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REVOLUTION -- "The Love Boat" Episode -- Pictured: (l-r) Zak Orth as Aaron, Elizabeth Mitchell . St. Louis: VIDEO: Get a Sneak Peek at MEET ME IN ST. Bradley Cooper's character suggested they meet up a decade later to Nina Hellman, Paul Rudd, Rich Sommer, Sarah Burns and Zak Orth. Find When Trumpets Fade at Movies & TV, home of thousands of If a guy cannot convince me that he isn't crapping himself when the shi* hits Zac Orth was also outstanding and I'll remember his screams from the 88's scene forever! . Just fyi, the "bloodiest battle of WWII" was the Battle of Saint Petersburg.

We relied on it for everything. And then the power went out. Fear and confusion led to panic. The lucky ones made it out of the cities. Militias took over, controlling the food supply and stockpiling weapons.

We still don't know why the power went out. But we're hopeful someone will come and light the way. In Season 1 Episode 5, "Soul Train", a map of the former continental United StatesCanadaand Mexico is shown [9] and shows the continent of North America divided into six " republics " including parts of present-day Canada and Mexico along with the contiguous United States: Louis, is also mentioned.

According to the wife of Captain Thomas Neville Julia in a letter to her husband, the Monroe Republic capital of PhiladelphiaPennsylvania is relatively safe; however, life outside west of Pittsburgh is subject to rebel attacks and other dangers such as bandits. The new season aired on Wednesdays at 8: Patrick Heusinger and Jessie Collins were also signed. The Monroe Republic is no longer the primary enemy, being replaced by the Patriots.

Sebastian Monroe becomes an ally albeit an uneasy one of the Matheson family, while the Nevilles are largely isolated from this group. The action of the main group of characters is centered on the town of Willoughby, in the nation of Texas.

There is still considerable travel from this location to the Plains Nation, the outpost called New Vegas, and to Mexico but there is not a single continuing odyssey, as in the first season. The pendants and the Tower are no longer significant, with self-willed nanites becoming the major science-fictional element. It was going to be great.

It was gonna be this kind of treasure story where they were going to hear a legend of a very mythic treasure. It wasn't gonna be gold, it was gonna be supplies. It was gonna be this incredible stockpile of supplies. All the good guys and all the bad guys in the show were going to fight for this gold mine of material and supplies. It was going to be fun. It wasn't going to be a war season.

It was going to be a treasure hunt season, which would have been fun and mixed up the show in a really interesting way. As Ben Matheson's brother, he is later revealed to be one of the founding fathers of the Monroe Republic, having established it with Sebastian Monroe after the collapse of the United States. He is also the former commanding general of its militia, and is responsible for making them as brutally efficient as they are now.

However, he later became disillusioned with the Republic and unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate Monroe. He deserted, and becomes dependent on alcohol over guilt of the Republic's atrocities against civilians.

The militia now considers Miles a traitor, and seeks to capture him as well as the rest of the Matheson family. Miles is shown expressing regret for his role with the militia, although not without conflicted feelings about his former best friend, Sebastian Monroe, who offered him his old job back after liberating Rachel. After rescuing Danny, Miles resolved to defeat Monroe once and for all when he realized that the various pendants Rachel and Ben invented can grant Monroe massive firepower including nuclear capability against countless people who are reduced to fighting with guns, swords and bows and arrows after the blackout.

Miles described her initially as unusual, insisting that it's not meant as an insult. Charlie has strong remorse for the things around her in the new world and is very caring, but is increasingly at odds with trying to find a balance between concern and self-preservation in the post-blackout society, often choosing to emulate her Uncle Miles more than her own family.

After Rachel left, she took responsibility for looking after her brother, Danny, whom she actively pursued in the first half of the season. After her brother's death, she was determined to assist Miles in stopping Bass Monroe, while attempting to reconcile with her estranged mother. She had a small relationship with Jason Neville.

She shot Jason Neville when he was in soldier mode in self-defense. In the comic series it is later revealed that Charlie is Miles' daughter as the result of his and Rachel's long on-and-off relationship. She has told Monroe about the existence of the pendants and provided other information to the militia concerning them and a need for amplification in order to enable vehicular use. Later, it is revealed that Rachel had been equally involved in the blackout as she and her husband know the exact science behind why it has happened.

After learning that activated pendants can be tracked by Flynn, she sought instead to destroy them as they are found instead of using them to counter Monroe. In the comic series, Rachel was later killed when she sacrificed herself, after realizing she's been a selfish woman.

Aaron was a teacher in the community, educating children about pre-blackout life. He abandoned his wife after feeling unable to protect her from looters and thieves, leaving her with a group they were traveling with. Aaron has a great deal of suppressed guilt and remorse over abandoning his wife. Just before Ben's death, Aaron was secretly entrusted with a pendant flash drive onto which Ben downloaded files from his computer just before the blackout.

Aaron and Maggie decided to keep the pendant's existence a secret from the rest of the group, fearing Miles' reaction and complicating the pursuit of Danny's captors. The others later discover the pendant's existence, and it is eventually stolen by Nora's sister a double agent and handed over to Sebastian Monroe. Once reunited with Rachel, Aaron is concentrating on the study of her notes and any information concerning the blackout.

Rachel suspects that Ben deliberately cultivated a relationship with Aaron because unknown to Aaron, some of his early work in programming at MIT may have been used in the development of the nanites. Major Tom Neville Giancarlo Espositoa former insurance adjuster who joined the Monroe Republic militia after the blackout.

As a Captain, Neville is the first antagonist in the story — his troops are responsible for both Ben Matheson's death and Danny's capture.

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He is very calculated and committed to the militia, seeking primarily to survive and to keep his own family safe. Originally a mild-mannered and compassionate family man, the blackout forced him to become more ruthless; he is frequently encouraged to be even more ruthless by his politically ambitious wife who wishes for him to replace Sebastian Monroe as president.

Afterward, he is promoted to major. Following the capture of Danny Matheson, Neville loses favor with Monroe when his son defects and he is subsequently captured by the rebels he later escapes.

This prevents him from completing a critical mission for Monroe. Realizing that Monroe will kill him for his failure, Neville and his wife defect to the Georgia Republic, where he is rewarded for the intelligence he provides with a commission as a major in the Georgian militia.

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He now works with Miles Matheson, who is leading the rebel forces fighting Monroe and is allied with Georgia. In the season one finale, he leads a coup against Monroe.

Pardoa lieutenant of the Monroe Militia tasked with tracking down Miles. He travels incognito calling himself as Nate Walker so he can travel with Charlie to find Miles.

He is the son of Tom Neville. Initially loyal to the Militia, he develops feelings for Charlie, which results in him choosing to protect her on several occasions. When the militia start hunting down the rebels with their helicopters, he defects because he views the massacres as inhumane. He joins the rebellion to fight alongside Charlie, with a reluctant Miles refusing to trust his motivations until he agrees to help interrogate his own father.

He has an extremely difficult relationship with his father, Tom, until the end of the first season. Throughout season 2, Jason travels with his father and remains loyal to him even after having his memories altered.

Jason died when Charlie shot him in self-defense in the episode Austin City Limits in season 2. Marine Corps sergeant who co-founded the Monroe Republic. He was the president de facto dictator of the republic, as well as the commanding general of the militia and serves as the main antagonist of Season 1.

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Monroe and Miles had been best friends prior to the blackout, while they grew up and served together in the military. Seeking at first to defend innocent people and restore order to society after the collapse, they used their combined military experience to organize a standing militia. Monroe knew the Matheson family well before the blackout. After Miles defected, he kept Rachel in seclusion for many years, letting the world believe she was dead.

She was key in turning electrical power back on. After Rachel's escape, Bass cooperated with Randall Flynn, who has a supply of pendants and amplifiers, allowing vehicles and weaponry to work under Monroe Republic control. He loses power in a coup and some of his men try to kill him. In Season 2, he later teamed up with Miles and the others to fight against the Patriots. Nora Clayton Daniella Alonso season 1, guest afterwardsa woman who has a history with Miles. She has connections to the rebels, who fight against the Monroe Republic to restore the United States of America as part of an organized rebellion.

Her primary expertise is in explosives, and Nora's connections to the rebellion help at various points throughout the story. Upon learning that her sister was alive and wanted to return to Texas to seek out their family, Nora was going to leave Miles, Charlie, and Aaron to assault Bas. After her sister betrayed the Matheson family to the militia, however, Nora returns, rescuing them and leaving her sister to travel alone.

While trying to help the group at a critical moment, she was killed in the season one finale, from massive blood loss after being shot. Gene Porter Stephen Collinsseason 2one of the civic leaders of the town of Willoughby, the town doctor and the father of Rachel Matheson. First working for the Patriots but later switching sides as he finds out what kind of people they are. He is instrumental in saving Bass during his execution. Danny Matheson Graham RogersepisodesCharlie's brother who gets captured by the militia.

Danny is asthmatic and before being kidnapped, was constantly watched over by his sister. Similar to Charlie, Danny feels sympathetic for various people, and in a moment when Capt.

Neville was vulnerable, chose to help free him and risk getting recaptured rather than escape and let the Captain die from collapsing rubble. Danny is killed from random fire after shooting down a helicopter. Post-mortem, Rachel pulled a device out of Danny, which has a faint blinking light that is still working, years after the blackout.

It is later learned that the nanites helped power the device to keep Danny alive. Grace Beaumont Maria Howell series regular: It is revealed that as one of the scientists who worked at the Department of Defense, she is in contact via a computer with an unknown party until Randall Flynn abducted her. When Aaron and Maggie discover the house she lived in, the pendant she possessed was missing and her computer destroyed.

Randall keeps her in captivity with other scientists fixing equipment at the Tower to further his pursuits. After this event, Grace moves to Spring City, Oklahoma. Aliens Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Alvin and the Chipmunks: She has been married to Nathan Graf since She was previously married to Jeremy Sisto.

Most of the people in his family are lawyers. He was a high school state championship wrestler. He enjoys mountain-biking, wrestling, dancing hip-hop to salsa and jogging. Resurrection Wet Hot American Summer: Alyssa was born in a working-class neighborhood in Brooklyn and grew up in a modest house on Staten Island. One day her babysitter, who was an aspiring He has two older siblings, Shannon and David. Scott has said that his brother David "looks like me but is far more cerebral and inherited the intellect of our parents," both of whom are retired teachers.

She is the daughter of Ann Wallacewho worked in a bank, and Mark P. Mitchell, a factory worker. Elizabeth describes herself as He has been married to Erica Oyama since October 8, They have two children. He has one sister, who is three years younger than he is. Paul traveled with his family during his early years, because of his father's airline job at He met the other members of the comedy troupe The State while a film student at NYU, where he graduated from in As part of The State, he co-created and co-starred on their self-titled MTV sketch comedy show in the mid 90's.