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During the county's community services committee meeting, councillors heard about Lanark County .. $17, Dodge Journey, Red stk#A. Motorcycle Swap Meet Burbank CA! The Wild ride · Motorcycle & Hot Rod Swap Meet - Baltimore · Milton, Ontario Swap Meet September 30th! Daytona Bike Week Harley Show Invite · NOV 25 Turkey Pro National, Oley PA. Ride In Show · Kitchener CVMG Spring Swap, April 27th: Change of location this year!. love the swap meets. April , The Motorcycle Times †2 .. We are very pleased with the final product which will meet expectations, .. The old one had shaken itself loose, and was, no doubt, making for a dodge- a web site, or take it to an auto recycler (back away, CVMG guys).

The theft occurred overnight on June If you have information on this crime or any others, please call Crime Stoppers at the toll free number, TIPS. All calls are confidential and are not taped.

Callers will not be required to reveal their identity, nor testify in court. Anonymity is assured through the assignment of a confidential number. For more information on the Lanark County Crime Stoppers or to make a tax deductible donation, please refer to www. Crime Stoppers — working together to prevent crime. Submitted by the Lanark County Crime Stoppers.

As an organizational manager, you mentor and motivate your team, setting a tone of excellence and accountability, all with the goal to develop a high-performing organization that delivers best-in-class care to residents across the region.

At a regional level, you will chart a course that embraces partnership and collaboration, maintain strong, productive relationships, and position KDH as a lot of places. For more information on Lanark County Interval House, visit lcih. A casino card is required to receive all bonuses. Schedules and offers are subject to change without notice. R Ashley Kulp trusted partner.

July 2013 Motorcycle Rides, Rallies & Events

Within the local community, you will be the face and voice of KDH, supporting the KDH Foundation, and strengthening ties with community leaders, political leaders, the public, and the media. As the ideal candidate, you are an inspiring leader with a broad range of experience and a record of success, ideally in a health care or hospital setting. You are known to build relationships based on trust, respect, and transparency, and are seen by your peers as a collaborator and gifted communicator, as well as a champion of quality patient care.

As an experienced advocate and negotiator, you have demonstrated the ability to rally support and secure buy-in amongst a diverse stakeholder base. You are resourceful and entrepreneurial, committed to innovation, quality improvement, and performance excellence. Your experience working within a rural community setting will serve you well in this leadership role. If you are interested in an opportunity to lead this dynamic health services organization, please forward your resume to John Caminiti at jcaminiti boyden.

For additional information, please call John at T June 19, 1: For more information, please visit www. For artist inquiries, including press kits, please contact festival publicist, Rosanne Lake rosannelake gmail. R Imagine hearing quality, renowned music in small community gathering places frequented hundreds of times for celebrations, weddings, euchre nights, stag and does, and fundraisers. Music drifts out into the cool evening and applause swells from familiar hands.

Driven to perform at the highest levels, we race-test every product to make sure it meets the most stringent demands. Visit us at www. Yamaha Motor Canada is proud to introduce the Yamaha Bolt.

Simple and compact, with a low seat height, the Bolt offers light, agile handling that instills rider confidence. Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.

Designers and custom builders are stepping back to a time when the mechanical beauty of a motorcycle was high- lighted in its design. Everything from windshields to rims and saddlebags will be available to help personalize your Bolt. The Yamaha Bolt R-Spec will be available in dealerships by mid-summer The R-Spec model features premium gas charged piggyback shocks, a special upgraded seat finish and gas tank logo design.

To see the Bolt in action, visit: Think of freedom and exploration.

Trexlertown 2017 Vintage Bicycle Swap Meet

Think of riding into the horizon without a windshield coming between you and each new vista. In turn, Canadians have built motorcycles for the landscape. A total of 21 different brands have travelled with riders, carried competitors across finish lines, served alongside police officers and supported soldiers overseas.

Among the few motorcycles CCM produced, the model featured on the stamp sported a Swiss-designed engine that could be installed on any conventional bike frame. Four years later, the Indian, represented here by the model, met with widespread commercial success.

Massachusettsbased Hendee Manufacturing Co. Impressed by the abilities of the Indian, Canadian police departments began ordering the bike for their own motorcycle corps. Matt Warburton of Emdoubleyu Design drew on his personal passion for motorcycles to design these stamps. He was incredibly excited and proud about these stamps.

Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group (CVMG) - Milton Swap Meet, Sunday Sept. 10

The Official First Day Cover shows off even more of the profile, while the background gets up close to the engines. He explains that motorcycles represent a broad range of interests including sports, transportation, recreation and pastime — and he wanted the design to appeal to all of them. The UFC and Harley-Davidson first teamed up five years ago to forge a unique partnership between these two all-American heavyweight brands.

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Harley-Davidson fans are invited to learn more about the th Anniversary and join the celebration online where they can share videos, images and experiences on Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag HD, and at www.

We are very pleased with the final product which will meet expectations, and we will accelerate our distributor selection in Canada and U.

The Humpback Whales are plentiful until the end of April. On the island of Maui, HI, however, helmet - optional, boots - if you feel like it, armoured leather - too hot - replace with sun block and jeans - will label you as a visitor. The most common attire for riders on the island is a shirt, shorts and sandals. Lahaina Harley-Davidson manager, Dwain Inaha who was born and raised on Maui, runs the store and manages the fleet of rental bikes.

All brand new models from a Sportster to an Ultra Glide Classic and everything in between. I had looked forward to riding a HD Seventy-Two that I booked two months prior but to my disappointment, damage to the bike had removed it from the fleet prior to my arrival.

If you prefer to wear a helmet, one is includ- ed in your rental. I packed my shorty, which, to me, feels like I am not wearing a helmet. My husband, on the other hand, despite bringing his lid, chose to take advantage of the law and ride free.

After 20 minutes down the island highway, my husband pulled up beside me at a traffic light and one look at his brand new, free-flowing, Einstein hairdo sent me into uncontrollable laughter that continued on to the next light but hey - the smile on his suntanned face was priceless.

From the beach or boat this is a spectacular display but from behind the bars of a motorcycle, it is one of the biggest hazards on the road. I recommend leaving twice the distance if not more between you and the car in front while riding ocean-side on the island.

There are no foreign plates on the island so distinguishing between the locals and the tourists is next to impossible, until, a tourist sees a breaching whale off in the distance and hammers on their brakes causing a traffic snarl. Highway 30 from Lahaina runs along the coast with slight twists and turns over rolling hills. Celebrated as one of the must do items when visiting Maui, the 50 mile, three hour journey from Lahaina boasts hairpin turns which, while fabulous to experience, is exhausting - especially on a motorcycle.

As we headed for East Maui for our epic journey, the old sugar town of Paia was first to greet us. As we stood cliff side watching the incredible surf, what seemed like three storey high waves swallowed up swimmers and littered surf boards in its wake.

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Surfers from around the world, come to Maui for these waves. As we looked on we noticed a lone surfboard missing a rider and not far off was a lifeguard madly paddling in the direction of the riderless board. It was at this time we realized that standing on black lava rock, wearing long sleeved t-shirts, jeans and riding boots required us to get some wind flowing no matter how spectacular the view. Getting back on the bikes we decided to make a detour for higher elevation to cool down before tackling the infamous Hana.

Ascending up country, you can feel the shift in temperature and at 1, feet, the two street town of Makawao is full of art, and culture. We chose option B.