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vaiko press meet actors

MDMK Chief Vaiko's Press Meet on Rajinikanth's Political Entry and Karunanidhi's Diamond Jubilee Function | Thanthi TV Catch us LIVE. Besides giving live and current information the channel broadcasts news on 2' actor Sathyaraj apologises for anti-Kannada remarks · VAIKO PRESSMEET;. Vaiko says, BJP குறுக்கு வழியில் செயல்படுகிறது | Press Meet | 9/8/ Puthiya Thalaimurai TV. Loading.

How did the villains get the number and call Kamal in that scene when Kamal is standing in front of the police station? And how does a scientist Govindwho spent most of his adult years creating a bio-weapon for the US so that it can kill millions of Innocent civilians, suddenly develop a conscience and want to save people in India which he left for a well-paying job in the US? And many people feel the US itself is a terrorist nation, so why protest the sale of the bio-weapon to a terrorist nation?

As if the US is spending billions of dollars on bio-weapons for peaceful purposes. Kamal is a great actor and without any make-up in Michael Madana KamaRajan we were able to differentiate between the four Kamals.

The faces looked artificial and kind of mummified.

vaiko press meet actors

So the script is just plain confusion, with the director and script writer trying to fit in all of Kamal egomanical demands. Kamal Hassan tried to talk about bio-warfare, globalisation, imperialism, terrorism, Shivites vs Vaishnavites, religion, the butterfly effect, chaos theory, discrimination against Dalits, caste feelings, lethargic functioning of the bureaucracy, sycophant government officials, corruption in the govt ranks, the tsunami, …. The Indian anthem being played when Govind lands in India with the bio-weapon.

Why the national anthem? When nothing in the film has anything remotely to do with patriotism. Hiroshima, Nagasaki vs Pearl Harbour. What I did like about the movie despite all this, was the subtle criticism he dared make about the present system: He says that both God and science betrayed human beings during the tsunami.

Why quibble about it? And that the stone Vishnu statue is just powerless.

MDMK chief Vaiko detained at Kuala Lumpur airport, questioned over alleged links with LTTE

He says that people have always killed and got killed in the name of the God in India. We became the main Opposition. Despite having 29 MLAs, we could not make money because we took a stand against the ruling party. The preference for an alliance with the DMK was a prosaic one.

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Chandrakumar also alleged that during candidate interviews, Vijayakanth had continually indicated that a tie-up with the DMK was in the offing. He said that neither he, nor other district secretaries were aware of the impending announcement of an alliance with the PWF, even on the morning of the announcement.

An insider refutes this allegation. What is the point of talking now?

vaiko press meet actors

Chandrakumar has betrayed the party and Captain. There is no setback to us due to the exit of these people. When questioned about whether the DMK had made any offer recently, he categorically denied it.

DMK leaders were unavailable for comment on this development. Both options now look like a tough ask, with his soldiers deserting the ranks.

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The politicking for May has only just begun. Moopanar once had narrowly missed a chance to be PM of India. Sensing deep dissatisfaction among the faction-ridden Congress cadre in Tamil Nadu, Vasan made his move inbringing the TMC back to life once again.

Live: Vaiko Press Meet - Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan comments on Mullaperiyar Dam

Now in the absence of any firm alliance, the immediate future for these leaders appears rather bleak. Vasan was left out in the cold.

vaiko press meet actors

Our only options are going with the PWF. If Vasan decides to join hands with the BJP, the party will break up. The TMC senior politician is visibly upset. For a politician who has never fought an election before Vasan has been Minister only through the Rajya Sabha routehis demands have been far more than the ground support he commands, they say.

They then came down to 15 seats.