Relationship with god youth group

Our Relationship With God Youth Group by Sian Siner on Prezi

relationship with god youth group

When was the last time the topic of discussion in your small group went from Jesus to the newest rainbow loom technique? And my personal favorite, when was. Relationship with God: Make youth ministry about knowing God personally and intimately, not just learning about Him. Get beyond religion or a. God created us because he wanted to build a kingdom in which we could be in a relationship with him. John (NIV). 10 He was in the.

If someone jumps to the wrong side, they are out. If they move while frozen, they are out. If they stop jumping on the fire side, they are out.

relationship with god youth group

Play until only one preteen is left standing. Play a few rounds and have fun.

relationship with god youth group

So that was a pretty cool game, or should I say hot and cool game? To the winners from each round, you did amazing staying focused on the leader. You had to discipline yourself to listen, look, make sure you were on the correct side and either frozen or on fire. Let me congratulate you all one more time.

relationship with god youth group

Was it hard not to flinch? What other things take focus? We live in a world that is filled with distractions.

  • 1. Ask God to help you
  • Youth Group Lesson – Prickly Relationships
  • 2. Read and pray with other people

Some of these distractions can take up so much of our time we begin to focus all of our attention on them. When we focus everything we have on these things, we stop focusing on God. When we focus on God everything here on earth becomes easier to understand.

We need to make sure we are surrounded with others who have the same focus.

Youth Group Lesson – Relationship With God

Other believers can help us focus where we need to. And we can help others focus where they need to. We need to be there for each other to stay focused. To be sharp for the Lord we need to get focused on Him and stay focused on Him.

Prickly Relationships - God | Student Devos - Youth and Teenage Devotions and Discipleship Tools

Why Does God Care? First of all, God is a God of relationships. He created Adam in the garden to talk to Him and fellowship with Him.

relationship with god youth group

God cared so much about us that He sent His son Jesus to restore relationship with man. God cares about you because He knows you.

The Focus of Youth Ministry

He knows all your inner workings, the silly habits you have, the funny way you chew your food and He loves it. He loves everything about you. You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. How precious are your thoughts about me,O God.

Time with God

They cannot be numbered! He wants to be in a relationship with you more than anything in the world. Click To Tweet So what does this have to do with you? God wants to be a part of the details of your life. For example, have you ever misplaced something? God wants to help you find it.

Have you ever had a hard time recalling information on a test at school? God wants to help bring that to your memory. But most of all, have you ever felt left out of the group? Or just wished someone could really understand you?

relationship with god youth group

God can and He cares about you.