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A Little Background of corrupti Imran Khan and Niazi Family, Imran Khan Exposed scandal. Imran Khan to get married after Azadi March Aamir Mehmood Kiyani is now Minister for National Health Services, Regulations. GEN. Amir Abdullah Khan (Tiger) Niazi died on February 1. . threw acid on the face of a girl because her parents had refused to give her to him in marriage. The offender and the victim are relations and are no strangers. [2] From to , Imran Khan was married to Jemima Goldsm more. politician and religious figure Amir Abdullah Khan Rokhri Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi: [2]Bushra is known for her connection to Sufi islam; prior to her marriage with.

Jemima placed an advertisement in Pakistan newspapers to deny them. This is a temporary arrangement. Khan described the six months leading to the divorce and the six months after as the hardest years of his life.

After the divorce Jemima returned to Britain with the boys. According to the divorce settlement, Khan's sons visit him in Pakistan during their school holidays while he stays with his former mother-in-law, Lady Annabel Goldsmithwhen he comes to London to see them.

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According to Jemima, Imran and she have remained on very good terms even after the divorce. The marriage was conducted via a simple nikah ceremony at Khan's residence in Bani Gala. As per a mutual settlement, Khan's sons visit him in Pakistan during their school holidays while he stays with his former mother-in-law, Lady Annabel Goldsmithwhen he visits London to see them.

These allagetions have been proven inwhen Khan's alleged partner Sita White took a legal action against Khan [17].

The court ruled that Tyrian Jade White is his daughter. Khan's parents were moderate and practicing Muslims. He is buried at the family's ancestral graveyard in Mianwali. She was born in Jalandharbefore the partition of India. The helplessness and personal experience of seeing his mother diagnosed with cancer, which became the cause of her death, motivated Khan to build a cancer hospital in Pakistan where those who could not afford expensive care could be treated. Niazi Khan's father belonged to the Niazi Pashtun tribe, who were long settled in Mianwali in northwestern Punjab.

The ancestral haveli mansion of Khan's paternal family is located in Shermankhel MohallahMianwali, and is known as Azeem Manzil named after his paternal grandfather, who built itwhere Khan's extended relatives still reside. It is now the property of Khan's cousin, Inamullah Niazi.

He later rejoined the PML Nfollowing a dispute over election ticket distributions. The newspaper noted that Khan's ancestral home functioned "partially as a local office for the PML-N" and that instead of Khan, the family home featured posters of the Sharifs and pictures of other family members. Inamullah was reportedly unhappy when he was snubbed and not given an election ticket from the PTI's platform, causing Inamullah and his brothers to part ways with Khan and heavily criticise him on the media.

Commenting on the bitter family politics, Khan once said: It is a family matter. Inamullah was new to the party Burki Khan's maternal family belongs to the Burki Pashtun tribe also known as the Ormurswho originated in Kaniguram in South Waziristanlocated presently in the tribal areas of northwest Pakistan. His mother's family played an instrumental role in establishing the Islamia College in Jalandhar.

Hussain Zia, the Burki emigration from Kaniguram was prompted by a severe drought ; "The elders decided that some people would have to leave in order for the others to survive.

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It was thus that 40 families bade farewell to Kaniguram. The entire population walked with them for some miles and watched from the top of a hill till they were out of sight. Khan's maternal grandfather, Ahmed Hasan Khan, was a civil servant and known to have hosted Mahmood ghaznavithe founder of Ahmadia Community Qadiani, at Basti Pathan. The Niazis are Pashtuns living in parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They claim they are descendants of one of the lost tribes of Israel, moving eastward from the Middle East.

In Pakistan they settled mostly in Mianwali, and if you delve deeply into genealogy, you will probably discover Mianwali roots for all Niazis. Bani-Israels were astute businessmen wherever they went. But in Pakistan, even before its creation, an army career was more honourable. During the Second World War he served the British Raj so well that he was one of only two non-English officers who were honoured by the Viceroy for their role in the Imphal War against the Japanese.

Niazi also fought with success in the war against India and gradually rose to the position of Lieutenant General. Niazi volunteered and was made the Commander of the Eastern Front in September and the Governor of the province on 14 December He was the man reputed to have created the Razaakars to quell the activities of the freedom fighters.

But history says that he did eventually foresee the loss to India and the freedom fighters, with virtually the entire population, barring his Razaakars, made hostile to the Pakistani forces, early enough to surrender quickly and save further losses.

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This decision was derided as cowardice when he finally went back to Pakistan. He was dismissed by Bhutto and all the awards he had won earlier were taken back. He tried to re-instate himself using legal means and wrote a book where he called the leaders in the western wing betrayers who did not give him support.

Imran Khan Niazi was the son of an affluent engineer and had a privileged education in Lahore and in England, culminating in a BA from Oxford. He played for the Oxford cricket team and also in the county league. This sports career began in My captain Shafiqul Huq Heera later became the national captain. At Cambridge I did occasionally go to Fenners, the Cambridge cricket ground, and had the good fortune of once watching a Cambridge vs.

West Indies match, where, to the great amusement of the spectators, Gary Sobers, the WI captain took only a few minutes to score a century. Neither Oxford nor Cambridge had a team comparable to the professional county teams, but being a blue was a great honour, and Imran must have deserved it.

Then he broke his shin and had to retire. But the government of Pakistan had him treated by state of the art techniques, and he came back to lead his team to win the World Cup inthe only time so far Pakistan has won it. He had the tendency of becoming too engrossed in himself, and the Oxford degree might have added to more indifference to less privileged colleagues.