Female led relationship dating quotes

Female Led Relationship Quotes, Quotations & Sayings

female led relationship dating quotes

I know of one marriage in which he submits to her mainly due to her wealth. In all the relationships I've seen the man is scared of his wife. So he will Rate this post positively Reply With Quote · Quick reply to this message. My boi introduced me to the concept of Female Led relationships. We met ten years Anyone who's dating or in a relationship should visit this website. Enter a . I came across this profile on a kink dating site. Sounds completely out to lunch, but is it really any different than what the majority of women on.

She would demonstrate to me that she is someone I can lean on and depend on. She would nurture and nourish my submission by instructing me in her lessons of obedience and would be a strong and unyielding teacher. She would accept no flaw, nothing less than my very best efforts at attaining her ideal of submissive perfection.

female led relationship dating quotes

She would never discipline without good reason or in anger. When it was necessary she would always discipline with a knowledgeable and careful hand.

She would always be open to communication and discussion, always willing to hear my wants, needs and desires, even if ultimately she decided that they were not things she considered to be in my best interests. She would be patient, taking time to learn my limits, fully aware that as my trust in her grows, so would my willingness to have my limits stretched and challenged. She would fully comprehend that I submit to her out of my deeply felt desires and need to please her.

My compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment.

Female Led Relationship

She would understand the fragile nature of the mind and body and would never purposely violate the trust given to her. She would be secure enough to laugh at herself and the absurdities of life, open-minded enough to explore and learn new things, and strong enough to grow.

Her tools would be mind, body, spirit, and love. She would understand that each partner in a relationship gains most from pleasuring the other and that in the final analysis trust and love are the only bindings that truly hold From an abandoned blog, I no longer have the link.

Originally posted They know whats happening around them and how to deal with the situation. If there is anything bothering their man they know what it is and how to make him feel better. So letting them sail the ship is always a better idea. With no reading between the lines, the relationship runs more smoothly than ever. So instead of hinting the man to help her with the dishes, she will tell him to.

This way the task is done without any drama. But keep in mind: The woman should never abuse her power and be too much bossy. Because the main reason is to keep the pressure off both parties and have a happy and meaningful relationship. Equal Power in Relationship In most relationships, the person making most of the money have usually the most power.

I'm loving living in a female-led marriage!

Which in turn is gender inequality at its finest. The power is distributed in a way that both the parties feel satisfied. A Better Sex Life In most of the female-dominated relationship, the lady takes control in the bed. You might be amazed at how many men love this. Most men only know how to satisfy themselves but when she takes control both partner will feel satisfied and have a more fulfilling sex life.

Giving her the domineering role will do the following wonders: Spice up your sex life. Keep both partners satisfied in bed. Will be a great experience.

Fewer Worries As proven, women are better decision maker than men, this results in a higher sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

female led relationship dating quotes

Also, women have a higher sense of responsibility than men. Whether it be taking charge of kids or household, they know how to get things done. Take your own relationship as an example: Who keeps track of anniversaries, birthdays and other important dates, also who remembers to make reservations for date night.

female led relationship dating quotes

You may have seen couples that are working a full-time job but only the woman is organized and efficient even after working all those long hours. While the man is usually not that much.

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That is why giving her control of the entire relationship may not be such a bad thing. With her leading and doing most of the work, he automatically learns to respect her more. It Makes Her Ambitious In a loving FLR, the man supports her partner dreams and ambitions, which boost her confidence and helps her to accomplish her dreams.

Just by being with a man who recognizes her superpowers and respects her opinion, she can achieve her goals more easily. It Challenges Him When the male is with a confident and assertive woman, he knows that she will challenge him to be the best. So he works hard to meet the expectations and by working harder he grows to be more mature. She is not afraid to show her true self.

So another benefit is that you can be yourself and be more confident about it. It Strengthens The Relationship Another benefit is that it shows a new side of both of you.