Jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

All this, say her friends, has rendered J. Jayalalitha highly unpredictable, as in which she dumped me when I advised her to keep Sasikala and her family at a Kannan and Valampuri John were privy to her blow-hot-blow-cold relationship with MGR. A bitter and sad MGR could not stomach his protege breaking away. The report doesn't quote sources but says that Sasikala, 55, was guilty of planning a .. What is the real relationship between Jayalalitha and Sasikala? . Now that Sasikala will be behind bars and AIADMK will be broken to pieces, there will. The photo and quote would be used repeatedly by her political opposition in . Jayalalitha and Sasikala appeared bedecked in jewelry from head to toe. . Never having had a normal relationship with males she came to see her male G.K. Moopanar who broke away from Congress to form TMC solely.

Vajpayee lost the trust vote by one vote, thanks to Mayavati who switched her votes at the last minute. In a case of rank political opportunism, as is his tradition, Karunanidhi immediately aligned with BJP, a party he had ridiculed for stoking religious tensions and being inimical to minority communities, his vote bank.

Karunanidhi who sought to pass on the mantle to his son M.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

Stalin presided over a decent administration that time. However, in the run up to the elections he failed to stitch together a decent alliance and Jayalalitha romped to power.

Shocking News About Jayalalitha,Sashikala Relationship

She sought to return the favor of foisting cases by filing a case against Karunanidhi for supposedly taking bribes in constructing the many 'flyovers' that marked his attempt to stem the unmanageable traffic of Chennai.

The arrest episode and the drama enacted by Karunanidhi, not apparent in the first few days but only later as more evidence appeared, was a bad start to her second term. Battling legal cases Jayalalitha unleashed a despicable tactic of silencing her critics or terrorizing those she considered inimical, including a member of the judiciary and her own erstwhile adopted son, by foisting 'ganja' cases wherein contraband was planted by the police and later claimed to be found on the accused.

Jayalalitha shocked the Hindu community and her fellow Brahmins when the much revered pontiff of Kanchi mutt Jayendra Saraswati was arrested, on Diwali day no less, on murder charges.

A critic of Kanchi mutt was murdered right in the sanctum sanctorum of a temple. Jayalalitha's government alleged that the murder was carried out on the orders of the pontiff who was irked by the critic. Her ardent supporter Cho Ramasamy reasoned that Jayalalitha would not have dared to do such an almost sacrilegious thing without adequate proof. But when the junior pontiff too was arrested on the day the senior was released on bail it became plain that there was more to this than just the desire to get justice for a slain man.

A welcome relief was the hunting and killing of forest brigand Veerappan, the largest manhunt in history, by a team headed by IPS officer Vijayakumar. The operation was everything that a previous operation headed by Devaram in her first tenure was not.

That she is tough on law and order unlike her opponent Karunanidhi, who had buckled to a ransom event by Veerappan earlier, was established again.

The highlight of Jayalalitha's second term was the constitutional crisis she precipitated. As she was yet to clear herself of the TANSI land deal conviction she could not contest in the elections.

Sasikala and Jayalalithaa: An enigmatic relationship - The Financial Express

She nevertheless filed petitions for candidacy in 4 constituencies and was reject in all 4 because the limit for filing was 2 constituencies. She blamed the DMK government and garnered some sympathy, unfairly, on that count. Using the loop holes of the constitution she ascended the chief ministership since anybody can be elected by the largest seat holding party to be their leader provided they contest an MLA election within 6 months to become an MLA.

Jayalalitha's issue was that she had been prohibited from contesting in the first place not that she did not contest. A case was duly filed in the Supreme Court which declared her move unconstitutional and unseated her as chief minister. Panneerselvam, was selected to keep the seat warm while she tried to clear herself of the TANSI land deal conviction.

In a verdict that stunned the nation and the judiciary the Supreme Court judge while accepting that she acted illegally released her saying that she can answer to her conscience. The judgment remains the butt of many jokes even today. Promptly Jayalalitha took the reins back. Despite all the shenanigans that she did her opposition DMK was still struggling to gain back the voters trust. The election saw the advent of shameless promotion of supposedly welfare schemes like free color TVs for all by the DMK.

It'd be fair to say that without that kind of a salacious promise the DMK may very well have lost the election. Karunanidhi's tenure in was marked by rampant corruption, of an unprecedented scale, land grabbing, also of unprecedented scale, sycophancy that made Jayalalitha look modest, tyranny, especially of the lucrative and much attention gathering filmdom and above all a crippling electricity shortage that plagued the state with multi-hour power cuts.

Fostering ill-will - States News - Issue Date: Jun 25,

The DMK was trounced in the elections paving the way for a third term for Jayalalitha. Jayalalitha started off her third term, as usual, with a string of rash decisions that mostly were designed to undo, irrespective of merits, everything her predecessor did.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

That the two parties have been alternating shows the lack of choice for Tamil Nadu voter. Maturing as a savvy politician Jayalalitha, in her third term, outsmarted Karunanidhi on every issue that he had once used, with great effect, as a political wedge to differentiate himself to gullible voters. Whether it is supporting the convicts in Rajiv Gandhi's murder or getting water from Karnataka or the Mullaperiyar dam issue Jayalalitha played her cards well. In the recently concluded parliamentary elections ditching all other alliance partners she undertook a whirlwind tour of the state as the sole indefatigable campaigner of her party.

Her helicopter hopping, ministers waiting with bowed heads at the helipad and her speeches were fodder for internet humor. But she had the last laugh. Jayalalitha romped home with 37 MPs.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

A feat that not even the legendary charisma of MGR could achieve. DMK was stunningly routed. Even as Modi mania swept all of India Jayalalitha denied him the satisfaction of a complete victory. Jayalalitha the politician had arrived with a bang. Every once in 5 years the voter simply throws out, often by a huge margin, the incumbent and gifts power to the then opposition party with sickening regularity for the past 23 years since The DMK, trounced in and the parliamentary elections ofis still reeling from factionalism and a string of defeats.

Now, all bets are off. Jayalalitha lacked the natural political instincts of MGR and the savviness of Karunanidhi. A politician by accident and compulsion she was just maturing into a better leader when this conviction derailed her. Her titular and whimsical manner of government is legendary. Yet, many who meet her in person have often felt that she is an intelligent and pragmatic person one could do business with.

Just as the person thinks they had been misinformed Jayalalitha will prove that they were gullible. Never having had a normal relationship with males she came to see her male opponents as nothing short of mortal enemies. She rarely, if at all it happened, showed grace toward anybody. Without people she could call friends or family all she had around her opportunists and opponents.

It is also true that Jayalalitha never got her due even when she deserved it simply because she happened to be a woman and a former actress catapulted to a position of power in a state that fawns over actors. Karunanidhi, an astute and savvy political operator, has always been held in awe, thanks to flashy rhetoric, by the literate as an ideologue, though in reality he has neither the intelligence to craft an idea nor the sincerity to adhere to an idea.

Let us also not forget that everything that Jayalalitha can be blamed for was actually seeded by Karunanidhi. The finger of suspicion points to Azhagiri on the Tha. That case was ignominiously closed during Karunanidhi's tenure when witnesses became hostile. A case relating to burning a newspaper office resulting in the death of two employees, instigated by Azhagiri, was also let to die.

In a corruption case relating to Stalin one of the witnesses, a friend, conveniently committed suicide along with his entire family including a toddler.

DMK general secretary and Karunanidhi's perpetual sidekick Anbazhagan today croaks that his suit to transfer Jayalalitha's case out of Tamil Nadu was not out of political vendetta and that he was just following his party's resolution in that regard.

Every politician of Tamil Nadu is an opportunist scumbag. PMK founder and sudden millionaire Ramadoss once declared that if he ever aligned with Jayalalitha it will be as disgusting as having slept with his own mother.

Sasikala and Jayalalithaa: An enigmatic relationship

And then he aligned with Jayalalitha. Out of a sense of decency I will not ask any further questions of Ramadoss. Promptly Jayalalitha used the bill to arrest him.

Later for the sake of a few seats Vaiko aligned, fruitlessly, with Jayalalitha for the elections. Shortly before daybreak that day, the police arrived at Sudhakaran's Chennai residence and arrested him on charges of attempted murder.

The raid that followed yielded an unlicensed gun and, as the police told Metropolitan Magistrate P. Jayapalan, a sachet of heroin. The FIR says Sudhakaran had threatened his former aide Gopu Sridhar "at gunpoint" for not repaying money he had borrowed from him. In his complaint, Sridhar said Sudhakaran called him to his residence on June When Sridhar went there with his assistant Muthuraman and driver Palani, the three were beaten up by Sudhakaran's henchmen.

Sudhakaran flashed his pistol and threatened him, Sridhar alleged. He says the cases were foisted against him to tarnish his political image. Sudhakaran, who was arrested around 3 a. He was then taken to the Vellore Jail by road. Later in the day, Sudhakaran's father T.

Vivekanandan was also arrested on the basis of the same complaint. If popularity makes men, Jayalalitha is Sudhakaran's undisputed creator. Inchief minister Jayalalitha named the little-known nephew of her near-inseparable aide Sasikala as her foster son.

jayalalitha sasikala relationship break quotes

That marked the beginning of Sudhakaran's meteoric rise. Jayalalitha doted on him. She had personally called on actor Sivaji Ganesan to ask for his granddaughter Sathyalak-shmi's hand in marriage for Sudha-karan.

He appealed to the people of Tamil Nadu to maintain peace and calm. Naidu said, "Jayalalithaa's demise is a big loss to country. She was an able administrator who had conviction and courage" Amma's mortal remains reach Rajaji Hall at 6. Thousands of people gathered outside Rajaji Hall. Anyone who wished to pay their tributes to Amma can do so at the Rajaji Hall. Later, Jayalalithaa's mortal remains will be taken to Marina Beach where the last rites will be performed.

Jayalalithaa's body is being taken to Rajaji Hall. Portfolios to ministers have been allocated. Prime Minister, other national leaders expected to pay their tributes to Jayalalithaa at Marina Beach.

Jayalalithaa's mortal remains to be taken to Rajaji Hall in the morning where it will be kept for the people to pay their last respect. Jayalalithaa's body reaches Poes Garden amid wailing supporters. Many people being pushed away, not letting ambulance to pass Ambulance finding it difficult to pass, people spilling through the road to just try and get as close as possible to their Amma.

Several supporters are crying, running behind Amma's convoy. Entire stretch from Apollo Hospital to Poes Garden lines with scores of policemen. Panneerselvam, cabinet come out of the hospital. Mortal remains of Jayalalithaa being taken to Poes Garden. Hundreds of supporters run behind Amma's convoy just to catch a glimpse of Jayalalithaa. Bihar government declares one-day state mourning. Heavy police deployed, calm prevails in Chennai.

Panneerselvam breaks down while taking oath. State mourning to be observed for seven days from December 6, during which the National Flag on all the government buildings will be flown at half-mast.

No official entertainment will be held during this seven-day mourning. Three-day holiday declared in Tamil Nadu during which all schools and colleges will be closed. Jayalalithaa's body to be kept at Rajaji Hall at 5 am for the people to pay last respects.

J Jayalalithaa passes away at Lights put out at the Apollo Hospital, two ambulances enter the hospital. The Apollo Hospital in its statement said, "It in with indescribable grief, we announce the sad demise of our esteemed Honorable chief minister of Tamil Nadu Puratchi Thalaivi Amma at