5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

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5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

There are three pillars for a successful marriage which are .. Will be divorcing soon after almost 5 years of marriage and knowing him for. Today, we're joined by Craig Ballantyne, a Productivity & Success He finally discovered how to beat them with his 5 Pillars of Favorite Quotes from Craig Ballantyne: reading relationships sleep speed reading spirituality success superlearning supplements tenacity testosterone weightlifting willpower. Many people have great success in one area of their life but still feel Using the Law of Attraction, and looking at all five pillars of life Relationships & Love: What kind of relationship do you desire with friends and family?.

There are many principles in cultivating a healthy relationship. After traveling around the world, interviewing thousands of couples in five different continents, I discovered the eight pillars of a hot, healthy, happy and harmonious relationship.

They are as follows: Comprehension -- Being able to focus on understanding your partner is one of the key elements to a fruitful and satisfying relationship. It is that capability of being open to your partner's point of view and to seek to understand the situation from your lover's perspective. Comprehension is a two way street and couples who understand the importance of understand as much as being understood is one of the main factors to a successful partnership. Respect -- Respecting your partner as well as being respected by your partner in words and actions is another key component to a long-term healthy partnership.

The act of regularly acknowledging and admiring your partner in both private and social settings clearly communicates the value and importance your partner processes in your heart and mind. In those instances your partner will be filled with appreciation and will set into motion a culture of reciprocity and mutual respect. Accepting and valuing your partner's input, needs and feelings, despite your differences, is also a powerful demonstration of love and respect.

Trust -- Being honest and transparent with one another creates predictability and safety in the relationship. It opens up a space where both of you can confide in one another. In order to develop trust, you and your partner's words and actions need to be congruent, you need to demonstrate reliability and dependability by following through on your commitments.

And lastly, that your actions have your partner's best interest at heart. Friendship -- Being a good friend to your partner means being kind to one another in words and actions.

The kind of love that is truly romantic is that love which is developed during the course of a life together, with someone whom you have worked hard with to then claim that lasting love. The kind which we all dream about. A successful marriage is something that two people work hard at building together. Marriage requires two people who desire to walk the same walk in life, and in the process build a successful relationship and family life.

There are three pillars for a successful marriage which are absolutely necessary in order for you to enjoy the blessings of a successful marriage. If even one of these is left out, the likelihood of your marriage losing balance and focus are increased greatly.

What is a pillar? In a building it is one of a total number of props that literally hold up a structure and keep it from losing balance and eventually collapsing altogether. For a building to stand it is imperative that at least three pillars are placed upon a well prepared and planned foundation - if, it is to remain standing when pressure of any kind or from any direction is applied. The foundation upon which said pillars are placed is critical if the structure is to stand, and withstand the elements.

A foundation is just that a place to begin to build. A foundation in itself must be determined to have integrity - before building upon that foundation is begun. Therefore, an inspection is usually performed. The integrity of the foundation will then be depended upon by those who build upon it to ensure the safety, security and ultimately the longevity and usefulness of that which is built upon it In building, those who build upon a solid and secure foundation, should never need to ever return to the foundational beginnings of the structure, if a problem in stability arises.

If structural issues in a building become apparent over time, each pillar that is in place must first be looked at and carefully inspected, as a probable source of a potential breech or structural issue.

Once a good foundation has been established; and today we have building codes to determine the integrity of such - a permit is given. The building begins to be constructed when the first pillar is placed. The integrity of the final building or house will be determined by the strength of the combined pillars, which then support the entire structure. Dating Dating is another word for inspecting the potential foundation for a successful marriage.

It is imperative, as discussed earlier, that the person you choose to marry and build your life with has a very similar belief and value system before you can be sure that the proper foundation can be built.

You must, above all else, make sure that the person you have chosen to build your marriage and life with is stellar as an individual.

5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

This initial step must be cleared, before you even think of building anything together - of which you expect to last. The long-term success for your marriage can only be ensured - 'if' you take the responsible position to make sure your intended marriage partner - passes the initial inspection 'while' dating! If during the inspection process, you begin to see any 'flags' going up Deal with it now! If you cannot do so - move on and fast!

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Individuals who think that they can 'live' with it, or change it We do not and never will change another person Kimball Ensure a Successful Marriage Marriage is defined differently today by many different sources, which come from all walks of life.

I am going to talk about how to have a successful marriage regardless of all outside influences. More than half of all legal marriages that are entered into in the United States end in divorce.

A marriage that ends in divorce is not a successful marriage. A successful marriage is one that is enduring, and has endured, the many hits that are an inevitable part of weathering life's storms - which will naturally and inevitably beat upon it, relentlessly. If you are in a marriage that currently is struggling to withstand the storms of life then you will most assuredly want to review the Three Pillars For A Successful Marriage.

Perhaps a bit of structural repair is necessary so that you might reinforce your current marriage for future longevity! Identify where you might be having a bit of structural stress in your marriage and what then, must be done to remedy the breach.

Quotes for a Successful Marriage "In the enriching of marriage the big things are the little things. It is a constant appreciation for each other and a thoughtful demonstration of gratitude. It is the encouraging and the helping of each other to grow.

5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

Marriage is a joint quest for the good, the beautiful, and the divine. Faust "Marriage demands work.

Craig Ballantyne: The 5 Pillars Of Personal Transformation

A happy marriage exacts the very best of us. Yet above all, maintaining a successful marriage is a choice. Gibbons "Covenant marriage requires a total leap of faith: They must surrender unconditionally, obeying God and sacrificing for each other. Then they will discover what Alma called 'incomprehensible joy. Hafen "The secret of a happy marriage is to serve God and each other.

5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

The goal of marriage is unity and oneness, as well as self-development. Paradoxically, the more we serve one another, the greater is our spiritual and emotional growth. Pearson "Marriage, like any other worthwhile activity, requires time and energy. It takes at least as much time to keep a marriage in shape as it does for a weight lifter to keep his body in shape.

5 pillars of a successful relationship quotes

Integrity There are many today, who have experienced divorce from many angles, and are asking the question: Especially if the majority of marriages end up looking like a wrecking ball has struck. Marriages that end in divorce are tragic.

The Three Pillars of a Successful Marriage—Love Is Not One of Them!

There is no other way to describe the outcome of any divorce. Divorce for anyone involved, rocks the very foundation who a person is, and what they thought they understood about relationships. Recovery from divorce, has little success in itself - so great is the trauma to the individual soul. As a child of divorce, at the age of ten, I can only say that I consider myself a survivor of divorce - divorced parents' that is. I continue today, to still find that I am surviving from the fallout of such a tragic blow, and at such a young and impressionable age.

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Please, I am not one that can be convinced of the lie—not even for a moment—that there is such a thing as a nice divorce. For this reason, as an adult—I became and still am, determined to remain in a "working" marriage.

Integrity is the first pillar of a successful marriage. This pillar of integrity will be critical in the building of a successful marriage and do much to ensure a strong structure. It is also called commitment or honor. In order for your marriage to be successful, or solid, it must be founded upon principles that both you and your spouse agree, and which you both are stellar in keeping. You must inspect each other to decide if you both have what it takes together to build a strong and lasting marriage based on principles that both embrace as true the foundation.

Mormons believe, along with many other Christians, that marriage is ordained of God.