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well meet again fallout wiki

What we term "cultural references" here at Fallout Wiki are what you would learn as .. "Begin Again" song might be a reference to the song "We'll meet Again". A confrontation will occur in which the Survivor will again have to decide the . If the Sole Survivor meets Danse after having completed The Nuclear Option in the the Brotherhood taught you, how could you be in love with well, a machine?. He is generally well respected throughout Diamond City despite his Upon their escape and meeting back up at Nick's office, the Sole Survivor enlisted his help.

Nick eventually found himself traveling to Diamond City. Although Diamond City holds no small amount of hatred for the Institute and their synths, Nick gained their respect by saving the daughter of the city's former mayor, Henry Robertswhen she ran away with a caravan trader. The caravan trader and his companions were, unbeknownst to the girl, actually kidnappers who proceeded to take her hostage.

well meet again fallout wiki

Nick stumbled upon the kidnappers purely by accident when he was wandering the Commonwealth wasteland, having been almost exclusively itinerant since his "awakening. When the Mayor's daughter told Nick what had happened, he returned her to her father, who in turn gave him a house in Diamond City as compensation despite the citizens' dismay and objections; Nick gradually eased the citizens' fears by acting as Diamond City's handyman. His formidable detective skills were brought to the forefront when he helped to find a wife who was thought dead: Nick discovered that she had in actuality run away with her lover.

In time, people stopped asking Nick to fix things when it became clear that he had found his true calling as Diamond City's private investigator.

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While on a case to find a human named Darlawho was believed to had been kidnapped but in fact had run away to join the gang of mobster Skinny MaloneNick was captured by the gang and imprisoned within their hideout in Vault It was here that he met and was rescued by the Sole Survivor.

The two escaped the vault after confronting Skinny Malone. Upon their escape and meeting back up at Nick's office, the Sole Survivor enlisted his help in tracking down their missing son.

Nick asks them to help him tie up the last "loose end" of the original Nick Valentine's life: Tracking down all 10 of Winter's old holotapes, Nick and the Sole Survivor use them to decode Winter's hideout and the code to get in.

Once inside, Nick confronts a ghoulified Winter who, predictably, does not recognize Nick. Nick then shows the Sole Survivor the site where Winter had killed Jennifer, before contemplating who he is and what purpose his life has after that point.

Nick Valentine

While traveling with the Sole Survivor, Nick finds himself on a case to find the missing daughter of Kenji Nakano who apparently worked with Nick on a prior case that wound up with Kenji getting shot in the hip. The trail leads to Far Harbor.

I would say it is a direct reference without question. The ref has been on the six string samurai page for some time now.

well meet again fallout wiki

Also if you have the Wacky Wasteland perk, when leaving Goodsprings you see a skeleton in a fridge with a hat which is a reference to when he tried to hide in a fridge from a nuke in the latest film. Megaton Atom Edit No one else posted this so i thought i might tell you guys, it says you can activate it, but you can only scavenge it for some energy cells, yeah i know it sucks. Its located east of the farthest north eastern ranger station, where theirs a bunch of the glowing one ghouls.

Beleve it or not it's actually a Toy Story reference. This is a call back to a "Return of the Living Dead" character. This might be the same Roosevelt Academy from Fallout 3. Edit Sorry for editing without permission previously, I was too rush.

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Just to point out that Portal is officially part of Half-Life series as both game make clear reference to each other, therefore existed on the same universe. Please edit my sentence and others, my English is yet to improve. That immediately reminded me of Fallout 2 side quest "Get Chip's spleen", so I think it might be a reference.

Does anyone else agree to that? Not sure if a mannequin was present, but the two items themselves in such quantities are a reference to A Clockwork Orange, where addictive drugs were always taken with milk, by raider-esque teenage criminals.

Also, one of the things Jerry the Punk can be heard muttering as he composes poetry is "What rhymes with indulgent?

The Ink Spots

Efful- No, no, that's terrible. The character was once an aspiring poet, whose use of the word effulgent caused others to mock him. New Vegas, the character Troike is indebted to the Omertas for their covering up of his murder of a hooker while high on Psycho. His story, however, has him suddenly waking up in the room with a dead hooker and the Omertas telling him about what he did and how they can help him cover it up.

This is very similar, point-by-point, to the scheme the Corleone family used to blackmail Senator Pat Geary into dropping the inquiry against the family. In this scheme, the Corleones set the senator up with a girl for the night and then knock him out, kill her in a particularly bloody way, and then wake him up and agree to cover it up if he would just do them a favor. Edit I was thinking that Billy Knight might be a reference to the famous comedian, Rodney Dangerfield.

Not only are many of his jokes taken from Rodney "I take my wife everywhere, but she always finds her way back. Knight's style used to be pretty common. Also, Dangerfield tended to be much more self-deprecating than Knight is.

The bumper sword seems to be that large since it's made from a car's bumper and it seems to only be used by super mutantswhich would explain the size. The fact that it's large doesn't seem to cut it. I'll wait for agreements or disagreements before it's taken out of it.