with her too-tiny fingers as the two medics chatted in front of them. Her cheeks were enflamed with embarrassment.

Ratchet performed scans after scans all the while asking her questions and probing her for more information. By the end of the day she was convinced that the mech could mentally calculate the timing between any and all sighs she would make within the next hundred years and spout off the statistics immediately. She didn't want to have that particular talk with Ratchet again and having to recite it all over again for a 'fresh face' was going to drive her to the brink of insanity.

She'd already been made to change out of her normal clothes, which in these past days had been jogging pants and a tank-top due to her extreme fatigue, and into a hospital gown so that Jolt could physically see discerning marks on her skin or touch without hindrance.

Beachbreak, she came to realize, hated the monotony of their conversation about as much as she did. He helped her to move around when needed, but otherwise tried to keep her conversing with him to avoid having to chat with the bigger 'bots.

At present Ratchet was informing Jolt of her various 'special' traits. It was one of the few times that Sam actually cared to tune into the conversation long enough to truly comprehend what was being said. Normally what they spoke was either silent through their comm.

What Ratchet told Jolt now, though, was interesting if not a little unsettling. The nanites, I believe, are what aid her in serving as a conduit for the Allspark. Her blood cells are a unique mix of plasma, water, and nanotech. With any other human this heart rate would be quite dangerous, but it seems that Samantha's body requires the elevated heart rate to filter the nanites throughout her entire body properly.

Even while sleeping her heart rate soars over a normal human's. Her core temperature will be low, however. Her typical core temperature will register at ninety-seven point six degrees Fahrenheit or thirty-six point four degrees Celsius. Though she is currently in the 'acceptable' range for the other humans, she is currently highly irregular.

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Her metabolism has slowed greatly, she is easily fatigued, and prolonged involvement in even mundane activities will leave her with muscle pains. The sooner I am able to restore her to her previous health, the sooner she will stop glaring into the back of my helm. Beachbreak chuckled behind her even as he held her closer about her waist. Indeed, she had been glaring at the back of Ratchet's massive head.

What did he mean by inferring that she was different? And why did he have to go and make it sound like she was too weak to do anything? She wasn't a newborn kitten! In addition, he didn't have to bring her back to health. No, she could do that on her own. She'd get some more rest, drink plenty of orange juice, and eat right. She'd get better on her own. She barely suppressed the 'eep' of shock at his stealthy movements before flicking her lavender gaze up to his shining blue one.

She could practically feel the smirk on his faceplates even though she couldn't see it. Her eyes sparkled and traces of Allspark power simmered even hotter under her skin when she repeated those magnanimous words in her mind.

If we like taking care of you and it does no harm, then why not let us indulge ourselves? Because it's like getting attached to a puppy that you know you're going to have to give away to the shelter one day soon? Because even though I like being taken care of and knowing others care about me I don't think that I deserve it? Because I'm not your damned Allspark? All of these questions she asked herself, but the only response she could make come out of her mouth was, "Uh…okay. She was somewhat startled to find out all that was different about her body.

The nanites, according to Ratchet, were also affecting her body in other ways other than allowing her to channel Allspark energy. To a Cybertronian, nanites served in a very similar manner that white blood cells do for humans. They fought off 'infection' and strengthened their immune system.

While Cybertronians did not have organic physical processes, they worked in a frighteningly familiar matter. An infection for one of them was basically a systems virus and their immune system was a kind of super firewall. The nanites, though, did a bit more when incorporated into a human's system.

The nanites were working synonymously with every other part of her body to fight off any and all disease…including old age. Samantha would have been the first to admit that she wasn't the smartest girl out there and being around Ratchet on a constant basis had certainly convinced her that she knew very little indeed about the world around her, but there was no way that she had misconstrued the words 'rejuvenating her systems on a predominantly grand scale, thereby extending her existence for an undetermined amount of time'.

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It's bad enough that I'm a carrier for these things, but to have what I am taken from me? Do you hear me? She split second of compassion for Jolt, who until this point had never had be exposed to one of her 'tantrums', but it was gone in a flash when she thought about her extended lifespan.

What did that mean? Would she be like Paul Edgecomb from the Green Mile, forced to watch as all those that she loved grew older and died while she had to remain walking the Earth's surface? If that were so, then she'd never have a chance at having a real relationship. How could she stand to do that to another person and to herself?

She could marry and have children, but at what cost? Could she honestly live with herself if she had to watch her husband and her children all grow old around her while she remained young? The answer was immediate.

It was about that time that she felt a sharp prick to the right side of her neck. A hissing sound punctuated the air beside that same side ear. Instinctively her hand raised to rub at the offended point. Her eyes drifted upward to stare straight into Ratchet's bright blue optics. Guilt and sorrow pounded at the bond between them. She quickly found herself leaning back into the miniscule Autobot because her muscles were swiftly losing all strength.

We too are cursed to follow Fate's design. Beachbreak handed her over to the medic whom tucked her securely into his chassis. His spark hummed to life and warmed her to her core despite the rapidly dwindling sense of sensation throughout her body. Ask anything of us and we shall see your desires made true. Sometimes they were too kindly towards her.

Just as the darkness of oblivion came to claim her, Samantha very suddenly realized that she should be furious for something. That Pit-spawned medic drugged me! Jolt directed towards his commanding officer, Ratchet. The sedative I used was specifically designed for Her. She will sleep for a few hours at least. His chest plates disengaged until his spark was open to any that passed and he slipped the precious bundle that was known as Samantha Jane Witwicky as close to his Spark as he could manage before locking his chest-plates in place just inches from wither side of Samantha's too small body.

His servos worked to set her onto the lower ridge of his Spark chamber until she was entirely curled into its warmth. Ratchet was making himself vulnerable, of that Jolt was certain, but he was also positive that none would be about to disturb this strangely intimate moment.

He had learned from Ratchet long ago that energies could be shared between like Sparks. It was apparent that Ratchet's Spark and Samantha's energies were compatible. Jolt listened with a light spark as Samantha hummed in Her forced sleep as Ratchet's spark thrummed to Her with warmth. Under normal circumstances the heat radiating from a Cybertronian's Spark would burn a human.

It seemed that yet another facet of their little Sweetspark's body set Her apart and above the rest of Her species. From the datapacks his commanding officers sent to him, Jolt understood that the nanites worked ten-fold in regenerating Her systems when She was exposed fully to another's spark.

Essentially that meant that Her recovery would be far swifter within the immediate vicinity of another Spark than anywhere else. Revealing small facts in minute doses now will at least soften the blow when we must tell Her the full truth. He had been a far distance from the planet Earth when he had heard Samantha unconscious call human months ago.

Even in deep space amongst other galaxies he had felt the warmth of Her touch. He could have sworn that very instant that he had had a Sparkbound twin somewhere in the Universe that until then he had been unaware of. Come and get it.

The game's events are seldom mentioned in the series, and the Decepticon lineup is too contradictory to have it take place in any area in Season 2. Thunderwing having been adapted from the Generation One series. Not Starscream, oddly enough. Thunderwing betrays Megatron after agreeing to help him fight the Autobots once he's been repaired. Essentially the way the Autobots differentiate from each other, the faster they are, the less damage they do with their melee attacks and guns, though they have a faster fire rate to compensate.

Thunderwing borrows elements from his two main appearances. He's a deadly Transformer with an obsession with the matrix ala the Marvel comics, and he's a giant Person of Mass Destruction with weaponry similar to his IDW Stormbringer appearance. His design borrows from both. In addition he's a servant of Unicron much like the time his G1 self cameoed in the Transformers Armada comics. According to a producer at Activision, the game takes place alongside the second season of the animated series, but could be "wedged in" anywhere in the season.

However, this is impossible thanks to the makeup of the Decepticon team: Starscream is the main problem do to his defection long before the events of the game. Airachnid isn't much better, her Insecticon minions were only under her control while she was an independent agent, and really only for a single episode.

That episode ended with her being locked into stasis and losing control over the swarm to Megatron. And of course Dreadwing and Starscream never worked together at any point during the series. Like Arcee she's the only female of her faction.