Natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

Incorrect Fairy Tail/ Eden's Zero Quotes — Happy: Are you sure about this? Natsu: Sure I’m

natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

Permalink Reply Quote Lucy its going to be lucy, lisanna is nice and everything sure but get her back ans whenever happy tells her about it they both start blushing. its not there best family photo but meet the Dragneel's. Natsu: Sure I'm sure Happy: She will not let us sleep at her place I'm trying to show to my parents that gaming can help people meet and Lisanna: What music do you think he likes? Happy: Rebecca, he did it again. I'm going to post quotes today❤ Natsu Dragneel Quote Arc was really sad, especially when (spoilers) Igneel's and Natsu meet again and Igneel dies.

Someday I'm gonna kick both Erza and Mira's butts together! Her features similar to Mirajane's. Can I raise that egg too? You're gonna help me?!

natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

Lisanna screamed with her eyes popping out. Gray placed the egg back on the pillow, the top part of the egg was blue with sweat. Her body transformed into a large bird of some sort. On a table, not too far from the trio, was Elfman. He turned his head away from the three with a "tsk". Can turned her head to him in confusion.

He was actually cute! An image popped up with Elfman as a child before an arrowed pointed from it to an image of how Elfman is now. Plue kept wobbling around near Lucy. Stars were sparkling around him. The egg suddenly hit Lisanna in the face making Natsu jump back. A thick vein mark was on the egg. Lisanna transformed back into her human-self, sitting on the ground with her mouth triangle shaped and hanging open.

The egg bounced into Natsu's arms making him sweat drop. It seems happy now, after all! The 'dragon' in the egg knocked on the shell a few times making Natsu smile. Okay, I stand corrected. It made a sound! Natsu let out a cheer of happiness. Since we're looking after it, let's make a house for the egg! The egg sitting in the grass. The boulders and rocks fell shocking the pair and knocking Natsu away. She transformed into a giant purple rabbit.

All I can do is destroy stuff! Where the fallen boulders once stood was a neat shelter made from straw and branches.

Fairy Tail - Lisanna and Natsu

Lisanna undid her transformation as Natsu took hold of the egg. The pair walked over to the entrance and looked inside. Lisanna slightly tilted her head with her own blush forming on her cheeks. If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!!!

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According to his Twitter postHiro Mashima was still drawing out this battle when the March 11th Tsunami happened. He couldn't go with the original idea of Juvia winning using her powers because they all involved water, so he decided to go with the above scene to send a message to the victims of the tsunami.

Cana realizing how mistaken she was on just focusing on the test. She's now rushing to save her True Companions with the power of Fairy Glitter imparted to her by the first master of Fairy Tail. A power right up there with Fairy Law. Which she doesn't know how to use anyway. Bringing up another Moment of Heartwarming in the very next chapter, where she's saved by Gildarts, who was revealed to be her father a few chapters ago. It's unclear whether or not he knows this.

Lucy is made to look around the women's dorms by the elderly matron, Hilda, in a Stripperific Cat Girl costume. When she finally finds the treasure box, Erza tells her that Hilda has been dead for 6 years. When they open the box, it's full of jewels. Jewels that Hilda told Erza that she'd give to girl once she became an adult after seeing Erza pretend that she didn't need to accept one of the play jewels Hilda got for the children when she saw that there wasn't enough for all the girls.

Lucy's monologue at the end clinches it. It transcends time, and it reaches your loved ones. I was able to feel that. And that's reward enough for me. As she fights with Gray, Ultear thinks about her past, about how Ur had abandoned her at a laboratory where she was subjected to numerous inhumane experiments, pushing her body and spirit to their utter limits. And when she finally escaped and made her way back to her mother, she saw that she had been replaced, which is what lead her to hate Ur as much as she does.

With those two keys, Arc of Time, and the Great World of Magic, she could go back, back to when she and her mother lived in happiness. But when both she and Gray fall into the ocean, first a voice and then images begin to flow into her mind. Her mother, scared for her daughter's life due to excess magical power, begs the researchers to help her. Her mother, utterly broken when she's told her daughter is no longer living.

It's that, and Gray telling her the one story Ur ever told her pupils about her daughter, that allows Ultear to realize just how mistaken she was about her mother, just how much Ur loved her.

natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

Chapter has this: I can still get angry about it, right? Meredy forgiving Ultear and stopping her from killing herself. Cana revealing to Gildarts that she's his daughter and his reaction is this and Tear Jerker at the exact same time.

natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

As is Laxus checking to see if Lisanna was real. And patting her on her head. Wendy is intrigued by Laxus but a bit afraid of talking to him. Erza then assures her that Laxus is not really a bad guy, just one difficult to understand. Coming from Erza, and remembering the last time they where face to face they where brutally fighting each other, this says a lot.

Romeo crying Tears of Joy and finally smiling after Natsu and the others return from Tenrou Island after seven years. The entirety of Chapter Also doubles as a Tear Jerker. To my beloved daughter, Happy Birthday, From Dad. When they get home, he even avoids participating in a fight, probably because he is busy feeling sorry for her.

Gildarts reinstating Laxus back into Fairy Tail. Lucy's Celestial Spirits invited her and her friends to their realm to celebrate their homecoming. Everything in this chapter, especially the song, is taken Up to Eleven in the anime. It's just one panel, but Juvia and Meredy reunite and aw Porlyusica taking care of Wendy and Carla after being attacked by Raven Tail.

Both times Natsu stopped Gray from using Iced Shell. Particularly the second time, where Natsu stands in front of Gray as he's performing the spell, letting him know that if he wants to use that spell and kill himself, Natsu was going with him.

Don't get in my way! Did you not get the message or something? If you wanna use that spell, go ahead. After Flare is declared the winner of the battle and Lucy is getting jeered on by the audience, Natsu helps a sobbing Lucy up and comforts her.

Thanks to you, I realized that we could fight in this world. That makes things interesting, right? We'll turn the tide now.

I'm all fired up. This moment happened on Lucy's birthday, and Natsu eventually made good on his promise on the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games. In ChapterJellal states that, even if it's only temporary, nothing could make him happier than to be able to fight under the Fairy Tail name. Also adding to the thing with Jellal, with how Ultear stopped him from going to far is by tickling Meredy like crazy.

Seeing that they treat each other as mother and daughter, it is actually kinda cute seeing her do that. It moved most of the other guild members to tears and even made some spectators finally cheer for them. No matter how tough it was, no matter how sad, even if they were made fools ofthey endured and endured and protected the guild. For our comradeswe'll show you. The proof that Fairy Tail has kept going! And that's why we'll keep moving forward!

It was voiced to perfection and captured every drop of emotion. What adds to it is that it seemed to have had an effect on Sting, who was stunned silent while Gajeel was just grinning away with equal determination.

InElfman shows a scene of clear anger when Bacchus makes a bet that involves both of his sisters staying a night with him.

Likely Big Brother Instinct takes place when the fight begins. Adding to this is Natsu's own determination to save Wendy from the wouldbe kidnappers. Several in Chapter The first is Jellal being truly thankful that he and Erza can just speak normally to each other. A second is Erza and Millianna's reunion. The last one is Rogue comforting Frosch after the later started to doubt whether of not he could stay in the guild after Yukino was kicked out and Sting said she wasn't needed because she was weak.

When they accidentally end up on the love slide and Gajeel gets sick, he asks Levy to let him hold on to her so that he doesn't barf all over everything.

As she is being aggressively held in his arms, Levy initially is embarrassed and hopes no one see's them together. After a few moments ,however, she begins to feel safe and enjoy it, and decides that it is kind of nice and that she probably really wouldn't mind being seen. Natsu gets one in Chapters for storming into Sabertooth's grounds and challenging Jiemma to a fight after finding out what happened to Yukino. In addition to providing a kickass Curb-Stomp Battlethis chapter also shows off how much Laxus has changed since we first met him.

The Laxus of now however, would be happy to pulverize the people responsible, just like the rest of the guild members. Are you going to hit your own father?! And I crush my family's enemies! After a heated battle that ends in a draw, Chelia offers to be friends with Wendy while healing her; the latter accepts her invitation and one of the judges even lampshades it by commenting on how heartwarming the friendship moment is.

What was the first thing Elfman saw when waking up after his match? She had been waiting the entire time for him to wake up. What makes this a heartwarming momentand Ship Tease to boot, was that Evergreen had no real reason to be there. She was there because she wanted to be there. After the severe beating she got in the previous chapter, Lucy is resting in a hospital bed, and both Fairy Tail teams come to see her and make sure she's all right, even Gajeel and Laxus.

Flare's apology to Lucy. The expressions really sell the moment. A chapter without dialogue follows Gildarts in his travels as he saves a village. Later on, he's able to see what's going on with Fairy Tail in the Grand Magic Games through some sort of magic monitor in the saved village. Through it, he sees Cana's performance in the MPF. Being the proud papa that he is, he runs around telling all the villagers how great she is.

You can just hear him say "That's my daughter! After Jiemma lashes out at Lector, Rogue's immediate reaction is to wrap his arms protectively around Frosch and turn his back to Jiemma, who was attacking him just a moment ago, in order to ensure Frosch's safety. Natsu gets one, just for how adamant he was in taking part in rescuing Lucy from prison, that he gave up his spot in the Grand Magic Games to Juvia. You should have heard him. He was all " We have to save Lucy!! While Natsu is in the middle of utterly owning and beating down the leader of the Hungry Wolvesthe leader asks Natsu if he plans on making an enemy of the entire empire.

Natsu replies to his question with this: The question you should be asking yourself is Are you really prepared to make Fairy Tail your enemy? If it's to protect our family, be it the Kingdom or the entire world We would make anyone our enemy! That's what it means to be Fairy Tail!!

natsu and lisanna meet again quotes

Erza turns out to be the reason why Kagura was never enslaved in the Tower of Heaven. The two appeared to be close to reconciling too if it weren't for Minerva using it as an opportunity to take out Kagura.

Goes into Tearjerker territory when you realize that Erza essentially gave up her chance at freedom to protect Kagura. It was Kagura's crying that alerted the captors and then Erza gave up her hiding spot which obviously worked. Still, Erza wasn't resentful.

In the middle of his rematch with Gajeel, Rogue is beginning to fully understand how friendship works. Gajeel then clarifies he does have a friend in the form of Frosch. One of the roughest members of the Guild both recognized friendship and reminded Rogue to cherish it. It just brings to mind how much Gajeel has truly changed. Lucy has doubts about whether everyone else will believe her story.

Both Natsu and Present! Lucy assure her everything is going to be fine. Have more faith in your Nakama Lucy after her revelation, as well as his putting his forehead against hers when she confesses that she didn't plan any strategy for the dragon attack. For the sake of everyone's future I won't let it happen. Sting and Lector's reunion after Fairy Tail takes the victory, apparently thanks to Erza. This also doubles as a lovely Tear Jerker moment.

Despite being placed in the middle of the Tear Jerker that is Future! It should be noted that while Natsu was shown seemingly uninterested in that chapter, the flashback revealed that he cared more than he let on about it.

And then there's the fact that he referred to Lucy as someone precious to him in the next chapter. It turns out that Yukino separated herself from the group because she feels that she will bring more misfortune on them if she stayed. Comrades are about heart. Please, feel free to lean on me… and I too, will lean on you as well. Gajeel Redfox Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, love something, and has lost something. Natsu Dragneel If you truly desire greatness, you must first know what makes you weak!

You have to grab your own happiness! Erza Scarlet If someone here were hurt or lost their life because of me, I think I would also be in pain much like Loke. If everyone works together and unites in power, we can overcome any pinch ahead, right?

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Lucy Heartfilia If one really wants to change the world… they have to do it with their own hands! Because of the past, we are who we are now. Every second, every action from then is linked to us here and now. Gray Fullbuster Feelings are connection.

Lucy Heartfilia You guys are complete idiots! Lucy Heartfilia In that case, you have nothing to fear. Lucy Heartfilia The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long. We are Fairy Tail! Natsu Dragneel Do whatever you think is right. Natsu Dragneel Manipulating the pieces according to your strategy… That is what defines a King. Erza Scarlet Freedom can be found at the bottom of your heart.

Rob If lives were lost today, then lives were also born. How important each day is… depends on how important you feel it is to you. Erza Scarlet You never admired me… I was never a man anyone looked up to. Cut me down if you want.