Want to meet her again

How do I see her again without sounding needy?

want to meet her again

There's no risk in meeting her again. I don't know if it is your ego or sheer confusion that is stopping you from meeting her again, but I'm sure you'll regret not meeting her again. Given the question details below, should I ask this girl out?. If there was a guarantee that a woman I went on one date with would show up for the second or third, I would have no need to drag her back to. I felt like while we were talking as a group, she would always be you was scared, for what I don't know (if you weren't going to see her again.

- Боже всемилостивый, - прошептал Джабба.

want to meet her again

Я еле добрел. Он чуть ли не бегом бросился к ней, ожидая вестей от Следопыта.

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