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# (gfortran SIGILL (build failure buidling libgcc et al)) – MacPorts wrote: We'll await the results of the Macports collaboration thread before . gcc47 @ lang/gcc47 gcc48 @ lang/gcc48 gcc49 @ .. We need to build the same relationship with the Mac builders as we have Failing CI after you've done a blind untested Mac commit is just asking for trouble. 03/11/ Use macports gcc many compilation errors, icpc -I /opt/ local/include/gcc48/c++ -std=c++11 triggers #if __cplusplus . I could not think of any relationship between the build failure and the above AD changes we made. MacPorts: How do I make pyscipy not depend on gcc48? What is the relationship between the OS release, the XCode release, and the default compiler?.

The other drawback of the razer is the huge bezel. Finally, for those who care about using their laptop as a boombox, the speakers are not very loud at all. Just get some headphones already or bluetooth to your stereo. Wifi with the Killer Wireless card is terrible. I bought the Intel m. Turned off the laptop, took the bottom cover off, installed the new card and rebooted. The Intel card not only works flawlessly, but after wakeup, it connects to networks much faster than even my mac.

Also, did you know you can get 4G m. This is not a tutorial, its really more of a brief on what you can expect if you follow this path. Debian however does not have a great out of the box experience. It takes some time and effort to get everything setup and dialed in. One of my favorite parts of Debian is that you can set it up to follow a rolling release. There are some pain points when installing Debian.

The installer does not include drivers for the wireless card or the touchpad. This can be solved by using another computer and copying them over once the installer is running it even has a prompt for this. And luckily, the touchscreen works out of the box, so its easy enough to just use it in place of the touchpad while installing. Once the distro is installed the touchpad should work out of the box.

I also got into a weird disk setup loop when trying to setup the partitions and encrypted disk. The trick is to select everything correctly the first time and never click the back button or just restart the installer if you get into a similar situation. This is when I setup the following things: What happened to you gnome? Its only on the screen for about 1sec longer because the system boots so fast InkScape Illustrator replacement, and I can customize my workflows! Chromium Synapse awesome app launcher similar to spotlight.

Bind it to the windows key. Require Additional apt repos. Once we get rid of Nepomuk with KDE 4. That would speed things up tremendously! A basic run down of what the CI system needs however: Regarding json and lxml we have for 2. On 12 Marat I use Kate extensively on Mac, and Dolphin when Finder is too brain-dead.

The issue has been reassigned as [2] which is already to be found on our KDE software problems wiki page [3]. Funnily enough I have another MacPorts installation.

How can they be toggled between visible and hidden? Greets, Marko [1] https: Well, that should be built in on OSX, or not?

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This should help us to collect all information in one place, without browsing mailing list posts endlessly. On Thu, Mar 13, at 7: What to do at the KDE end? We have a wiki at http: We also have the forum at http: I can't emphasise enough: It's part of our KF5 everywhere Qt is strategy. Advanced Mac platform integration will also need CI builds to check they don't get broken by Linux-focussed devs: I'm assuming it is all available?

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Attached is a summary of search results for bazaar and lxml, on the latest Macports index. More detail on any of those packages can be provided by port info if you need it. I am also using Java and mysql to run a business administration app that was developed by a friend of mine on Windows.

Please note that if we do purchase such systems then we need to find a place to host them - and someone to look after them should they need to be moved or require hardware maintenance disk failures, etc.

Ideally we would hire them from a DC which offers that. I do not think they would need much hosting. Each Mac Mini is only about the size of 3 or 4 CD cases. The network connections would be another matter. I am amazed how much time they are prepared to spend with my wife and me without any complaining For a Mac Mini you might need to hook into the Genius Bar guys though Ideally though the datacenter operator would look after the hardware aspect - this has worked very well for us with Hetzner and our Linux systems.

You might also like to look at the new Mac Pro, which is more expensive but extremely powerful Intel Xeon. It is cylindrical with a hole in the top. You'd just have to be careful nobody pours their coffee into it Regards, Ben Visit http: I cloned some of that page just before it disappeared, tweaked it a little and that has been the basis of my development environment on Apple MacBook Pro, with Macports, for 2 to 3 years.

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So thanks for the head start …: It can also screw with my Qt test builds. Macports is updating its list of software all the time and its own internal software from time to time, so you need to do a sudo port selfupdate maybe every few weeks, to get the latest list of versions and new items and find out which packages you have installed are outdated.

It only takes a few minutes to do and you are not obliged to upgrade. For delivery of actual ports, it has been moving over to delivering binary packages by default and I think this practice is now almost total. So, using Macports to install software is, I think, quite like Debian's apt-get.

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Also, if you want to download and compile source, you can specify a -s option. Another good thing they did was to avoid running as root as much as possible. There is now a macports user. One thing I like in Macports is that previous versions are not automatically thrown away, just deactivated. If you get a dud version of anything, you can activate the previous version.

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We need a normal install method on Mac for normal end-users and neither Macports or Homebrew or Fink provide this. They're hacker tools still, even after all these years, not end-user tools.

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But it met with no support from the Macports group and no responses to my requests for review …: So do I, but not for every little thing …: Those things tend to come as. For me, mysql and inkscape, at least. I used Macports' inkscape to fix up the graphics in KSudoku. They were not connected in to the KDE community at all, in spite of my trying to encourage them in the distant past to join the kde-mac list to coordinate things and ask us questions when we break stuff, and for us to ask questions when we need to add Mac support.

Which is why it's so good to see Ian pushing for this, we need people who know both communities to build that link. I only know both communities, a little, but not all the software in each community's releases. And I don't carry much weight in either community, except that I am probably the oldest member in both …: Last time I tried I couldn't figure out how to use any of the forks that did.

Good news here is that there is now an effort to unite all the forks and make an official repo see https: But nary a peep on the kde-mac list, so others may not know what's going on. I am amazed how much time they are prepared to spend with my wife and me without any complaining … For a Mac Mini you might need to hook into the Genius Bar guys though …: You'd just have to be careful nobody pours their coffee into it …: Binary data Visit http: Thanks very much for your enthusiastic show of support.

It really made my day …: Is there perhaps a variable or path that I need to set to help find plugins? There is a variable for plugins: No, I have had that path set for quite a while.