Karylle and dingdong dantes relationship with god

Marian Rivera says she has 'no problem' meeting with Karylle

karylle and dingdong dantes relationship with god

MANILA, June 11 (Mabuhay) — Karylle is just waiting for God's Karylle's last known relationship was with actor Dingdong Dantes, who is now. Karylle on surviving her breakup with Dingdong Dantes: "Actually, everything's in the past. "I think grace of God also just pulled me through.". Oct 30, I am a fan of Dingdong Dantes since his struggling years in showbiz. relationship: Karylle was more in love with Dingdong than he was with her. God Bless you Karylle, More Power, and don't listen to some small mind.

But with Marian, her skin just seemed to fit perfectly in his hand, and from there grew a relationship that would change the both of them.

The Way Of the Water: On Dingdong and Karylle's Break Up

In a magazine interview, Dingdong revealed, "We would connect on the most important scene, and then after that, wala na. Siguro, wala lang sa tipo namin ang magpa-cute sa set. From working out together to travelling abroad together, the actors started to behave as if there was something more between them. Then came Marian's 25th birthday in August where they openly held hands all evening and looked very much like a couple.

Open kaming nakakalabas na dalawa, nagdi-dinner, nakakapanood ng sine Sinusuportahan ko siya sa pagte-training niya ng Darna. Kung may time siya, sumasama siya sa workout ko sa gym at itinuturo ko kung ano ang makakatutulong sa kanya. They came to the relationship slowly, shared Dingdong.

Dingdong on Karylle’s ‘cheating ex’ statement: I will pray for them | Inquirer Entertainment

He was in New York with friends and Marian was in Los Angeles when they realized they had feelings for one another. It turned out that the initial impressions they made on each other was the first step of their journey as a couple, as it helped them realize how, as opposites, they complemented each other.

Dingdong and Marian had started out by getting to know the worst of each other first, after which they made the worst work for them. At kung ano ang kulang sa akin, napupunan niya. Hindi kami parehas," Marian said. Fun-loving Marian made the quiet and reserved Dingdong more expressive and made him adapt to her humor and positivity.

But people are still putting the blame on her, even calling her names like anaconda and ahas. Dingdong, on his official statement, said that there was no third party involved and emphasized that Marian has nothing to do with it. He said that their priorities shifted and they won't be able to do it together with Kharylle anymore. His statement coincided with Marian's as she also stated that she doesn't know anything about the break up.

Any fool would see the consistency on Marian's and Dingdong's statements. So I don't see the reason why some people would still continue calling Marian a mang-aagaw and Dingdong a manloloko. I'm not saying this just because I am a fan of Marian, not to mention their love team.

I repeat, this issue doesn't affect me in any major way. Prejudice aside, I'm stating this because it's just starting to go way beyond the borders - calling innocent people horrible names and assuming things that we have nothing to do and know nothing about. On the other hand, I know Karylle's pain, I've been there almost. The man whom you have given your love and support for 3 years will suddenly tell you that you both need to set your priorities - without him on your side. My sympathy was with her when she was asked about how she felt.

She simply said, "It wasn't overnight. But GMA 7 received so many letters of complaint, we had to change the story. The ratings shot up. Describe Carmela, your character. Can you relate to her? The blessings in my life outnumber the bad things; the good cancels out the intrigues. Most people face the same challenges, and not just those in show biz. What are the most annoying misconceptions about you? Another one is that I am suplada aloof.

Could that be because I am mestiza?

karylle and dingdong dantes relationship with god

I was not raised that way. I am just being myself, rather reserved. I have fixed this. I showed the real Marian, no pretenses. Thank you for your love, but I know that one day, someone younger and more beautiful will come along … my nanay grandmother taught me to value everything because all this fame will disappear one day. Are you ready for that day? Oo naman, since Day 1. My mom and grandmom keep telling me that this is temporary; popularity is fleeting. You talk so fast. Matatas articulatedirect to the point.

But I can turn it down, soften it. I can be gentle. Are you less confrontational now? If a reporter was mean to me and I answered back, who would benefit from that? But first, who would look like the underdog?

karylle and dingdong dantes relationship with god

Trabaho lang, walang personalan. How hard or easy was that to learn? I did it slowly. When you join show biz, you should be prepared to take the good with the bad. What changes did the Tuviera team bring to your life and career? Tatay and I have a mentor-student relationship. He reminds me to love my job, treat others well, and be thankful always.

Career-wise, how did things change under your new manager? Triple A plans my calendar a month in advance, so I know what to expect every day. It makes me more excited about my work. Tatay and I discuss everything but, in the end, he lets me decide. Sometimes we meet half-way.

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After show biz, what are your plans? My peg is Miss Gloria Romero. At age 23, I played mother to a 7-year-old kid. I tell young stars, there are no small roles.

In every project, give your best. How has Dingdong changed your life? Dong has taught me a lot. As a newcomer immersed in controversies, I could have been traumatized. I am thankful because Dong always sees the good in people. I learned to copy his optimism, his enthusiasm in charity work. He inspires me to be a better person.

He has his own thing; I have mine. When we combine our [efforts] we get to help a lot of people. There is talk that you are running for office? Even in Cavite, when people ask, I tell them I have no political plans.

I just want to share whatever I have. Are you ready for politics? If Dingdong ran for office …? Bahala siya sa buhay niya! He used to be the one question, one answer type. I told him to relax, enjoy life. Now, he is more kalog fun-loving than I am. As Dong would say: Not so far, but not so near. It sounds confusing, but we understand each other. Yes, he is … always surprising me. I guess, we complement each other.

karylle and dingdong dantes relationship with god

We always find a way to meet up, no matter how busy we both are.