Auburn model swap meet

Model T Ford Forum: Photos From Last Weekends Auburn Swap Meet

auburn model swap meet

The Mother Lode Model T Club put on another great show this year! If anyone else has any photos from the swap meet feel free to post them. would like some comments on the upcoming swap/show at auburn, I am choice automobilia and picked up a few model T items i needed. Don't Miss the 44th Annual Mother Lode Swap Meet, Sunday, June 3, Gold Country Fairgrounds,. Fairgate Rd., Auburn, CA.

auburn model swap meet

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Gold Country Fairgrounds and Event Center

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Failure of RM to comply with the terms of this agreement may be in violation of statute, which could result in criminal or administrative sanctions, or both. It needed engine work but other then that it was a nice vehicle and a steal for the money. Here's Ron Brown Senior's booth.

Model T Ford Forum: Photos From Yesterdays Auburn Swap Meet

At 96 years old Ron is still as sharp as a tack. It's always a pleasure to chat with him and talk T's. Here's a nice looking Speedster that was being offered, I'll post more photos later today. Thanks for taking the trouble to post them for us!!

The rusty speedster above was also a bargain, if not totally all original.

auburn model swap meet

The seat, cowl, shell and engine were not original to the chassis differing conditions say so. But the engine was a with a magneto on the side. So how much would you have paid for the chassis? It was clearly an original, well built track racer. It is one of the very few I have ever seen that was modified with offset suspension for oval track racing.

The modifications indicate an original build of about '26 to ' A bit late for my interest, but properly restored and documented, it would be very desirable to many with racing interest of that era. If I had the money to spare? I don't I would have bought it, and restored it as a ' Based on the front wheels compared to the rear hubs, that would be appropriate.

Did you happen to see one? Hal, You should have driven one of the T's up. By George Andreasen on Monday, June 01, - As a new member, I found out about the swap meet too late to attend. I'll bet my missing cylinder head is in that pile somewhere! Ah, well, next time At the Oregon swap meets we get a few of the guys that haul in a trailer full to the brim with stuff, never unload so really can't see what in them.

Next year they come back with the same trailer and same stuff. By Erik Barrett in Auburn Ca.

Mother Lode Swap Meet

I never got away from my spots long enough to see the whole thing. Would like to have checked out the T with transverse engine. Front wheel drive maybe? Anyway, we sent a bunch of T folks home happy, I think.

Sold the stuff cheap enough. Sure would like to get my friend's coupe and speedster off my trailer. Free delivery offered within miles. WOW, Good meet and good price on that coupe. The best meets that I have ever been to as a buyer or seller were the original Pate meets, Hershey, and the Carlisle meets back in the seventies and eighties.

Anyone that wants to be notified about next years meet, send me a pm with you email and we will send out notices of the dates as soon as we get confirmation from the Fair Board. Generally we are now shooting for the first Sunday after Memorial Day, so some times it will be end of May sometimes first weekend in June.