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wiccan meet up spartanburg

Greenwood Area meet up. Greenwood, SC. Gaffney/Spartanburg, SC. Blue Moon Greenville, SC Charleston, SC North Carolina Piedmont Church of Wicca. Find Meetups in Spartanburg, South Carolina about Wiccan and meet people in your local community who share your interests. The Upstate Coalition of Reason is made up of atheist, freethought, and humanist groups working together in the Greenville and Spartanburg SC area. Atheist, Liberal Christiian, Agnostic, Buddhist, Wiccan, Spiritual, and Free Thinkers. local group with social, recreational, charitable and especially activist meet ups in .

My mother and sister once refused to attend a Catholic wedding; they'd disown me if they ever found out about this. Lady Rhiannon joined us at the table, and I asked her about the Church of Wicca's beliefs. The Church took our deities, like the Horned One, and transformed them into Satan.

wiccan meet up spartanburg

The Horned One is actually a deity of nature, not evil. I asked Lady Rhiannon if there is a dark aspect to Wicca. Wicca predates the concept of Satan, which is part of the Christian deity structure.

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There are Satanists out there, and they do some terrible things, but their beliefs are not ours. Members volunteer for toy runs, at safe homes for victims of rape and abuse, and operate Project CARE, adopting families of the terminally ill. I would welcome an ecumenical council meeting with other church leaders.

A failed Methodist explores Wicca in the Upstate

I think they'd be surprised by how much we have in common. One member had to leave the church recently on the advice of an attorney.

wiccan meet up spartanburg

She was told that her membership could jeopardize her chances of keeping her child, so she resigned. Everyone is brave for being here tonight. We are entirely open, but we do not recruit members, so each of us has made the personal decision to accept the risk. They both said yes, but then White Oak changed his mind. Wicca is not the only spiritual alternative in the Upstate.

Farther north, I met with a Clemson University employee whose beliefs are so eclectic they defy a label.

wiccan meet up spartanburg

Once she stopped going to church, I stopped going. This happened soon after my first confession, when I was around 10 years old, and I remember having to make up sins to confess. I developed an aversion to unexplained ritual, and after many years of not following any spiritual practice, I decided that spirituality and religion are not the same.

Wiccan Meetups in Spartanburg

I've taken the approaches that make sense to me and formed them into a personal spirituality. It's an aspect of everyone's personality that should be dealt with at a personal level, but some choose to project it outward. We have to journey into our shadow, even make friends with it, if we hope to bring it into the light.

Life is a series of cycles through light and dark, and both are necessary. On the way out, I saw two hooded figures loping along Highway 93, books tucked under their arms. Sprenger, I hissed through clenched teeth, and Kramer.

Dragging their rotten tome to yet another torture session. I hit my high beams, rolled down my window and screamed at them. InSacred Seasons was formed by myself and 3 friends with a different vision of the craft.

I am excited to work within the community again. My spiritual journey to self has kinda taken me all over the place, but I find myself right here where I sit, content and satisfied with this awesome path. The journey, not the destination, makes the man who he is in life.

Although content with that connection, I was not content with what was offered or expected by organized religion, or the answers to the questions of life. I didn't like the man-made rules or the fact that what Jesus taught seemed contradictory to what the organized church often taught or practiced.

So, I left the Christian church in early 80's.

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Afraid of Hell Fire and such, due to the typical brain-washing techniques used by some groups, I began carefully searching for spiritual connection outside of organized religion. Sources were few and far between in the Bible-belt too, back then.

I dabbled in magick of various types until finding Wicca, where I finally found answers that were more to my understanding and aligned with my mind-set. It was a long and arduous journey, but after arriving it felt like a homecoming, like I'd found my niche. The official year that I came to Wicca is a bit tricky, in that I begin dabbling in 81 or That was, while it was Paganism and Witchcraft, but not so much Wiccan.

After a couple of years maybe, we my wife and I honed in to solely practicing witchcraft, but not Wicca yet My late wife Barbara and I, along with a couple of friends and family members through the years worked together and formed close-knit Covens. We started in mid's with "The Circle of Light", Which was in Greenville, at a home shared with my cousin and his wife, the 4 of us studied together.

Later in the late 's there was "United Fellowship", which was formed with friends in Anderson. We planned on chartering as a Wiccan Temple, but upon further research, we found that a North Carolina senator I think that's what he was Jesse Helms, a big proponent of the Christian Right, was soliciting support, and actually had a bill on Capitol Hill, stating that no religion related to the Earth or Magic be allowed government acknowledgement or recognition.

So to prevent any possible backlash, we did charter still, but under very vague descriptions of our beliefs and purpose. We didn't lie by any means, but we explained our practices in terms that they would understand and accept. Luckily on Samhain of the year we chartered, the bill was trashed, as being unconstitutional.

Time marches on, in the early 's, we came to find out about a coven in Greenville named Ravenscry, sought out these folks and got involved with this group. After a period of time the group fell apart, due to coven politics and some irresponsible behaviors of its leaders.

My wife, and I were asked to help create a new coven in its place and we did so. We were responsible for incorporating Ravenscry.

wiccan meet up spartanburg

We used the old name and called the incorporated entity "Ravenscry Temple and Seminary of Celtic Wicca". We chartered through the state of South Carolin using this as our Tradition name, but the actual coven name was "Hearthstone".