Misunderstanding in relationship hindi film

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misunderstanding in relationship hindi film

One movie which i can remember easily is Guru directed by Mani Movies · Dating and Relationships. Which are the Bollywood movies in. From the love guru of Indian cinema, came another beautiful take on But later, start understanding each other when court orders them to This film explored a relationship between a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl. There's no mocking of American Indians at all in the movie. It's a pro-Indian movie . So hopefully when people see it, whoever was offended on.

This film explored a relationship between a deaf and mute boy and an autistic girl. This wasn't one of those rich boy meets poor girl story. With powerful performances that struck a chord for its honest portrayal of love.

My Top Hindi Romance Films from the last two decades (in no order)

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil While many found Ranbir's character problematic, this film to some extent managed to capture the pain of unrequited love. A film about tedha love, one that doesn't stay straight. We've been there and in some parts the film speaks to us.

Why we can relate with this film and its characters, Aakash and Vani, is because of this. Both were happy with each other but couldn't continue their relationship after finishing college. Because Vani's parents force her to marry the guy they think is good for her. Band Baja Baaraat A simple story of two business partners falling in love. If you are not sure the person you love feels the same way about you, then you often shy-away from confessing your love to them. It frustrates you from within so much that it starts reflecting in your performance at work.

This happens with most of us and so we can relate with Anushka Sharma's character Shruti Kakkar as she goes through the same emotions.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi film

Two States Inter-caste marriage, well a bitter reality we all know too well in India. Krish, a Punjabi boy, falls in love with a South Indian girl, Ananya. After finishing their studies, they decide to get married. Now, this is where the most difficult part begins for both the characters and we certainly can relate with them because as they say in India, marriages are usually not between people but families. Break Ke Baad A simple story of love, about a couple growing up together.

Especially at an age, where we break up for the smallest of reasons, here's a film that shows the central characters work their relationship out despite the distance. Shuddh Desi Romance A couple living in together, nothing new but one that is still frowned upon in our society. But what happens when real feelings are involved? Does one need a 'married' label to profess one's love for someone else?

Bareilly Ki Barfi Rajkummar Rao may have hogged all the limelight for his performance in the film. But it's Ayushmann's character Pritam who we can relate with more. His role taught us that being someone's secret admirer isn't a great idea. Salaam Namaste A real couple living in together to get to know each other better. The film explored what happens after a 'happily ever after. Love Aaj Kal We know times have changed and so has the meaning of love. The reason why we relate with this film is that it beautifully narrates love stories of two different generations.

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It helped us understand this better how only the perspective of realising one's soulmate has changed over time and not the feeling of love. Tanu Weds Manu Some of us can surely relate with R Madhavan's character Manu in the film as for him all that mattered was Tanu's happiness.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi film

He loved Tanu so much that he even agreed to help her elope with his boyfriend, Raja. He kept caring for her silently until one day Tanu realised it on her own. Rockstar If you love someone with true intentions then they often become your strength. You smile when they are around, you feel safe in their arms and everyday seems like a dream.

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Heer's sudden recovery from her illness on seeing Jordan was a sign of pure love. It's a sequence in the film which some of us can relate with. If not, we definitely have a friend who does. This movie was responsible for all those reunions with long-lost friends. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Pyar dosti hai. This movie popularized the ideas of Friendship's day and friendship bands in India.

The Bro-love between Anjali and Rahul which blossoms into love later tried to express how friendship is the first step towards falling in love. It establishes how pyar might succeed dosti but not necessarily.

It breaks the stereotype that ladka ladki kabhi dost nahi ban sakte. Dosti Probably the oldest story about friendship in Bollywood, this movie tells the story of two friends Ramu and Mohan who help each other through hardships.

A true example of the proverb of 'friend in need'. Though you'll wish they'd stop letching at Priyanka when they claim to be her friend, in the end they prove how important her friendship is to them. Anand The story of how a terminally-ill patient teaches his doctor-turned-friend the lessons of life, is one of the most touching stories of friendship.

The rendering of the title role by Rajesh Khanna has made sure that the story of this friendship stays imprinted on our hearts forever. The song Ye dosti hum nahi todenge has become synonymous with friendship. They choose to die bravely for their friend which has brought tears in our eyes time and again.

Wake up Sid The coming of age story of Sid is a new-age tale of friendship. She not only shares her apartment with her, she also finds him a job he likes and helps him find himself. English Vinglish This is the story of an Indian housewife who makes the most unusual set of friends in the city of New York because of her desire to learn English. The students in the class bond over the need to learn a language and instil a confidence in her. The movie shows how one is alone without friends and true happiness can be found only when one's true friends are around.

Student of The Year The story of how competition sows the seeds of separation between two friends and how they finally reunite, this movie made us cry and miss our old friends and was responsible for many reunions.

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Because of the friendship between them they are ready to do anything to make each other happy. She finds a friend in Vijaya who builds her confidence and later in Amsterdam, the coy girl shares a room with three men in a hostel and the friendship she shares with them is liberating for her. Yaarana The story of a friend who gives away all he has to see his friend become a singing sensation and his friend who in return never forgets his friend.

This movie can be described by the song- tere jaisa yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana, yaad karegi duniya, tera mera afsaana.

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Fukrey The simple dreams of four slacker boys and how they help each other to achieve these dreams is the story of this movie. They are friends because they are all underperformers and help each other to become better.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi film

Kai Po Che Three friends who stick together no matter what are separated forever because of communalist forces.