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And for many that renovation would be enough. And while Roberta says there is always more to do the couple love their home — with some of the best views in Daylesford from their balcony.

I am a Facebook addict. And when I do, I often wonder why I bother. There are a lot of photos of children and pets, which is OK, but I have no children and I would rather look at my own pet. But I guess there are some I do quite like. And then the string begins. One string was all about a kitten someone found badly injured on the road.

I guess the thing I like most about Facebook is that you can keep in touch with people who have appeared in your past life. Not sure why I need to catch up with a girl I once climbed Uluru with when I was in my early 20s. But somehow it all keeps us connected. I joined my mother up to Facebook and she now loves it despite some initial protestations.

Now my mother is great but would you really want to steal the identity of an year-old? Pick me, pick me H i, my name is Rosie and I am a five-year old kelpie cross. I have previously lived with other dogs and with cats, and have been around other animals. I used to go to work with my owner. But I need a new forever home so please pick me! Monday to Thursday from 10am to 5pm. Friday and Saturday from 10am to 3pm. Pick me, pick me - is run in memory of Curly. Each edition The Local has two free advert spaces to give away to notfor-profit organisations.

Just because we can. So if your group needs a helping hand just email donna tlnews. Ms Hardy said Ruby, a grade 4 student, was passionate to reinstate Fresh Fruit Friday where every prep to grade two student received a piece of fresh fruit every Friday to promote healthy eating.

Government funding stopped two years ago. Mr Garner said the junior school council empowered children to do what they valued inside and outside the school. She was really passionate about this issue. Her portrait is of local artist Tim Jones — whose work is held by major institutions such as the National Gallery of Victoria.

Rose has been a finalist in the Archibald and Doug Moran portrait prizes and is a previous Black Swan finalist. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and rural water corporations have developed the initiative which will make it easier, faster and cheaper to apply for licences to build water bores for domestic and stock use, investigation and observation.

Applications will be automatically processed and in most cases licences will be issued on the spot.

Events: Ballarat Swap Meet

Fees for one online application will be around 50 per cent less than for a paper application. The new service is integrated with mapping technology to make it easy to locate the property where a bore is to be drilled. Mayor Jennifer Anderson said networking and building relationships could often be the key to success and it was an important strategy as part of a business plan.

I have a photo album, you know the ones with the sticky film that eventually fades all your photos, and it has captions. I wrote it when I was about 10 after a trip to Queensland. A long car trip with mum and dad in the front and four kids in the back.

I was always reading, writing to authors, and then I found school magazines and newspapers.

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I was often the editor but I liked any role from taking photos to chatting to people. But while I worked part-time at Myer I was also hounding the local Frankston Standard for any volunteer work I could muster. I even wrote two sentence reports for my AUSSI swimming club — the first time they had anything published. A few papers later and Japan came out of left field. A job teaching English at junior high school for the Japanese Department of Education. So at the ripe old age of 22 I headed to Tokyo — my first time away from home.

And I loved it. But it was a learning curve. Squat toilets to manoeuvre especially hard on bullet trains racing along at km an hourtrying to eat a whole squid with chopsticks, getting to various country schools on my 50cc scooter and just finding my way around with no Japanese skills.

It really was serendipity. He had just arrived at Airlie Beach from New Zealand looking for work. I had just been out on a trip with a skipper who was busy almost fondling the Japanese girls. By the time she crawled out she had blood dripping from her fingernails. So I put in the complaint, Kyle heard there was a vacancy, and that was that. We stayed just three months, narrowly avoiding Next Boat Out scenarios when we did stupid things like seeing how many people we could stack up on a golf buggy.

I think it was No wonder I am tired. Somewhere along the way I got back into journalism and managed to work on a host of publications from daily and weekly newspapers to magazines and even spots on radio here and there. But we do head out for rides on big boats when we can — I do like a foot boat where possible — and have headed back to Japan for numerous cherry blossom outings. Where we sit on tatami mats, eat sashimi and watch the blossoms fall gently to the ground.

News 11 12 Reflections www. Due to space, the final column for The Local will run in the August 31 edition. But the remaining chapters are available from msidwell bigpond. A huge rectangular hole appeared in the backyard and dad seemed to disappear further down it as each day of his digging progressed. He kept going into great lengthy explanations of the wondrous mechanics of it all. The various chambers, the inlets, the outlets, the gobbling insects that were to be put in and the clear water that was to run from it down the West Street gutter.

This work progressed neck and neck with the tank and, fortunately, the talk of timber, nails and plumb lines proved quite agreeable to my stomach. Once the laundry was proudly puffing its Monday smoke from the new chimney and the toilet chain sending out its melodious airs, dad turned his hand to reducing the cost of our hot water supply. The idea, and it worked, was to offset the power taken to boost the temperature of the water. Joan unfortunately that first year at Daylesford developed another bout of rheumatic fever.

Not as severe as her first but serious enough to lob her in hospital for several weeks. This time, however, she was to have family and friends trooping in and out to see her on a daily and nightly basis. Can do small repairs. Satisfaction is your guarantee. Northern suburbs - Will travel anywhere. Ph or oakheat bigpond. Saturday 10th June 8am-2pm. Ladies size clothing.

Free event but bookings essential. The opening event is the Winter Wine Festival - an exhibition and tasting which traditionally marks the beginning of the extensive Winter Wine Weekend program.

One place, on one day. All undercover, where you can taste more than premium wines from around 50 wineries. Tickets include all tastings, Riedel wine glass, tasting book which includes all wines on exhibition and two entree size dishes.

Events: Ballarat Swap Meet 2015

Instruments, Guitars, Violins Also Bought. Must be in Good particularly gig posters. Can pick up locally. All Pre Collectibles. In working condition or not. Wanting to buy American Rhapsody Will pay cash. Will buy featuring Scarlett Johaansen, Phone 1 or Enclose tradesman 6x6 Lockable for 8x5 box.

Please visit site for more details. For these people, fishing can be used as a therapeutic way of changing their lives by giving them a better quality of life and enjoying the benefits that fishing has to offer, both socially and personally. Looking for sponsors, volunteers or even a little help to get a New van to transport gear to our Events. This event is mostly suited for kids. Wells Street, Frankston When: The family-friendly light show will run for ten minutes each hour on the hour from sunset to midnight.

The impressive parade will be led by lighthorse men on horseback dressed in WWI period costume, accompanied by the Australian Army Band Melbourne. The parade will acknowledge the contributions of former Reservists and serving Reservists both home and abroad, and commemorate the centenary of the WWI Battle of Beersheba. There will be an Air Force flyover and a display of Heritage Military vehicle and other items. Refreshments will be served at the end of the parade. In this three day workshop, kids work together under the guidance of experienced staff.

Participants create a team name for their own movie studio, pitch their ideas, write a script, produce a storyboard, act, direct, and operate a camera. Participants then cut the film together in our post-production studio, adding special effects and a soundtrack.

On the last day of the workshop, they attend a red carpet film premiere with two invited guests. Recommended for kids aged 9 to The Super Rugby newcomers showed promise in their maiden season and will have plenty to prove on their first trip to Australia. Details may change at any time. Please check with the advertiser if you are planning to attend this event. Please call or contact via mail: Older style Farm house ok.

English or German Made. Plenty of space and comfort, Nov. But must be complete. One Owner Airconditioner, Radiator. Will purchase to buy or borrow, to record from. Slidewhole car at reasonable price or A Wench, a Whale and a Pint of etc. Good Ale, PhoneSelling due to health issues. Will travel petrol bowsers anything petrol related, Jayco Starcraft Zero swing Ride on mower.

Large full length 2. Other British or American make considered. In immaculate condition only used in caravan park camping.