Steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

May 2, his bizarre working relationship with Bill Gates – and how it was he, the final insult, Allen overheard Gates discussing with Steve Ballmer. Nov 4, How Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's Bromance Fell Apart of that has put his relationship with Gates on ice, particularly since he and Gates are. Nov 4, Personal relationships are always tricky, but they're even trickier when they revolve around running a business worth billions of dollars.

Inhe graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a B. InBallmer sold Ballmer led Microsoft's development of the.

steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

Ballmer was then promoted to President of Microsoft, a title that he held from July to Februarymaking him the de facto number two in the company to the chairman and CEO, Bill Gates. On January 13,Ballmer was officially named the chief executive officer. While it was said that Gates would have continued fighting the suit, Ballmer made it his priority to settle these saying: It just has all downside. People assume if the government brought a complaint that there's really a problem, and your ability to say we're a good, proper, moral place is tough.

It's actually tough, even though you feel that way about yourselves. Inhe recruited B.

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Ballmer was instrumental in driving Microsoft's connected computing strategy, with acquisitions such as Skype.

But it repeatedly killed promising projects if they threatened its cash cows [Windows and Office]. On August 23,Microsoft announced that Ballmer would retire within the next 12 months.

steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

WAIT just one minute before you answer". A widely circulated video was his entrance on stage at Microsoft's 25th anniversary event in September[58] where he shouted and jumped across the stage, and saying "I love this company". It has been nicknamed 'monkey boy dance'.

Things became so bitter that, on one occasion, Gates stormed out of a meeting in a huff after a shouting match in which Ballmer jumped to the defense of several colleagues, according to an individual present at the time.

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After the exchange, Ballmer seemed "remorseful", the person said. Once Gates leaves, "I'm not going to need him for anything. That's the principle," Ballmer said. Nobody has contradicted anything in the book on the record. It is what it is. And in the book you write that several of the key ideas were yours. I could see the logic of that.

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Maybe I could have argued more forcefully for the value of my original idea, but at the time I agreed to it. I try a slightly different tack.

steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

So are you trying, I ask, to come to some resolution over the Microsoft years, to put to rest the feeling that you had all the big ideas that were never fully recognised? I thought I should just record those. But at the time those things have a real power.

I was really surprised. I was stunned and disappointed. Such as the fact that Allen stopped playing chess with Gates after only a few games because Gates was such a bad loser he would sweep the pieces to the floor in anger; or how Gates would prowl the company car park at weekends to check on who had come in to work; or the way he would browbeat Allen and other senior colleagues, launching tirades at them and putting them down with the classic denigrating comment: After insisting on a split in his favour at first, Gates then renegotiated the terms of their partnership to give himself As the final insult, Allen overheard Gates discussing with Steve Ballmer now Microsoft's CEO how to dilute Allen's equity in the company, complaining that he was so unproductive.

Allen was fighting his first bout of life-threatening cancer at the time. It shows your true character, once and for all," Allen said, bursting in. I think it's a direct telling of what happened, and tries to give you a real feel of the personalities involved. Bill and I have always been friends, even through the ups and downs, and there have been some.

Those events were inthere's been a lot of water under the bridge since then. What on earth do you do with all that money? It's a question I'd quite like to have to wrestle with myself, I say, though the quip singularly fails to elicit even a smile from Allen. As it happens, the answer is quite straightforward, at least it is if you are a boy. You spend billions of dollars playing with boys' toys: You indulge your love of Jimi Hendrix by buying the white Stratocaster he played at Woodstock and many other artefacts, then get Frank Gehry to design one of his trademark buildings in Seattle to house them.

You play with rockets, pumping millions into the private space programme SpaceShipOne. Because you've always loved going to the cinema, you invest in DreamWorks when it is founded.

Not to mention Octopus, that yacht he had built, all metres of it, with a full-time crew of more than 50, an industry-standard recording studio, cinema, basketball court and swimming pool, in addition to the helicopter pads and eight-person submarine.

That has got to be the ultimate boy's toy, I suggest.

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He gives a rare belly laugh, and says: It's another kind of platform for exploration, though it is big, much bigger than I expected. You love these things when you are young, and then you have a chance to realise them. By the time it was detected, it had already spread to his lymph nodes. After intensive chemotherapy, he is now in remission. He is tested every few months and is hoping that if he remains clear for a few more years he will be considered cured.

He's found ways to cope with the terror of not knowing about the future — friends, working on the book, keeping positive — but he says it has changed his outlook.

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And he has joined Bill and Melinda Gates billionaire's club where members pledge to give away most of their wealth. Isn't he bored rigid of having that man loom over him all over again with his "philanthro-capitalism"?

Allen is gracious in reply. He's done some great stuff.

steve ballmer relationship with bill gates

I really appreciated it. Gates put out a statement after it was published in the US saying he remembered several of the key Microsoft events differently.